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You know what would be great? If If you just kept your camera in a position where there is some focus on something in the room but whoever you're recording never knows that you switched the camera on

I mean, not like that rickshaw wala idea of yours that you ride a rickshaw and there's a camera and you're recording every passenger But this would be different because you'd know the person And you could explain yourself to the person And since the person would know you It wouldn't be like an awkward thing Bow tie! Okay let me curate a scene, okay? Alright Go on So I'm in a

I oh, okay So this is not a scene It's a thing that I anticipate myself doing at one of my best friends' wedding Okay No, actually This is something I anticipate myself doing when my first film is premiered and it's at, say, MAMI, or some film festival and people are watching it and then they start asking me questions My nose is itching – Can I come and itch your nose? – No, it's okay I can do it I've done it

Hey Stay still, stay still I can't stay still You're the photographer Cool! Do it

I don't know, I'm very awkward right now It's okay! Do it No, I don't wanna do it What is it? It's nothing It's something that I keep doing when I'm alone

And it sounds like It's a speech, right? – It's not a speech – Then? I anticipate some questions and I just start answering

Without, like Okay, so I'll ask you a question No, I don't wanna be asked a question

I just create an answer – Okay, okay Alright, alright

Go ahead – By myself I don't even know what question I thought in my head Hold it Yeah Okay

What? What? Hi, thanks Thanks for asking that question Umm Yeah, I mean I did think about that a lot of times I thought about whether

this would come across as something that made complete sense in my head but has no effect on the audience whatsoever I have always wanted to find a middle ground between what I want to do and what I think the audiences would appreciate And this film could be an attempt at that

I'm not sure I'm not sure I want to explain but I'm glad that it evoked that question And maybe that question will lead us to writing something differently or something exactly how we made it this time But thank you for your question if I could, I would've clapped

Thank you for that That was brilliant Really I know I'm saying it like [chuckes] me Okay, you're not listening

I am Okay I'm responding like me

Oh my God Okay, then Cut

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