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Preacher Cast Teases 'Really Filthy' Sex Scene | SDCC 2017 | Entertainment Weekly


my name is Kylie I am live here in San Diego comic-con 2017 the cast we're catching guys we just saw this amazing episode best Monday on AMC that we got to see a lot of your xandred's back story we got to get a lot more of Jesse's history and in the back half of the second season yeah we learned a lot about the reason behind them and why their relationship is what it is he learned about his relationship with the father and why he's the this quest for God is so important to him and I think it uncovers really the dynamic between the three of them and the secrets that they're hiding so we do constantly flashback yet to their past and it seems like every time we learn something new about Jesse it is way darker than the last thing we knew about this guy's really he's come bare I mean say because I only get that information really the more when I see the scripts which is very close to when we shoot and just suddenly things occur to you that he's doesn't seem in any way preoccupied by or riddled with guilt about what he's done to Yugi ago an innocent boy who said how he uses the word of God with abandon and he doesn't really consider when or where to use it when his best friends ask him for help in with using it he doesn't he chooses very odd times when his but his past is full of them yeah and palling behavior he's a dark character he used to look during this past episode and I felt legit a visceral reaction it was upsetting that was to get rid of it when he went where he went yeah that sort of demonic space because he'd found out about the husband yes he was in a fury his certain things I think with that character if for instance if he were to find out about what had happened between those two I think that would probably tip him over the edge I think there are certain things that he can't deal with in any way at all one in particular the love of his life it feels she's under threat or anything has happened to her okay so Ruth out how would you currently describe the relationship between two more than Jesse right now I think I I think you know it's interesting when you see your partner or your kind of soul mesh through new eyes and you kind of look it's kind of new things are being unveiled about them and and their capacities and I think she feels quite a letdown by Jesse but I think they both do Cassidy and she would feel sort of on the outside of this inner circle which consists of one yeah but you can't really maintain that and I think they and they the reason that they agreed to go on this road trip is that there were three of them this adventure of fun but they really have no one else they're kind of stuck and it's sort of strange limbo where they want to be together but it's proving really really more difficult for them to that something's crumbling yeah and there is still we get these little glimpses of sweetness among them you know because they do have that family dynamic and then it tends to just go serve families my friend Jen it's a very between the between the three of them yeah really testing it starts so I think cleverly Sam when writing in a book we you see in a road adventure a road trip of three people actually they're happiest point they suddenly find comfort in each other and a purpose to their lives and it very very quickly starts to break down it's the reality of a road trip like that isn't it I think normal things come into play and normal life as its ways of knocking that out of here so yeah I think it's we've always because it's such a where would loo like the storylines complete lunacy sort of time so we have to keep that realness there like it's it's important to try and keep the reality of those things in play as well one of the things I got very excited about in this past episode is that we got some nods to John Wayne who plays a bit bold in the comics or we get a beginning sir any more of those nods or is mr Wayne Hill making a special appearance would be wonderful wouldn't it because it is as you say sort of like the father figure in his Jesse's in the comics or in his head it's certainly someone who he looks up to see I thought about this when we because we finally witness maybe a point where we finally become confronted by one another but actually there's some sort of however dangerous this man is and however is so pointed in their story that they're being chased by him and they're trying to prohibit them from finding God actually there's a massive amount respect from Jesse for this character because he is he sort of represents that person that he loves that he's admired who looked up to the strengths of John Wayne that would be the masculinity this sort of father figure of him and I think that that's something which she was sort of in the back of my mind even though there's this imminent threat and danger but still as someone who is sort of who he kind of based his life on which is wrong yeah what do you love about playing the saint yeah yes economical use language well I was a huge fan of the comics before I did the show so you know the Saint was pretty much my favorite character so I'm very very fortunate to be playing but I'm interested in the relationship that that Saint has with his own inner heaven and hell I suppose it's just like everybody in the show and I think the fact that he he was trying to be good and this is something that we explore as the season goes on that now I'm trying to be good and at every point being thwarted in there in those attempts and that's you know it's it's a story about life you know preacher it's a story about everybody's lives to some extent we all carry those demons within us that we struggle with sometimes and I just happen to have some larger demons than most and I have access to weapons and a really big cut so yeah it's but it's great fun to do I tell you man nice you look like you also look like you enjoy wonderful he's grateful you can do anything with gas really adopted dig deep what haven't gotten to the root of what is obsession before Skinner's do we know I think I'll be honest with you man and I'm I'm with him on this okay I am completely blown away that I mean there is for skis for skiing and this for skin in these fair screams people use it there's actual thick skin in there which way you look at whoever it be babies or adults that's still a piece of dick if you're rubbing into your face I mean that's just mind-blowing I'm having shit man around me on here guys I don't even know no me neither dude like is a real thing is this being proved dude is on the fucking phone I'm really under this genuine dick skin in your cream you look at very small print fuck us moto knows a little early disco dick cream no no I'll call dick cream you know coming like it'll could be moisturizers what do you say man cause it constant you'll call it something else well they like spice night kind of cream oh yeah like I don't know a big word for it but technically what you doing is you are rubbing dicks in your face sure heavy dicks I mean yeah fucking I must work if they keep doing it I think Sam's just worked a tapping so I told Sam he's got no fucking way it has to go on the team that feels like it that's probably how much sugars in we did not get a chance to see Yugi in the most recent episode but he how do his adventures in hell unfold over the back and a half of the season he's already hanging out with Hitler which seems like an interesting choice yeah yeah I mean any port in a storm I suppose sure I think for Eugene it kind of becomes you know it's kind of this route this is journey for him as much as he's crazy and he's in hell is a very inward facing journey like last season kind of Eugene's relevance as a character was I think very much to Jesse and Eugene toner inner questions were kind of a catalyst for Jesse to ask himself those things you know can you be forgiven there's her past to find these requests and Eugene was asking himself but went on to ask just these things and but this season I think now that Eugene's in hell he's kind of become the center of this little story within a story here and it's really about him finding this and asking this of Hitler and asking it to himself and then kind of posing those questions to to the audience as well well it goes back to we use therefore that like a lot of this show is about sort of you know what is Redemption you know can we be redeem is that a thing if you choose to do and it's I love it like that is the thing that is running through all these characters very different ways everyone's trying to do the right thing everyone's constantly trying to do the right thing and unfortunately the circumstances the people that are surrounded by and circumstances of which they live in I mean that not that's not always possible it's just normal life stuff you know it's alright we're all trying to keep the faith like which way and it's and look I love what you said is that that's really hard it's hard it's you know when you're under circumstances that tests that you know can you do that can you ki can he keep his faith can we keep our faith in Him and I think that you're seeing all that kind of questioned and that's why I love the show because it's a show about big ideas but it also is a show about madness yes so I imagine like it has there have there been things that you have been able to doom on preacher that you've never been asked before in any other hole the stuff this year this is one thing in particular the safety pickup of it there's one thing that we read in the script it's early only one of the scripts and its role rolled by what about one of our rights is quite religious she's trying to be a positive pasta dishes truck Mary that's right that's not sure Cornish Pasties which is gonna and like a really filthy sex scene with with a certain just couldn't believe that we were going to be able to put this on the TV like it's with the power goes out with a certain so you must know yes it's genuine shocking all right well I look forward to series of whistles you'll know what they're talking about the same time when you think we would never do this when a preacher airs Mondays on AMC catch it catch up what season two thank you to the cast a preacher and stay right here for more coverage

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