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Receptra Naturals: Breaking Barriers – F's Battle & National Horse Day


We're here at Cottonwood and it's a beautiful place outside of Denver, Colorado I got a call from a very charismatic man, Rusty Scott and he said "I'm growing hemp out in rural Colorado!" He's very excited about it

In the last several years the amount of people that we've touched and helped has been amazing for me I really didn't think about the thought that one person I might be helping a lot was myself It wasn't until just a few years ago that I started having ALS like symptoms Really two years after that that I realized that there was a lot of research with ALS and cannabidiol I had been taking something that had the mechanisms to potentially be helping with the symptoms that I was getting

I know what it's like to be sick, for sure I think I can speak from that perspective I know what it's like to have something that takes away things that you enjoy doing While ALS is a challenge there are still battles and adventures to have and today we're gonna have one of those adventures Horseback riding is something that ALS has taken away from me but maybe we can get back a little bit of that today

I know that the ALS community does know about CBD I know and I've spoken with people who are using them The next step is to make sure that everyone's using it the best way they can and that we get a little bit of data, even if it's anecdotal, about how this can help and if we can get more data we can help more people Don't let things knock you down Get back up and and try again and in this case, I don't want ALS to have taken away my ability to ride

If I can still sit there and even sit on my horse then that's a win I'd like to fight back in the saddle a bit Why do it, man? Sitting up there and being able to be up there again and be able to have that moment with my horse again is amazing Couldn't have been better Couldn't have been better just to be up there

Talk about breaking down barriers and moving forward and and not letting things slow me down It feels powerful at this moment to be able to do that

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