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Shalom skulls, today we are in weapons training these are: instructor João and instructor Milton Alfa Bravo Milton, what is the purpose of this training? the objective is armed combat in veiled possession this training is ideal for police and people who use the weapon in a veiled way techniques of looting, aiming and fighting with a weapon training in a controlled environment and combat in a real environment is very different armed combat takes a lot of adrenaline and we train exactly that Here in the training there is the noise of the shot at your side and we simulate real situations let's break myths now what happens when you hold the gun we will test with a

380 and 40 pistol if you have the opportunity to hold the weapon in combat it can save your life authorized? hot gun unlock the gun if in combat you can hold his gun many people have doubts: will it burn or cut my hand? hold tight by covering the window here the doubts begin: will it burn, cut my hand? let's test it now! let's put the glasses and earmuffs on 3,2,1 john presses again gun locked

gun does not work try I will drop the gun to show: gun is not working this is your opportunity to knock out the enemy look at the magazine, it had ammo didn't burn his hand, didn't cut, nothing! very simple to hold 40 caliber went into combat, held the gun Shoot! the gun is out of order

pull the trigger, but it doesn't work for the gun to work again it needs to resolve the lock and this is your reaction time thank you guys No more myths Come be a skull "skull"

Source: Youtube

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