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PODCASTS TO LISTEN TO IN 2020 | Motivational, Finance, Entertainment


what's up guys and welcome to my channel so today I want to talk about some podcasts that I'm currently listening to my highly recommended podcasts why I highly recommend them and my favorite episodes from these so I listen to a lot of self-help personal development professional development finance tips and these podcasts actually inspire me empower me each and every day if you're kind of in a rut right now and it's the start of the year so I think it's just a perfect time to look for more inspiration out there but I also do listen to some true-crime and entertainment podcasts so I also have recommendations from those on this video let's jump right into it so the first podcast that I'm recommending is Wall Street Journal's secrets of wealthy women this is hosted by Veronica Dagher where each episode she interviews women who are just basically winning at life on successful women entrepreneurs workplace pioneers money making experts and on each episode they discuss different topics where these women she interviews to share empowering insights on basically how to get ahead how to reach your goals how to achieve professional success I mean sign me up sis my favorite episode from this podcast is entitled fighting finding confidence the secret is speaking up this is actually one of their special episodes where Veronica Dagher is joined by five women namely their Deborah Alfarone she's a TV journalist and she's also joined by authors life coaches professional trainers Lisa Brooks Greaux Laura Fredricks Patricia Stark and Susie Moore in this episode they have talked about why women struggle with confidence and why women don't get what they deserve just because they are afraid to ask and this is one of my face because I was able to relate to on so many levels I for one is someone who struggles with confidence and with speaking up because I tend to downplay my emotions and my ideas so much and I just let time pass not saying what I want to say and then I regret it at some point because I'm just afraid to feel judged or feel rejected and it hit me and they said that we make up all these stories in our heads that someone else is put in there like a teacher or mother or a society and these are things that they tell us about ourselves when basically they're not even their truth and it was empowering how they said that you have to change those stories and you have to own your story your story your story your struggle is your struggle the worst thing that can happen to you is still the worst thing that could happen to the rest thing that could happen to me is still the worst thing that could happen to me and no one else would have to experience it I just think that's so powerful to think that way that's why listening to this podcast just changes my day-to-day mindset just changes my perspective on a lot of things but what's really stuck to me on this episode was what Susie Moore is that people assume that confidence comes from being good at things from winning from taking things off but really it's just from being uncomfortable with whatever the outcome is and understanding that the worst thing that could happen is about fooling like feeling shut down embarrassed and rejected whatever the negative emotion is if you're willing to tolerate the discomfort the world belongs to you John episode is actually the inspiration off this video it's my first time ever doing something like this talking in front of the camera sharing just about a topic that really inspires me I I said to myself like whatever I wanted to do this for the longest time and however awkward that I could get I still won because I DID IT the second podcast that I wanted to recommend this optimal living daily personal development and minimalism so this is a podcast for Justin Malik the narrator reads to you blog post some articles or books written by authors and what I like about this it's because every daily podcast is just lasts for less than 15 minutes they just give you a thought-provoking insights right off the bat just brief and concise I actually recommend this to anyone who is just starting off and listening to podcasts just because they're really short and sweet and you get you've already get the thought very instantly my favorite episode in this podcast is entitled why I live in the moment is the worst advice by Benjamin Hardy so the gist of this episode is instead of living in the moment we should actually live in the past I know it's so contradicting to what most people say and our far off paths may not be something to be really proud of but if you actually think about it our most recent past like the past two years the past two months or the past two days they actually make up of what we have now and living in the moment makes you just very impulsive and makes you put things off because you're very focused on then just living on the now and that it's not a very forward thinking living in the moment makes you tend to make less conscious choices which just sometimes sets you up for failure well if you live in the past they become more intentional off the choices you make in your daily life stop make sense let me know your thoughts simultaneously with optimal living daily I also listen to optimal finance daily and this one is similar with OLD in the sense that the narrator Dan he narrates also blog posts articles or books but focusing more on personal finance all their episodes are worth listening to because they give you tips on basically how to handle their personal finances like budgeting investments saving retirement tax debt even walks you through like huge purchases in your life like getting a house or a car it's something that I really recommend because it would help you be very mindful about your finances my favorite in this podcast is actually a three-part series it's entitled money is a tool not a goal and the gist of the series is that we should not let money control our lives money is not the end goal our end goal must be specific and meaningful and just use money to basically achieve it because if we make money or goal we hoard it we want it aimlessly we spend it on mindless purchases we tend to like just want something more of it but it doesn't really make us happy money won't make you happy but having your goals would make you happy I think that's part of the reason why some people just burnt out like what's the sense of this all because you just earned for the sake of earning when that really won't make you happy does that make sense I hope it does okay aside from self-help and personal development podcasts I also love me some true-crime podcast like I'm obsessed with true crime and this particular podcast I wanted to recommend this entitled crime junkie it's hosted by Ashley flowers and Britt and she usually she usually just goes by Britt in the podcast but I believe it's Britt Prawat and I followed them on Instagram that's how much of a fan I am now what I love about this podcast is just how detailed they get on each and every case that they talk about from how the victim just live their normal lives and then just how in one day or one night their lives get taken into someone else's hands and then they share details of investigation and how the police or investigators gather suspects and my favorite episode in this podcast is the first one that I listened to the one that literally got me hooked first time I listened to this I binged like most of their episodes it's entitled murder Lindsay Buziak I don't wanna spoil y'all so I'll just read a description of the episode twenty-four-year-old Lindsay Buziak was an up-and-coming real estate agent in beautiful Victoria British Columbia when she was found stabbed to death in the upstairs bedroom of her house she was showing two prospective clients nearly 12 years later lenses family and friends and local police are still trying to find who killed Lindsay and why so yeah it's one of they're still cold cases and investigations are still open so I recommend you check it out if you like true crime okay and the last one this one is not really a podcast recommendation because I haven't been able to dive into the episodes in this podcast but it's actually in an episode that I just recommend in the podcast is entitled WTF with Marc Maron and the specific episode that I wanted to recommend his episode one zero eight six Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio I mean you know need I say more it's also related to the latest video that they did once upon a time in Hollywood so I was just listening to Brad Pitt and Leonardo DiCaprio they were so close and in my ears and I was just gushing all throughout the episode so if you're also a fan of those two I recommend that episode so that is it for me today I do hope you like my recommendations and if you have recommendations of your own please comment down below and if you like this video please like it and subscribe to my channel yeah thank you so much for watching

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