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Priyanka Chopra Jonas Shares Her Top 5 Love Stories ? MTV News


– I think Aditi and Niren's love story in 'The Sky is Pink' is so special and so perfect because no matter what life throws at them, they just come out strong And from when they were 16 years old to now, when they're 55 and 57, and because it's a true life story, even now, you see them hold hands and they are super flirty with each other, look for each other across the room

And it's totally something I would want for myself, so it's super inspiring to me Hi, guys, I'm Priyanka Chopra Jonas And I play Aditi Chaudhary in 'The Sky is Pink' I'm here to tell you about my top five love stories The first one, I think, would be Barack Obama and Michelle Obama

I think their love story's so amazing because the way they've inspired each other since when they've known each other And they recently had a wedding anniversary, where it was just so sweet, how they are with each other, that I feel like that's so hashtag goals 'Jerry Maguire', it's one of my favorite, favorite movies And I just love

the love story in that movie because it's so real And I feel like both characters, you know, go through their tug and pull and push of what actually happens in real relationships, but it's just so romantically done

It's awesome I mean, "He had me at hello" Are you kidding? 'Breakfast at Tiffany's,' I love, love, love that movie And I feel like both characters, Audrey Hepburn and George Peppard were so amazing And just the conversations and the way that movie just lent itself to romance, I loved

There's this Hindi movie, called 'Lamhe,' which I love, which spans through many, many years and many, many decades I feel like I'm seeing a pattern here I clearly like epic love stories Hmm, but 'Lamhe' was another favorite And finally, my favorite love story is 'Beauty and the Beast' 'cause I love 'Beauty and the Beast

' Everything about that story is so metaphorically perfect And at the same time, like, realistically perfect Again, it's epic It's just beautiful

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