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Raising the Bar, Episode 3: Breaking New Ground


[MUSIC PLAYING] DAISY: My passion for accessibility started with my father My dad got diagnosed with MS when I was 14

JENNIFER: He was our backbone And when he got sick, it was really, really hard on Daisy Daisy is also very close with my brother DAISY: My uncle was a combat veteran for the Air Force I got really interested into his experience about the PTSD they were struggling with

JENNIFER: Daisy, being Daisy, learned as much as she could about it DAISY: I find it's what drives me I want to help make the world a better place And I want to help the people in this world CORA: I first met Daisy at a Comcast NBCUniversal TECHWomen group

And she spoke to my group there about her project, Safe Sound I thought it was a really creative and unique idea, and something that could really help a lot of people JENNIFER: So when Daisy first pitched Safe Sound it was to both her dad and I on the phone And immediately, I started crying because I knew what was behind that I knew it was my brother

DAISY: Safe Sound is an audio compression and dynamic normalization algorithm Those loud decibel jumps are brought down to a much lower level, while also bringing up the softer dialogue SHERITA: She's actually compressing sound And she's offering a new rendition of sound I almost felt like she was DJing music

TOM: It highlights our commitment to veterans and their families Certainly, it highlights our commitment to inclusive experiences One third of US households has at least one member with a disability We believe that when you build products to be more inclusive of people with disabilities, you build a better product for everyone DAISY: The current implementation really looks at changing not thousands, not tens of thousands, but millions of people's lives for the better

And that is really special SHERITA: She brings to bear the attributes of leadership and technology that we want, not just our women, but everyone to convey She's definitely a rising star DAISY: When I was first nominated, I thought it would be really awesome to incorporate technology into this award ceremony, because it was about celebrating technologists CORA: I've been helping her work on her dress

She's done some really cool things DAISY: I am using LED strips The microphone picks up the sound and then coordinates the LEDs to flash and pulse and change colors along with the music SPEAKER: Our next Rising Star is Daisy, software engineer at Comcast Daisy enjoys jumping out of perfectly good airplanes

[LAUGHTER] Congratulations, Daisy JENNIFER: You can almost pinpoint a time where you see them doing something And when they're an adult, you're like, oh, I know why you did that now I'll flash back to that crazy, curly-headed nut when she was four years old, sitting over that blender, taking it apart I think where Daisy's passion lies — this combination of technology and common good

She's an amazing woman And I just, I'm so proud every time I see her I know she says I'm strong But that one's been through a lot And she has conquered

And she just keeps moving forward So she's pretty amazing [MUSIC CONTINUES]

Source: Youtube

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