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Preparing for disaster when a volcano strikes – BBC World Service, People Fixing The World podcast


Ecuador, which has more than 20 active volcanoes, is looking at how to protect people there. People living at the foot of one volca no are being prepared in case it starts billowing out ash and spewing lava.

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But at the moment, there’s no sign of a huge eruption at Cotopaxi. These people are taking part in a project that prepares them well in advance, for a disaster that may never happen.

A scientist based in Quito has designed a system to forecast dangerous activity. The Red Cross is working closely with him, so they can now warn people of potential disaster further in advance – giving a bigger time window in which to move themselves and livestock, and get medical backup in place.

It is part of a radical rethink in the way humanitarian aid is delivered, using forecasts to give people more warning and help them prepare before nature strikes. But funding a project like this means asking donors to donate cash to a disaster which may never happen.

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