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Quebrando Barreiras (BREAKING BARRIERS) – Uma Obra do Revi


One fine day, a boy named Gustan is wrongly accused of selling drugs in his stall This accusation puts him inside the prison and leaves him far from your child, who has leukemia and is a few days old

BREAKING BARRIERS You useless cops, you got the wrong person Everyone says that! Hahahaha Who are you? I'm Pigeon, your cell partner Who are you and why were you arrested? My name is Gustan, and I was wrongly accused of selling drugs in my stall So, do you sell those things that drive you crazy? No Pigeon, you got it wrong I don't mess with drugs man

In the middle of the conversation, Gustan resolves talk about your son, who suffers from leukemia, and the need to live with your child, that has a short life time Then it gets dark and they go to sleep The next morning: Wake up your dirty pigeon What is it, pigeon? It's coffee time Corruption in the country has stolen the food

Consequently, we will not have coffee today Your evil Beloved, without hearts We are thieves, but we need food Gustan declares that he does not feel hungry, however, he misses his son The hours go by, your child's life days shorten, and the hope of finding your child shortens

Gustan pokes his head several times in the toilet to forget about his problems Pigeon, seeing the situation of the man, decides to help him escape from prison So they study the prison routine and find that the best time to escape is during sunbathing However, there is the prison kingpin who does not let anyone escape during the trials of gossipers and rapists, which happens at the same time as sunbathing, but I believe pigeon has the solution to this barrier Missing 24 hours for Gustan's son to die

The escape plan is executed While Pigeon catches the attention of police heads glasses and the prison kingpin Gustan runs away REWARD: Leukemia killed Gustan's son Gustan manages to prove his innocence, becomes a free man and goes to live with his wife Pigeon remains happy in prison

Storytelling Head: Michael

Source: Youtube

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