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READING HABITS TAG! ? Breaking the spine, reading multiple books at once, writing in books…


Hello friends and welcome back to another video Today is a fun one, we're going to do a tag, we're doing the Reading Habits Tag

I recently saw this on Sophie Maie's channel, who is an Australian Booktuber, who is very funny, and I'll leave a link to their channel below And I think this tag was originally started back in 2012 by TheBookJazz, so if I can find that video I'll also leave it below The first question is: Do you have a certain place at home for reading? Now, if you've followed my vlogs, you probably know the answer to this, but I guess I have four main spots for reading I think, like most people, I do read in bed a little bit, usually before I go to sleep Also, I have that wonderful reading chair that I know a lot of you will be familiar with – some of you still quite miss! – I used to sit in it all the time for my videos

I do still have it, it's out in the lounge room, and yes I read in it all the time If it's a really, really lovely day I do love sitting out on our balcony and enjoying a good book That's not happening so much at the moment though because it's getting a bit cold in Melbourne But my favorite place to read at the moment I think would be on our couch Blair and I bought a new couch as our Christmas present to each other, it's our first brand new, fancy piece of furniture, and it is so comfortable and so, especially during isolation, basically I wake up in the morning and park my ass on that couch and read for a couple of hours

Question number two: Bookmark or random piece of paper? Now I do have lots of lovely bookmarks, some of like proper bookmarks that I've bought, I do also have a bunch of those kind of just like cardboard ones that come when you buy a book online Lately, I have been using a lot the cute little postcards that the Sun Bookshop sent out during isolation when they were kind of doing free local delivery Someone would hop on a bike and bring you a book, it was amazing and you'd also get often some lollies because they're attached to the cinema there Amazing! You get a book some lollies And then I do also have a couple of BTS postcards that my friend gave me, most of them are of Hobi, so I also use those, but if I've just picked up and started a new book sometimes I forget to also organise a bookmark, so in that case if I've started a book I need to stop reading it, if I'm in bed or something, I'll just grab whatever is around, whether it's a receipt, to a piece of paper, or sometimes I'll just stick a pen in there until I do get around to getting a bookmark

Question 3: Can you stop reading or do you have to stop after a chapter or certain number of pages? I mmm I'm very much someone who feels the need to stop at the end of a chapter, I really don't like stopping mid chapter, which is why I hate long chapters in books If I have to, I don't mind stopping at a different section or you know like subheading or whatever, but I really, really do not like just stopping at a random spot

Or if I have to, have to, have to, I will stop at like a page that starts a new paragraph, if that makes sense I just I do not like stopping like in the middle of a page or something – oh I'm getting a bit anxious just thinking of it! I hate it! And if I do have to for whatever reason just stop reading in the middle of something, I very often find that I want to kind of go back, whether it's to the beginning of the chapter or the beginning of the section, or at the very least the beginning of like that page, I will want to reread it I suppose it's because if it's nonfiction I sort of feel like an idea is being presented in a certain way and I want to kind of get it how the author had intended, I want to get it in its entirety, and I guess it's same for stories, often you know each section or chapter and a story is it's like- it's like a whole, it's an act, it's a movement, and I want to experience it, I want to be in the flow of it, basically I don't know if that sounds ridiculous and really pedantic but it's true It just stresses me out stopping in the middle of nowhere, like just no! Question four: Do you eat or drink while reading? I don't really eat while I'm reading but I do almost always have a cup of tea

Question five: Multitasking? Do you watch TV or listen to music while reading? Absolutely not! I do not have that sort of concentration levels to be able to like have the TV on and read It's the same with music, too, I certainly can't listen to music that you know like normal music that I would listen to like the Cure or BTS, no way because I'll want to sing along or hum along in my head I will say though that if I'm perhaps not doing so well with my mental health, especially if I'm like a little bit hyper manic or a little bit depressed – if it goes too much either way I'm just not going to be reading – but if I'm like kind of in that limbo zone of not doing very well but not super unwell, I can sometimes find that listening to really instrumental music that I'm not familiar with already, almost like providing that extra stimulus, means that I don't get as distracted, but that's certainly very circumstantial for me, like it's not something that's a regular, that's only when I'm a little bit unwell, and I'm very picky about the music that I do listen to when that happens Question six: One book at a time or several at once? I often just read one book at a time but I think more common for me would be reading two, maybe three Usually what happens is I will read a nonfiction and then sometimes I'll also be reading a fiction along with that, and I feel like they're different enough to kind of be able to keep quite separate in my mind but also I find that I can jump between the two like if I'm reading a nonfiction and it's getting a bit dense or whatever I'm just feeling a bit over it after a chapter or two, I can switch to the fiction for something a little bit different, which makes reading a lot more enjoyable over a longer period of time

Sometimes I will also have an audiobook on the go, so that would make it three, but I don't tend to go over that Question seven: Reading at home or everywhere? I think I definitely do tend to do the majority of my reading at home, especially lately, I mean I've been in isolation for three months so I'm definitely reading mostly at home! But if we're talking about more regularly, I do also tend to read on the train, whether that's physically reading or listening to an audio book on my way to work, and I do like making the time to kind of go down to the park and just enjoy an afternoon down there once every week or two I'm one of those people who will always have a book in my bag, so if the opportunity arises I do like to take my book out, but as I'm quite a slow reader, I don't get a lot of reading done that way very often, I definitely do a lot more reading at home Question eight: Reading aloud or silently in your head? Definitely for the most part I do read silently in my head, although there are certain situations that I like to read aloud, particularly if I'm struggling to concentrate on something or to understand something, I find reading it aloud can often help with my comprehension Also with things like poetry, I didn't grow up reading poetry, I don't feel very competent reading poetry, so I almost always find that I read that aloud and then I actually tend to enjoy it a little bit more

I don't know, it's like you find your groove when you read it aloud, I don't find that in my head And then there's something about being read to that is just- I love so much, but Blair's not a big reader so he doesn't read aloud to me, but sometimes if we're kind of both lying in bed but we're not super tired but we're just dozy or whatever, I will like read a chapter aloud to him I don't really know if he listens to it or not but, I don't know, there's something nice about it like sharing that moment together so I do read out loud sometimes to him Question nine: Do you read ahead or skip pages? No, no, no! That is one of those things that is honestly a little anxiety-inducing for me, I'm very much a read a book from cover to cover sort of a person Sometimes with nonfiction I might kind of flip through just to see what sections are coming up, but I won't read the actual content, if that makes sense

For fiction, I avoid doing it at all costs, I'm terrified that I will just come across, like glance across one word or one sentence that will just ruin the whole thing for me Although, I did go through this phase where I would turn to the back and just read literally the last word, not the last sentence, the last word, and I that was quite – oh like it was – the thrill! I'm not really a high stakes adrenaline person, obviously! Question 10: Breaking the spine or keeping it like new? I'm not someone that like as soon as I get a book I like bend it open just to crack the spine, like I don't get kicks out of that or anything, but I am not at all precious with my books and you will absolutely never find me reading a book like this just in an attempt to keep it brand new I am someone who, you know, will read a book like this or something, so sometimes my spines get cracked, but not all the time I'm not really fussed either way, I just read however is comfortable for me and if in the process the book gets a little beat up I'm not mad about it Question 11: Do you write in your books? The answer to that is sometimes

It really depends on the book and why I'm reading it I very rarely do it in fiction unless there's a reason, that I might want to review it or discuss it with a book club, for example, so then I might take notes or highlight I do it a lot more often in nonfiction, I don't do it for every book, but if I'm reading nonfiction, I'm much more likely to and that's especially true for a book that I think I might want to review So for example, I did quite a bit of writing in Queering the Tarot, partly because I was reading it with my book club, so it's easier for me to kind of have discussion points and you know talk about the book when I've got little underlines and love hearts or angry faces throughout, all my notes in the margins The other book that I'm reading at the moment is It's Our Country, which I have been highlighting, I don't think I've written in it yet but I've been highlighting, and primarily that's because I'm reading this because I want to learn, so it also does depend on you know what I'm trying to get out of the book, and so I don't think it's a book I'm going to review but it is certainly one that I want to really take in the information and there's certain points that I really want to maybe be able to reference later, but I also think that sometimes engaging with the text in a different, way through highlighting or you know writing in the margins, does help with my comprehension and memory

I love these questions because I know like I don't feel very strongly about some of these but I feel super strongly about others And as readers, we all kind of have like sticking points or little idiosyncrasies that we feel quite strongly about, so I've had fun watching this tag and like the things that I don't really care about like cracking the spine, other people are so pedantic about, whereas they're a lot more free with just stopping reading in the middle of the chapter, whereas I could never dream of doing that! If you would like to do a response to this video, I will leave the questions and a link to the tag in the description box below, let me know if you do do it so I can come and learn all about your quirky reading habits A big thank you as always goes to my wonderful Patrons over on Patreon for your ongoing support, I really appreciate it, and a big extra-special thank you to Tracy Timmerman, Lori, Lynette Brown and TheHalezKaye, thank you guys so so much, and thank you for watching this video, I hope you had a bit of fun with me today and I will talk to you in the comments and in the next video! Much love, happy reading, bye!

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