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Rahne Jones & Laura Dreyfuss on 'The Politician' & Black Lives Matter | MTV News


{an8}- For me, I've never felt more empowered in my life {an8}- Yeah

{an8}- You know, to be able to call people out {an8}and ask them to step it up {an8}You know, I think– – Yeah {an8}- If you had asked me four months ago {an8}if I would feel confident enough to ask somebody that, {an8}it would have been a "No" {an8}But now, it's like, "Listen, we are living in a movement {an8}and I need you to do better" {an8}- And a lot of people are forced to look inward {an8}because there's nothing else to do

{an8}You can only sit and stream Netflix for so long {an8}(laughing) – Right {an8}- [Laura] So, for people who don't know, you have a lovely fiancé {an8}and she's a white woman {an8}And I'm curious to know, like, {an8}how has it been for you guys navigating {an8}during this time as like, an interracial couple? {an8}- I mean, to be honest, {an8}this is not a new conversation for us {an8}George Floyd and Breonna Taylor {an8}and Tony McDade are not the first, {an8}victims of police brutality

{an8}You know, you had Philando Castile {an8}and Alton Sterling a few years ago, {an8}and Bridget and I were having these conversations then {an8}But we've been together for four years, you know? {an8}And we've had those tough conversations of, {an8}"Will your family accept me? {an8}"Because if they don't, adios" {an8}Like, I'm not dealing with it {an8}and vice versa {an8}And I believe that if you're a Black person {an8}and your white partner {an8}kind of recoils at the thought of having tough conversations {an8}or they pull a lot of whataboutisms {an8}and "All Lives Matter" bull(beep) {an8}Like, you have a big problem on your hands {an8}because if they cannot accept your reality, {an8}then I'm not sure where that's going

{an8}You do your relationship a disservice {an8}and you do yourself a disservice, {an8}but she's giving me my time to be empowered in this moment {an8}and to lift my voice {an8}And I can only encourage other people {an8}in interracial relationships to do the same {an8}[Rahne] With everything that's going on in the world, {an8}how do you think the world will view 'The Politician?' {an8}- [Laura] Every decision we can make as a country {an8}to better the world is on the forefront of everyone's mind {an8}And so– – Yeah {an8}- I think having a show like 'The Politician,' {an8}it's creating that inspiration, especially in young people

{an8}I think young people– {an8}- Yeah – More than ever, {an8}are waking up {an8}and looking around and realizing {an8}that we've inherited a broken system {an8}We've inherited a broken world, {an8}and unfortunately like, we have to be the ones to fix it {an8}And I think what the show does beautifully is like, {an8}really highlights the complexity {an8}between the older generation and the younger generation, {an8}and how– – Yeah {an8}- We're asking more of everyone {an8}and everyone needs to step up

{an8}I just think that like, inspiring that {an8}change is so exciting about this season, {an8}you really get that {an8}And like, young people are speaking up, {an8}young people are showing up, {an8}and I think that's like, {an8}what we're actually seeing {an8}directly happen in our world right now {an8}- Absolutely {an8}Yeah These kids are smart {an8}and empowered, they are speaking out {an8}and people are listening, that's the thing

{an8}- [Laura] I'm curious to know how a character like Skye {an8}has inspired you as a person? {an8}- [Rahne] Oh well, you know, Skye, {an8}especially season one, was definitely extremely vocal, {an8}unapologetic, and absolutely did not care {an8}about hurt feelings {an8}She was gonna speak truth, {an8}that she was gonna speak it powerfully, {an8}and you were gonna listen {an8}Rahne, at that time, was like, a little more meek {an8}I was very much more laid back {an8}and I didn't feel confident enough to really speak out {an8}And taking a cue from Skye, {an8}saying these real things I felt in this movement, {an8}I have to say something

{an8}There is no way as a Black, gay woman living in America {an8}in this moment that I could sit by and not use my voice {an8}It would be a disservice to me {an8}I will look back on it {an8}and think, "What the hell was I doing?" {an8}It's a disservice to the people that look up to me {an8}Skye has made me not care about hurt feelings {an8}She's really {an8}kind of– {an8}(laughing) {an8}Ingrained herself within me, {an8}and right now I'm like, {an8}"Well, what would Skye do in this moment?" {an8}She'd be marching, which I've done

{an8}You know, I did a small protest in my own community {an8}because I felt like these people {an8}are going about their daily lives, {an8}picnicking and riding bikes, like everything's hunky dory {an8}So, I'm gonna write a sign {an8}that says, "I'm your neighbor My life matters" {an8}And get some of my friends and we're going to stand out here {an8}and we're gonna do it {an8}Rahne, a couple years ago, {an8}would have just walked by {an8}and been like, "Yay

Kudos Support you" {an8}Today's Rahne, thanks to Skye, {an8}is out there, {an8}and I thank her {an8}So– {an8}- [Laura] Yeah, I fully cried when I saw that post {an8}'cause it was just so powerful – Aw, Laura

{an8}- And knowing you {an8}and like, you're such a beautiful soul {an8}Your energy is so gentle, {an8}and I think to see you really {an8}be completely unashamed of your power, {an8}and to stand in it, {an8}and to ask the world to look at you {an8}Like, it brought tears to my eyes, just like– {an8}- Aw thanks, Laura (laughing) {an8}- It's so wonderful to ask, be able, {an8}and feel encouraged to ask that of your friends {an8}And– – Yeah

{an8}- To say, "I can't be in this alone {an8}"I need your help" {an8}And it's like, an honor to like, show up for people {an8}and to say, "Yeah, I'm no longer going to just stand by {an8}"and think that this is fine" {an8}And– – Exactly {an8}- You shouldn't have to be doing this alone, you need help {an8}Everyone needs help

{an8}- Everybody needs help {an8}- [Laura] Watching the season back, {an8}was there anything that surprised you {an8}or made you look at {an8}the current state of politics in a different way? {an8}- [Rahne] To be honest, not necessarily {an8}What I enjoy about 'The Politician' {an8}are the twists and the turns, {an8}and you don't know where people's loyalties lie, {an8}the conniving situations that people find themselves in {an8}And I firmly believe the proof is in the pudding {an8}of how tough and rough Washington is {an8}when it comes to politics {an8}Seeing all these things that people are doing, {an8}I'm like, this might be a satire, {an8}but I'm fully sure that some things of this level, {an8}maybe not quite as, "Oh my God," is happening

{an8}So I'm like, "Yup {an8}"This is accurate" {an8}(laughing) {an8}For me anyway {an8}(laughing) {an8}- [Laura] I don't know if this is like, maybe my view on politics, {an8}but more so how we talk to people {an8}And I feel like we've gotten to a place where {an8}things can get so polarized {an8}and we are so quick to write people off

We are like, {an8}"Oh, you have a completely different political view {an8}"I can't even engage with you" {an8}And I understand that it is exhausting {an8}and emotionally taxing to do so, {an8}but what I loved about the fifth episode {an8}was the mother-daughter dynamic {an8}And– – Yeah {an8}- How, when love is involved, {an8}it's easier to have that conversation, {an8}and to say like, {an8}you have to look at the world, not just how it affects you, {an8}but how it affects everyone

{an8}And basically, it just really inspired me to want to {an8}engage in difficult conversations about politics, {an8}because I feel like it's a very– – Yeah {an8}It's a very exhausting and it's a very taboo subject, {an8}and like, kind of– – For sure {an8}- That family rule of like, "We don't talk about politics" {an8}- We don't talk about politics, yeah {an8}- Yeah, and realizing that like, we need to get beyond that {an8}if we're going to get anywhere

{an8}- That's such a true sentiment {an8}Like, if you're not going to talk about it, {an8}then were always gonna have– {an8}- Yeah – This divide {an8}And even if we agree to disagree, {an8}at least we know your rationale {an8}- [Laura] One of my favorite moments in the entire show, {an8}and also being in the room {an8}and experiencing it over and over again, {an8}was your speech on cultural appropriation

{an8}I would love for you to speak on what it felt like for you {an8}and how you approached that speech {an8}- Being able to speak {an8}about cultural appropriation, which is another way {an8}that white supremacy kind of just like, takes a hold {an8}It was a powerful moment for me, {an8}not only that, to have to do it {an8}in a room full of white people {an8}And not necessarily just speaking to the characters, {an8}but I think those words could have been spoken to {an8}the whole entire room {an8}Like, this is a performance, but it's also truth

{an8}And understanding where that came from, {an8}like, for me, it was just a moment of, {an8}"I could tell these white people {an8}"what this is all about {an8}"And nobody's gonna tell me to stop {an8}"Nobody's gonna tell me to be quiet" {an8}I'm performing, but this is, in some instances, {an8}it was me, it was Rahne, not necessarily Skye {an8}It was me being able to tell the world, {an8}this is what this is and this is what this means, {an8}and stealing our culture

You're stealing it {an8}You're not borrowing it, you're stealing it {an8}But, I just felt strong {an8}I felt that, as far as encouraging Payton {an8}and the team to go out and register young Black voters, {an8}that was so important {an8}and so timely now, {an8}because we're seeing a lot of issues with voter suppression, {an8}especially within Black communities {an8}And so, to say that and to reiterate it {an8}a few times throughout the season, {an8}I felt was very important

{an8}I'm glad that they had that in there {an8}So, I think, there's a lot to unpack in that moment {an8}and in that scene, {an8}and I'm so glad that I was able to do it {an8}I'm so glad that it was written {an8}and I hope that people can take something away {an8}from the fact that there is a thin line {an8}between appreciation and appropriation {an8}- Yeah {an8}- And then we need to do better

{an8}- [Laura] If we are so blessed to have a season three– {an8}- Please, Lord, let us have a season three {an8}(laughing) {an8}- What would be your hope for your character, {an8}our characters, where would you like to see us go? {an8}What would you like to see? {an8}- I think I would love to learn more about {an8}the ensemble characters Us {an8}I would just like to know what drives them, {an8}you know, a little bit more {an8}And why they are so loyal to Payton {an8}and if they are truly loyal to Payton

{an8}I think it will be an interesting turn if we find that, {an8}everybody else also has their own ambition in this, {an8}it's not just about supporting Payton {an8}I do think that there will be a White House situation, {an8}and I think that McAfee and Skye will absolutely be there {an8}in some capacity, whether that's, {an8}you know, as comrades or enemies {an8}You know, I think it's going to be fascinating, hopefully {an8}- Gosh, we'd have so much fun with that {an8}- I know

A lot of fun

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