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Questions and answers No.1 ! (Breaking all the magik)~


I'm breaking the magic tonight~~~ Nah, this is actually the second time I've tried to record this because My phone microphone sucks So I had to get an external one, but Android doesn't like external microphones So some trickery was involved to get it to work Plus magic breaking Whoo~ Anyway, this is the Q&A and I'll try to answer some questions

Oh When you were a child What did you want to be? That's an easy one I wanted to be an inventor which is person who makes stuff And I'm sorta, I sorta am already, I make stuff, but I'm wanna make better stuff Like yeah, make some real cool shiz Hopefully I can in the future Why did I become a furry and why protogens huh nice question you see in my family for some reason all my family members really like animals and That's the same for me too And for me it was like some time when I was like 15 and I saw some artwork and I was like hell Some good shiz right there So yeah, that's how and Why a protogen? Hmm? Mostly because I just like engineering but if I would have to say, well the Protogen would have to be an original character If I ever would have a sona of some sort It would probably be some sort of really tired cat just really tired and *inaudible haha How do you feel about the compliments I keep getting for this boy, hmm nice questions, like everyone likes compliments, right and I like them too, but I sometimes get a bit

I don't know really how to respond to them Sometimes, like waaa I really love you~ Yeah, yeah, thank you, yeah, I like them just yeah, I don't know how to respond to them sometimes How long did it take to build my head, this boy About 2 to 3 months mostly because I changed a lot of stuff and this boi is new Do you make full suit ? yes in future Check it out, it's gonna be like awesome this year I promise ! What college did I want to to get the skills I have um I would say if you want to have skills like these just study engineering go like mechanical or like Computer Uh, what's that called? computer science and stuff a Lot of stuff you will need to learn yourself because this is a very like broad thing Hmm Why I made it so complex ? hmm This one is actually made to be as not complex as possible Like there's actually not a lot of stuff inside there's LEDs a fan a controller and That's about it The other is just cool programming

Whoo How is it powered and battery life ? it's powered by power banks and Battery life is about 5 hours with my power bank Of course Can we see what the head looks like from the inside ? hmm I'm tempted to only put that picture in the patreon like I can tell you It's not that Interesting because I lined it with some soft rubber to waterproof the electronics ha ha Oh What do I think about closed species Good question um, I mean, I know what people are talking about like In terms of the law like you really can't do much to secure a species as yours Because as long as what people are creating isn't Completely identical to what you are You can't really like sue them for stuff and it's not violating copyright But I also get like, sometimes the author just wants some cool thing for themselves So i'm like yeah, you do you ! like I personally don't want to violate like violate it like if an artist says like oh I want this um 20 legged cat to be my design, okay I'm not gonna take your 20 legged cat then But if the artist decides , Oh everyone can make it their 20 legged cat i'll be like Whoa, cool Like yeah

uhh this all applies in normal like nicely made species but if you make something like that's not really original like a Dog with horns, and you call it an original species and then you say oh you can't make a dog with horns Then that's just dumb so yeah Make it really original What was my inspiration for my protogen boy ? Huh, It was actually I first saw I think Drwildlife and I saw like, wow, that would be way more cooler if you had more LEDs to control and RGB ! Like I saw that wooo, if all three of these were screens you can do some really funky stuff and Wow Here I am now My opinion on Pepsi mixed with coke in a Dr Pepper can i'ma tell you abomination !! Nah, I don't care I like Coke and Pepsi Both and I like dr Pepper too too bad you can't get dr

Pepper in Taiwan How often will Commission's be available I Mean whenever I can ? depending on the time of the year How are all asian parents so similar ? I don't know dude, I don't know Is there any furry conventions in Taiwan ?yes, there are like one or two Do I do primagen head ? um, I want to But I kinda can't unless someone Commission's me to So if you want to Commission me to do a primagen, please do oh You'd have to own one first So yeah, no illegal stuff Do I have a roblox ?! no, not really Hmm Can I give some advice to young furs who want suits ? I'd say if you're under 18, and you don't have your own income yet don't get one, especially if you're still growing but What you can do is you can try to make one ! Even if it doesn't look really great or you don't succeed you will learn a lot in the process and it'll be fun Trust me Can I speak Taiwanese ? *insert chinese here What do I like about my country ? Taiwan? super convenient Like there are convenience stores everywhere and you can buy almost everything so fast and Like the travel and transportation is really good like tons of trains metros and stuff Public transportation is just good in Taiwan When did I become a furry ? when I was like 15 What species of sona do you have ? If it were it would probably be some sort of cat-really tired I don't know

I just like it Are sergals knock off protogens ? Umm dude sergals came first Favorite food ? Oh boba(bubble) milk tea the If you haven't tried it yet try it It's so good Like there are so many stores selling that in Taiwan I think it originated from Taiwan It's just good It's like milk tea But they have these little black pearls inside

It's really good Just try it How did I pick my Twitter handle, huh? I Mean sergals are cheese, right? And I'm black expensive cheese Do I have a discord ? Not yet When I was younger, what was my number one dream ? To be able to make a bunch of cool stuff Just make some random stuff, any stuff I want Which is sorta comming true? Do people I know about my channel ? Umm yes, because in Taiwan being furry isn't like too big a deal people just It's like oh, cool you do you like, Yeah Asians are chill most of them like yeah

Most Taiwan people are chill Anyone from my family know my furry degeneracy, huh? Like I said Asians are chill They're like Ohh, you do you ! If I were to build something that's not a protogen what would it be ? I mean Other cyber stuff I really want to make one of those ampwaves it's like a cat but with speakers on it's ears, I want to make one that has real speakers and sound really good and Have real animated eyes I'm totally gonna do it Just wait Hey, what is my screen doing? Do I play world of warcraft ? I used to, I Used to play when the top level was like 80

I don't play it now, no more time >< But yeah, great game Woo can you make your own protogen? You can, I don't own the species cool koinu does, yeah, just look it up Why did I start my youtube channel ? I don't know I just upload stuff and you guys decided to watch it I blame you !! I wonder if it's waterproof ? um short answer no, long answer No~~~~~ Do I have any advice to people who want to get into engineering ? um, I mean, yes like The best advice would be like try to do stuff on your own like just make mistakes, buy stuff and just try it out on your own , you'll learn stuff in the process like Engineering isn't something that can be really rushed Like yeah, it's mostly trail and error (for hobbyists) and you have to do it ~ Okay, that's most of the questions for now and If you want to support me, I have a patreon ! I'll be showing all my patreon lovely supporters then bye bye and see you next time question mark ? woo~~~~~, bye Bye

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