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Power of the Sun | Marvel Make Me a Hero


[MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I'm Felix Let's watch "Marvel Make Me A Hero" [MUSIC PLAYING] Hi, I'm Felix, and I'm in digital advertising

I started my career wanting to hold a camera And my cousin wouldn't let me do it when I was a little kid So I proved him wrong by going to college for it I ended up going into television, and working slowly my way through the ranks And then I enjoyed advertising, because you were able to talk to people

You were able to grow relationships with partners And I just enjoyed every aspect of it I remember telling my teacher I didn't like reading And she said, well, I see you have comics I was like, yeah, I like reading comics

She's like, that's fine Read comics As long you're reading something, we're absolutely happy with that And you know, I've just been hooked with that ever since As an adult now, now that I have a few bucks in my pocket, I like to buy the variant cover, just to have like that nice cover in my collection

And collecting comics, they pile up after a while So me and my wife have a good agreement When we buy a house, by all means, you can take over the basement, whatever you want But until then, let's just keep it out of sight So I was born in Brooklyn and still live in Brooklyn

And being in Brooklyn is definitely important to me But both my parents are from Peru And recently, I did a DNA test, and it said I was 87% Native American And I attribute that to being of Inca descent When I saw that Michael Bendis was making Miles Morales, it was a character I initially got drawn to

It's an Afro-Latino living in Brooklyn So as soon as that popped up, I was like, oh, yeah, this is my new guy now To see somebody who looks like me, looks like my kids, and speaks Spanish, and be from Brooklyn on top of that, it just means the world to me I would love for my Super Hero to be a little more muscular, and at the same time, look like me So I could show my kids, go, hey, look! Daddy's a Super Hero

Healing power definitely was something I wanted to attribute to it, because I'm a cancer survivor So as a cancer survivor, I instantly understand what a healing factor or healing powers would do for me and other people So that, and something about the sun, because Incas always believed in the sun god And so I wanted the Super Hero to have some kind of sun rays from the eyes The Incas had a lot of like subtle armor, because you have to be– protect yourself and light in your feet

So I figured gold would be part of the costume, and having the halberd So a halberd looks like a spear with almost like an ax at the end of it But yeah, so something like that, where it's practical, yet it sets a presence when you see him I love the fact that Spider-Man, he was the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man My hero would be based out of Brooklyn

It's a big borough, so there's places where he could definitely help out If the Avengers need him, he would be there But for day to day, he's there to help out in Brooklyn Whoa! This is amazing He's got the halberd

He's got the Inca mask This is amazing This is exactly what I pictured Wow The cape and– yeah, this is perfect

So the crest on the chest, the symbol is perfect The sun god was very important to the Incas So that being the symbol, and the sun beams coming down at him And this halberd being formed of just pure light power, it just looks perfect, like spot on Can we just talk about the mask? That mask is perfect

I have one of those Tumis hung up in my bedroom And it just will always mean the world to me, because it's from Peru I just look at it, and it just reminds me of where I'm from Seeing an Inca Super Hero and being able to show my kids, this is everything I've ever hoped for And yeah, just this is perfect

If I could print this out and hang it in the living room With the wife's permission, of course [MUSIC PLAYING] Thank you, Marvel, for making me a Super Hero [MUSIC PLAYING]

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