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Puzzle Girls_ Handong(Dreamcatcher) by Catfish Entertainment


Fish, are you there? (Who will be waiting here?) PD: I heard that everyone is busy training PD: Will plan a suburban tour for everyone (Newly formed body? Is it really tourism?) Outskirts How far is the outskirts? What is a suburb? PD: How far is it? It depends on our game today And then see how our four tacit values are Come see if we go to the suburbs of Beijing or And next door countries? (In caseif you are traveling abroad) Hawaii Thailand Is that nothing else is rich If

Domestic Domestic? Yuandian doesn´t want to play in China So far to walk Ok, get! Get up and take a look at our tacit understanding Tacit understanding Is there a horse? No (Unpredictable hunch) Bingo can be completed with one horizontal, one vertical or one diagonal line! Each question has two options, and four people say the same option at the same time to be successful! Usually wrong (Soul attack) Haunted house / Roller Coaster (Cat is unspeakable) What do I choose? You have to choose something esle Have you been in a roller coaster? I´ve been? I can´t (Parting ways) Whose Haunted House II (Suddenly the style of the team suddenly turned ing

) (Friendship boat)

Source: Youtube

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