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Quelle chimie dans Breaking Bad ? (1/n)


We will continue with Raphael de Blablareau We are going to talk about a series instead

So, there is a clue on his head In your opinion, which series are we going to talk about, especially? [Public] Breaking Bad Breaking Bad, that's fine It was simple

[Laughs] So I let you talk about Breaking Bad, and especially chemistry scenes that we can see in this type of series; and see how true it is or not So I leave you A little front? Go ahead Thank you Hello everyone, so me it's Raphael, I am a chemistry teacher in class prep and passionate about popularization of chemistry and especially, as we said, if you are looking for me on the web, it is "Blablareau au Labo" for the popularization of chemistry

Already, who has seen Breaking Bad among you? And the others, you live in a cave? Where is the story? What I am going to talk to you about it's a scene that concerns the first episode of season 1, like that I tell myself that I do not spoil you too much, so those who want to watch this series: it's very interesting So Well, for those who have already seen, You could tell you I might teach you how to cook methamphetamine No, I will not do that But we will still have to talk a little bit about it, because what I'm going to explain to you, that's how a chemistry professor can quickly eliminate two gangsters and get by

So obviously, a valid chemistry professor, not like me, because If I get attacked by 2 gangsters now, I think I will not go very far So

Ben here, perfect So on the slideshow, there you see that it is the method of non-detailed synthesis – obviously so that you can not reproduce it – methamphetamine So to quickly tell you the beginning of the story without spoiler Walter is a chemistry professor with cancer

And in fact, for uh to provide long-term care for his family he decides to associate with one of his former students to cook a very very hard drug called methamphetamine, and to sell it, that's it So the series, basically, revolves around this teacher who is slowly becoming a criminal

And it's a very exciting series, even if the image it gives of chemistry may leave something to be desired because it's mostly used to destroy, kill and make drugs, But OK So pseudo ephedrine It's that molecule

You see, there is a little red ball on it, and actually for pseudoephedrine, I do not know if you know where you can find it maybe some of you So in medicine, In fact, he's a vasoconstrictor, in some drugs it has and now given that it is also used to make methamphetamine Drugs that contain it are available only on prescription, obviously, – so you can pass it on – and in fact all the synthesis The whole story is just removing the little red ball and if you remove the little red ball it will drastically change the effects of this molecule

And here you have a very very hard drug You see that on my diagram, we have 3 ingredients: pseudoephedrine, iodine – so that's what's above the arrow – in the form of hydroiodic acid or diiodine And below, red phosphorus So why is it clear that phosphorus is red? An idea maybe? Well, it's not necessarily red Everyone knows Sangoku, reassure me? Phosphorus is a bit like Sangoku's hair if you want, it has many forms

it can be red, it can be white, it can be purple, it can be black Its responsiveness, its properties will depend on its organization and therefore its color We are interested it is the red phosphorus which normally is rather harmless, but in fact something to know with this famous synthesis of methamphetamine when it is badly done, you can die For that, I invite you not to reproduce it at home, if you mix the ingredients in the right order, that you do not control your conditions well, you risk creating this little molecule with 1 phosphorus and 3 atoms of hydrogen, which is a deadly gas And so, many methamphetamine manufacturers have died in their labs not mastering their conditions well So, before moving on, show you the scene, you can not guess, so I give you this info These 3 ingredients, if you take one of them separately in a hot solvent, there is no problem Overall, it will not kill you Okay ? There is an order in which to introduce them On the other hand if you mix the iodine and red phosphorus And that you heat up a bit too much, there you may have phosphine gas and therefore to die Now that you know that, I propose that we look at the small stage And so

Look very carefully, so here we are in the first episode a moment when Walter gets caught by 2 gangsters who are trying to subvert his method of synthesis methamphetamine, to become very rich, obviously And I propose to see how our chemistry teacher who knows how to transform the matter around him will try to get by, and after that, we will debrief: true or false, if you remember what I told you Let's go

Good then, it was missing a little piece of the stage just after the explosion that Walt generates We hear the 2 gangsters suffocate That's what he explains behind, Phosphine gas can suffocate So from what you saw you validate or not his method? I told you "look closely" did you look closely enough? At the very beginning of the scene, what do we do? Yeah, it's heating up water After that ? That's it, it throws all the red phosphorus in it

And suddenly, just now, what did I tell you compared to the ingredients? In which case was it dangerous, not dangerous? Thank you ! And yes, and yes That everything is fine, that one of the three ingredients taken alone will not pose any problem and the worry comes precisely from the moment we go mix the iodine, the red phosphorus and heat all that So in the end, this scene We got scammed, yeah we got ripped off; it's a pity for a series that as well and what is even more pity you will see, If you have looked well, what's in front of him, Walt? At the moment he takes red phosphorus? Have you read the labels or not? And that's it if you look good, he took red phosphorus but he had iodine So it's all the more damage that he had the right reagents in front of him finally to generate the phosphine gas and then finally, he forgot to put iodine so good

It's a bit disappointing But I will tell you anyway to go see this series By the way, I will do a small series of episodes on my Youtube channel to decrypt other scenes, because we also learn in Breaking Bad how to make a body disappear or how to restart a van well, that sort of thing which can be used from time to time And I will end with this, because it is suddenly a series that is, I find it extremely interesting but unfortunately that does not convey a good image of chemistry Keep in mind that like all sciences chemistry it is not a carrier of intention, we can use it to do the best, like the worst

In this case, it's a series that shows the worst, but here I hope if you look you will enjoy it, And then, thank you for your attention Thanks to the organizers of the Tubecon Festival who invited me to this event and I hope this little replay of my intervention you will have liked About movies and series I plan to do a series of episodes on the Blablareau channel in the lab on an occasional basis to decipher scenes of chemistry; already in Breaking Bad because there are others that are interesting But why not in other series or movies, so what I propose is 1) to tell me in the comments if that already kicks you, we do that and 2) propose me yourself things you see in movies or series where it's about chemistry, a molecule I dunno You specify the series, the film, the stage, I'm looking at this, I'm decrypting and I'm doing it on video That's all for me, if you want chemistry more regularly, do not forget that you can follow me on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter

You can also support the creation of videos thanks to Tipee and UTip And as for me, I'll see you soon in the lab !

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