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Psychological effects of Corona. Record Breaking divorces in US, Canada and China


Namaskar and Welcome to Acharya Salil Channel! Increase in the rate of divorce cases in the USA and Canada during the Corona Virus spread and lock-down period is surprising Let us look at it astrologically

In the horoscope of USA we have: Ascendent (lagna)-Taurus; Venus in Rohini nakshatra and occupying the 10th house, which has bestowed US with all the resources and made it a rich country where the citizens enjoy the comforts of a good and rich lifestyle You are aware of the history of the USA and how it has developed into a rich and strong nation During the lock-down period, there is mahadasha of Sun and antardasha of Saturn In the US horoscope,Sun, Saturn, Mars and Venus are positioned in the 10th house The present dasha plus the Saturn-Jupiter transit shows there will be some problems including divorce, faced by the young population in US Americans have a carefree lifestyle

Once the children are 18 or college go ing they become independent with very little parental intervention in their life Unlike the Sanatan lifestyle – wherein people take care of their parents as well as grandparents and vice versa The couples who were otherwise busy in their respective area of work, started living together 24 hours a day during the lock-down This resulted in difference of opinion and quarrels, which led them to seek divorce The rate of divorce is high all over the world

The process is quick in those countries unlike India where it takes 2-3 years Earlier, I mentioned that suicide by Sushant Singh Rajput could have been averted if he was living with his family members Family bonding and togetherness is crucial The Sun- Saturn Mahadasha is responsible for filing of divorce cases My friends in the US have informed me about the large number of online applications being filed by couples seeking divorce This will continue for next two years The world is changing, the value of relationships will also change

Let us look at Canada's horoscope The date is 01 July 1867, The ascendent (lagna) is Pices, Venus in 3rd, Sun and Moon in 4th, Mercury in 5th, Mars and Rahu in 6th and Jupiter in 12th house The present Mahadash is of Jupiter with antardasha of Rahu This is responsible for the present situation 2021 will bring a lot of turmoil in Canada leading to drastic changes including family life

I would like to request my friends in the USA and Canada to follow the Sanatan values and traditions It will help them as a family and in effect will help the nation too In the horoscopes of the USA and Canada, we can clearly see the family ties getting scattered These need to be saved Thank you

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