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Producer Peter Lassally on his early career in entertainment – TelevisionAcademy.com/Interviews


well my first job was as an usher at Radio City Music Hall which was very prestigious it was like getting into West Point you know you'd line up and being with white gloves and uniforms and they would be line up and they they did SPECT your shoes and it was just like being in the army but there was one other low level job even more prestigious than that and that was being a page at NBC and I managed to get that next and at that time which was 1951 there was the big switch from radio to television and there was nobody with television experience so it was easy or easier to get into television because they would pick people either from radio or from theater because television was just starting so being a page in that era you could get a starting job lower-level job as a production assistant or something and work your way up rather quickly as opposed to now what was the first job that you did then getting into television the first job actually was on the outside not an NBC I got a job as an assistant to a woman who had a radio show on wor and her name was Ruby Mercer and one of the things that was part of the show was opening night reviews of Broadway plays and that really was my first job doing reviews for plays and that led to producing her show and then I got a job at NBC again radio a show called monitor which was a weekend 48 hour radio program which a radio program and then bc co monitor which was a new revolutionary format of starting friday night and going until late Sunday night and there I started as again production assistant kind of job one of the problems with the job was I had to type the run downs for the show and I didn't know how to type and I found girls on different floors at NBC in the ICA building and I would hand them each one sheet the type and hand them out and then have to collect them an hour later and it was a race every day when they said well I didn't have time to do it yet and I say I have a deadline you have to do it right now so that was a scary part of the job getting the rundown stipe but I managed to succeed doing that and from there I the next job was producer of a radio show called Nightline before the current Nightline which was a two-hour nightly radio show on the NBC radio network and that again was a completely loose format it was a magazine type format it was partly news partly music partly comedy and that's where I found and started people like Mort Sahl and Nicholson Mae and Shelley Berman who would do little five-minute yets and that's where I really started what I love doing more than anything and that is finding talent and developing them

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