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Queen Latifah in Jersey City (1991) ? You Had to Be There | MTV News


– You were telling me about the condo, but didn't you just buy a house somewhere? What's that like? – We're not in yet, I'm waiting The mortgage should be approved by the end of this week

It better, I'm sick of waiting – [Interviewer] Is that, I mean, that's a pretty big life event in terms of– – Yeah, it is It's our first house We never had a house in my life We lived in apartments all the time so, you know, I'm glad this has paid enough for me to actually to have two businesses and a house

Yeah, don't you watch that MTV, how you doin'? – [Neighbor] Hi! (neighbors chattering) – [Neighbor] Latifah! (laughing) What's your next album coming out? – It's out, it's called 'Nature of a Sister' So you gotta go buy it – You own a video store, that's kind of an odd thing Why did you decide to buy your own video store? – Well, it was either a video store or a grocery store – What is that your two options? – Well, we were gonna, I used to live here in Dixon Mills, and for what the building would have needed, see there's a lot of units to this whole complex, and this whole, we would have made like a New York-style deli, with the food in the middle and Snapple and more fine products and things like that to service the neighborhood which would have been a little different from the corner store right there

But then this one was more cost-efficient We figured there's no video store right here We could deliver in the close proximity and it would be cheaper – What made you want to buy something in general? Just 'cause you lived here and you thought the neighborhood was missing something? I mean, why, you're 21, why not just like, let somebody else own a video store and go to it? – Because this is making me money This is a future for myself and my partner Ramsey in there

You know, when we first started we always wanted to be like these entrepreneurs and stuff, so This is a start, it's nothing major like a Blockbuster, but it will become Blockbuster if it's run properly, if it turns out to be something that's marketable in different ways – Is this something that encompasses a lot of your thinking process? I mean, do you have to deal with the day-to-day operations or is it just like you own it and let other people take care of it? – Well I do have to deal with the business behind it I don't have to work in it, but, (laughing) you know – Not behind the counter

– When it comes to the money, I gotta know what it is, you know? – Right – So, wanna come in? – Well, let's check it out – So what, you want me to rent you a video? But see, you don't have a card First, you need a barcode card which are where are they, Ramsey? See, I don't know where anything is – [Interviewer] Can I come in here from Weehawken and rent videos? – Yeah, if you want to take that trip See, we have nice little, these go on your key chain – Oh, this is great

– So every time you come in, and this is your personal number – [Interviewer] So then they can't say, "Oh, I forgot my card" – [Queen Latifah] So all we have to do is take this, run it across here, and your number, see this is not registered, but your number would come up in the computer – [Interviewer] My address – Yeah, your name, your everything

If you don't bring it back on time See, we come to people's houses at Videos to Go See, we deliver, but if you don't bring your movie back on time, we'll come to your house and get it

– You shouldn't advertise that People are going to be thinking you're gonna come to their house – Well, not me This is my favorite section, personally, the children's section See, I like to watch these movies, 'Peter Pan

' You never, you can't forget these movies, man, when you're a little kid 'An American Tail,' I watched 'The Jungle Book' the other day, and I watched 'All Dogs Go to Heaven' And you know, no matter how old you are, you always love a good cartoon If not you, your kids 'The Neverending Story,' 'The Cat in the Hat,' I'm telling you

And plus, Dr Seuss just died, so, we got Dr Seuss movies in here You know, 'The Cat in the Hat,' 'Green Eggs and Ham,' (laughing) Sam I Am, you can't forget 'Green Eggs and Ham,' and that was a good one, see, Dr Seuss

Over here, we have sci-fi, science fiction for those who don't know what sci-fi is And action Remember that one, 'Body and Soul' with Jayne Kennedy and her hubby? We always got plenty of Clint Eastwood around, 'cause Clint Eastwood is an action kind of guy Of course, we have to have 'RoboCop' and plenty of Arnold Schwarzenegger and plenty of [Sylvester] Stallone – [Interviewer] You've seen 'Terminator?' – Oh, yeah

– You see 'em both? – Yeah I've seen both 'Terminators' Nah, make me some, damn I don't want no rice and beans Just make me Fries? Sweet bananas – Yeah, uh-huh, all right, bye-bye (workers laughing) – [Interviewer] This is the restaurant you're going to? – Yep – With that poster? – What poster, naw, word! (laughing) He wants you to come over – All right

– (laughs) How are you? – He comes and rents a lot of movies from me This is like one of my biggest customers in the store – [Interviewer] Oh, really? – Everything Plus, he keeps me up on the latest Spanish music – Like what? – Like

RubΓ©n Blades, Willie ColΓ³n, He got everything – [Interviewer] We should play more of that – Yeah everything

Yeah, y'all should play, MTV, play salsa – This is Latifah's plate right here, all for her – [Queen Latifah] Lemme get some hot sauce – We keep her healthy – [Queen Latifah] They do

– [Interviewer] That's a lot of food – [Queen Latifah] (laughing) – [Interviewer] If I had somebody to do this for me – I'm telling you, whenever I come home, I come right here, get me some fish, some beans and rice, some sweet bananas, and a salad – Sweet bananas are great – I feast

– Can you write something to me so I can prove I saw you? – To? – Stinie, S-T-I-N-I-E – S-T- – I-N-I-E – I-E? – Mmhmm – Gracias, Julian! – Bye-bye! – Thanks, bye

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