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Republicans Announce Antitrust Legislation After MLB Moves All-Star Game | NBC News NOW


  1. Funny. Hawley claiming 'monopoly' is the enemy of democracy. Hawley, Lee and Cruz must be monopolies then.

  2. It seriously sucks that this will never be passed. I think they need to focus on state powers where they can actually get things passed.

  3. Josh Hardly, your skeletons will be revealed just like BobbleHead GaYtz, and Lucifer Satan Cruz, your just irrelevant trying to follow the Orange man, by the way, those pubes of a beard don't hide that face even a momma won't love, all Clowns 🤡🤡🤡

  4. Fleeing Ted will do anything to abandon his state… or maybe he just forgot which state he represents.

  5. Where are all the Covid doom-and-gloom stories??
    I'm feeling too optimistic. I came to this Fake News channel to be "re-calibrated" into feelings of fear and horror.
    What are your puppet masters paying you for?! Do your job!

  6. LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL. Wonder how the NFL, NBA, NCAA and NHL will like this? If you take away one, you have to take away all of the exemptions. Also, I hope this means the end of the monopoly of Citizens United. If corporations are people, tax them like they are people.

  7. These are the same people that tried to overthrow the government a few months ago. How are they not in prison?

  8. So you give them special treatment until they stop stroking your ego then you take it away. America is a nation of high schoolers.

  9. Good. Pro sports are a joke these days. A bunch of overpaid, spoiled woke morons. They should all move to China. They love our pro sports over there. Let them kneel for the Chinese flag and see what happens.

  10. lmfao
    this is just the republicans acting like democrats which made us ol school republicans vote trump out … DONT act like the ones you constantly cry about.. if you do then you may as well vote democrat and go with the originals… stupid is as stupid does monkey see monkey do BOO hoo politics lol

  11. Laws were changed based on a lie… Now they can replace whoever they want in order to throw out ballots as they see fit… republicans cheat to win plan. The election fraud in the last several elections has been republican, fact. Check the arrest records for it. I say this as an independent that didn't want Biden either. But this is petty retaliation bs…hope more big corporations stop donating to these disgusting republicans.

  12. These corporate lapdogs are shooting themselves in the foot. LOL! Keep it up conservatives! Soon you'll not only fail to reach intelligent voters with your failed ideology and policies but cut off the only real source of funding you get. LOLOLOLOLOL!

  13. Awwwwwwwwwwww! Look at the GOP having a temper tantrum because citizens won't put up with unconstitutional voter restrictions because they reaped their just rewards for unjust, unconstitutional and traitorous behavior.
    Hawley and Nunez talking about fairness . . . HILARIOUS!!

  14. Like the NFL, MLB has gone totally woke. Not watching either one of them. I'm pretty sure most of their fans are the purple and orange haired lady boys, so they can support baseball from now on. Go woke, go broke.

  15. These ppl are a joke. They don’t want to trust-bust the real conglomerates. Big AGriculture, Big Tech, Too Big to Fail Banks and Insurance companies…

  16. I hope the government goes after these hitler company’s like, face book, Twitter, and any big company that think they have power over Americans.

  17. BOYCOTT!
    The National Basketball Association, the MSM and Major League Baseball have become political action committee's for Biden/Harris and the Democrat party. In addition, the following companies (listed below) worked on Joe Biden's behalf, fund raised, and campaigned for the Biden, BLM and other far left activist organizations. Financial Boycott whenever possible the following Democrat party supporters… NBA, WNBA, MLB, Home Depot, Modelo Beer, Verizon, State Farm Insurance, Progressive Insurance, ESPN, CNN, MSNBC, NBC, ABC, CBS, Discovery Channel, Discovery Plus, TNT, TBS, TLC, PBS, OWN, Oxygen, Bloomberg, Facebook, Twitter, Amazon, Apple, Google, Sonic, Wendy's, US Bank, Coca-Cola products, Best Buy, Wayfair, Kohls, Cigna, Delta Airlines, United Airlines, Microsoft, (And any companies advertising with the above.)

    Pass this along.

  18. 😅😅 weren't they giving big money to corporations and entities such as the MLB…. "monopoly and liberty do not go together"….but Josh, yall actions says the opposite in policy and legislations.

  19. I'm sorry but, do they really think they can get that legislation passed? Who has the House Senate and Presidency?

  20. 😲😲It's amazing these men are still holding office, after the big lie they promoted, that Trump won the election. 😏😏But this is what happens in a country steeped in Racism and political republican obstructionist politics.🙄🙄

  21. If you remove antitrust laws on one company remove it on all. And Joe Biden did win the 2020 election whether you want to admit it or not. You will be better when you accept it, Hawleg, Cruz & Lee.

  22. Republicans are only doing this because MLB called Republicans out on their Voting Law that is completely ridiculous. Republicans are currupt, they attack people that disagree with them. They dont care about workers. If they did why didnt they support Amazon Workers Unionization? Why dont Republicans fight for Fair Wages for Workers? Because they dont care.

  23. LOL, so your going to deal with cancel culture by trying to cancel people, good luck with that.

  24. No one is going to believe you and the lies came with the election of 2020 which Trump clearly lost so cry a river you non policy driven circus clowns 🤡

  25. 2021’s version of Larry, Moe & Curley… You guys will have to share what you will do when their donations dry up to your champagnes. Trump has the lead in bilking the Republican base…

  26. I would hate to see what if the gun Industry was to be a anti indemnity cause be and could be sued by the victims of gun Violence. wow!

  27. It’s a typical Republican response against those who don’t agree with them.Ask any government employees about Republican hatred.🇺🇸🙏🤬

  28. FFS America wake up! 400,000 American service people died in WW2 fighting against the ideology that this group of psychopaths are currently representing.
    Should start by changing the name of the GOP to what it really is, the AFP, the American Fascist Party.

  29. Patriots BOYCOTT!
    The National Basketball Association, the MSM and Major League Baseball have become political action committee's for Biden/Harris and the Democrat party. In addition, the following companies (listed below) worked on Joe Biden's behalf, campaigned for the Biden, fund raised for BLM and other far left activist organizations. Financial Boycott whenever possible. Thank you.

    Democrat/Socialists party supporters, fund raisers.
    Modelo Beer.
    US Bank.
    Coca-Cola products.
    State Farm Insurance.
    Progressive Insurance.
    Best Buy.
    Delta Airlines.
    United Airlines.
    Home Depot.
    Discovery Channel.
    Discovery Plus.

    *And any companies advertising with the above.

    Pass this along.

  30. Professional Baseball no longer Americas sport since it turned in favor of illegal voting. No more special immunity for radical anti- american pass-time, now equal with it's competitors, base-ball is no longer Baseball.

  31. LOL! These are the idiots who tried to overturn an election. These are the same idiots who whine about cancel culture, yet engage in the same behavior. Cancel culture isn't even a thing. It's just a ridiculous term awful conservatives made up because they're upset people will no longer tolerate their atrocious behavior, stupidity or bigotry.

    Since they have no power, it's all a bluff.

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