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Hi Namaste! And sometimes It's better to not have friends Says the guy who has 0 friends [fake chuckling] I say this as a joke Okay? that I don't have any friends but I have a lot of friends Aren't you guys my friends? Huh? So what I mean by saying that being without friends is better sometimes is it becomes too irritating sometimes And today I am just irritated anyway I want to list out a few things which I find irritating about having people around me centred around the people that are around me I have a problem with everybody who's around me So Shouldn't I be grateful to the people who are around me because by talking about them only I am able to create videos and then I keep saying that I don't want people around me but if there were nobody around me What would I talk about? Look! If you have an asshole friend It doesn't go from 0 to 1 it actually goes from 0 to -1 Having an asshole friend means -1 So it's better to not have 1 It has happened with me I got into a minor disagreemnt with someone & that friend spoiled my show which I was watching It wasn't even f*cking related to the argument Just bcoz the other person didn't have anything against me he had no valid or logical points So what does he do? He knew that I was watching that show he goes on to tell me the entire plot of the show [witless laughter] Look at how stupid that person is looking how does one even wear a suit like that? Dude focus on studies instead of this shit What will you gain by passing such comments? In the movie Sholay Amitabh B's character dies! Now be an SJW! Why are you telling me things? Have I told you anything? Unnecessary! You poke me Me poke you Do whatever now Now is this justified? Do you really want these kind of friends in life? Even books can get spoiled Lol There goes the person who reduces suspense and surprise from people's lives Like, I don't want to spell it out but you should consider it These people

this one is actually your fault It's my fault If, even after knowing that my friend has already seen this movie I watch the same movie with him Then I am the f*cking fool

Why am I watching it with him? Dude, now pay attention someone crazy will happen Pay attention I'll get popcorn Pay attention to what will happen next Will you let me watch the movie? Pay attention! Pay attention something really crazy will happen now I AM watching! Dude you gotta watch this Pay attention to this part Okay already! I won't give you any spoilers Okay buddy I'm looking at the screen Dude please pay attention to this part don't miss it! Just watch this part it's totally crazy! Okay you tell me! TV is turned off! Now tell me

What will happen next? Um what? No I won't look at the TV you will tell me what'll happen Tell me! What happens next? What will happen after we finish the movie? What will happen in our lives? Tell me about my life? How many kids will I have? Dude you got seriously pissed off I didn't mean to Tell me about my life what is going to happen in my life? When will I die? Tell me Tell me everything! I wanna know everything Have some popcorn buddy Self spoiler, these people are such geniuses that their what is that word? Curiosity! These guys are so curious in life that they're unable to stop themselves while watching shows they keep Googling things And after Googling they come to us they'll be like dude

you know what? I Googled about the show by mistake Then they spoil the show for us How's that my fault? Dude Google, Amazon and to the entire tech out there on our heads right now I understand We accept that we don't have any privacy You guys know which brand of UW I wear I know what time I wake up and go to bed and what do I want in life If I talk about wrist watches "Oh, look at these watches that you can buy!" OKAY?! If I were feeling like eating a bar of chocolate I would start getting advertisement for chocolates "It's time for some sweet stuff!" Dude it's okay! You wanna selll chocolates we end up buying! But you step over that line! You CROSS that line when you show me interviews with spoilers in the title and the thumbnails I mean Breaking Bad's official YT channel Has Gus Fring's image with half his face blown off Imagine the people who have not watched the show IMO you're an idiot for not watching BB till now but still you deserve a good f*cking show BB is the best ever TV show made in the world BB itself is spoiling it for everybody who has not seen the show like are you f*cking crazy? I was watching Better Call Saul and I was just texting I didnt' even speak it out loud I didn't say things like I am watching BCS I was on Messenger chatting privately that okay this show is very good and bla blah All of a sudden I log on to YouTube and see Michael

Michael Mando's interview It scat the hell out of me I didn't watch the video I was like get this thing away from me I don't wanna know when does MM die in the show Are you f*cking crazy? Why do you wanna show me MM's interview b4 I finish the show? If you know so much about my life and that I am watching Better Call Saul why don't you know that I haven't finished the show? Michael Mando on how he will die or does he know if he dies in the show? Disappointed & f*cking furious at you technology and Google What are you guys doing? If you are invading our privacy then at least do that right!

Source: Youtube

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