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Philippines TV network ABS-CBN forced to slash news operations | DW News



  1. omg , FYI not" million of Filipino" want the ABSCBN to reopen, their news is not reliable i would rather get a news on the online or internet news . this reporter no nothing about philippines .Lmao

  2. We have GMA – 7 (which is the biggest by the way), TV 5, PTV 4, CNN Philippines, IBC 13, among others…and they can broadcast freely here, what 'press freedom' are you talking about?

  3. Its not true that there is no source of local news that is not true, theres a lot of main stream media in philippines.

  4. Its npt about Press Freedom, its about their obligation as a bussiness to the Country, and to the employees!!, Tax obligations, Employees!!! You are Mis-informed💥💥 Watch the senate hearing💥💥

  5. Inteviews Maria Ressa, and I was like, oh here we go again with the biased media. From small regulatory group as she says to the comparison to martial law period to further make it seem like what was done to them is illegal, all the while the regulatory department and the congress legally declined their franchise for reasons already raised before.

  6. I can still watch abs cbn on cable tv, they can still air on cable tv channel, they can't just air on local channels for legal reasons. Since nowadays most households have cable connections and internet, people wont feel the difference, on viewers point of view. But for other reasons like employment everyone is experiencing loss of job in this pandemic year.

  7. Ita a biased broadcasting network, and its doesn't pay taxes in 3 yrs operation it pays tne govt 1 billion + but gma network pays 1billion + in 1 year. Considering abs is the biggest network, interview Mr Jay sonza instead of ressa

  8. Ma. Rissa is liar, "to shoot covid19 pandemic violate" 😠😠😠😠
    ABS CBN have 60 labor cases.. unpaid salaries benefits of workers illegally terminated contracts, taxes unpaid more than a billion compare to small GMA7…. so many violations… A service to Filipinos is a lie… Go deeper… unjust taxes… thats for the Filipinos but did not comply. Big bosses did not comply to all labor cases which the law ask them to fixed.
    Its not about freedom… its the violation of the network. Sobra na, tama na.
    Mag new contract na lang kayo mabuti pa. Mga empleyado ninyo ang nagsuffer, naging kawawa. Ilang million dapat bayaran ninyo sa empleyeyado ninyo di ninyo inayos. Yan ba ang in the service of Filipinos. Nagpayaman pero ayaw magbayad sa mga benefits ng tao. 11,000 ang worker pero sa DOLE 5,000+ lang ang may benefits ang regular…. hay,

  9. ABS CBN is the KING of mind manipulating network…. Majority are happy that they are not operating now… sad for the employees though but this network should end their evil work

  10. ABS CBN is a liar journalist they want destroy of administration. Be careful what they said the interview is not true!!! They are liar news journalist. From the people of the philippines we are favor it's a closed and shot down

  11. To all of you who are saying that this report from DW news cited Maria Ressa is misleading, how can you say it's misleading and one-sided when it is just a fact going on! I must say that your thinking is a kind of misleading and one-sided, because you only wanted to hear what you want to listen! And Yes, President Duterte had mentioned before on air live on TV during his press briefing and ordered his enforcers to shoot anyone who violates quarantine protocols, and you think that is right and humane coming from a deemed leader??!! Shame on your comatosed memory instead! Face reality and fact in a deepest sense rather than your own misleading thought. Filipinos who think like you are the ones who are also putting this country down!

  12. Maria Ressa is destroying the image of our country she spreading wrong information to the world. she is also a big liar and has big mouth giving incorrect news.. luka luka😂😂😂😂 ikaw ung tao na di kaylangan sa pinas👊👊👊

  13. Law makers reject ABS CBN license renewal because they violated a lot of laws, especially paying taxes. We are one the most free media in the world that’s why a lot of one sided news like this.

  14. What kind of news is this. Have they even reported the reason why they are shut down. You make it sound that this was President Duterte's making. They have been investigated for a long time.

  15. ABS-CBN was no closed because of being critical to the President. They did not comply the franchise requirements, that is the truth. Every Filipinos knows that. If they comply the requirement, they can operate. Stop believing Maria Ressa, the BIG LIAR and hate campaigner and a Law Evader in the Philippines

  16. Philippines is made to look this bad because if your chosen sources. The case isn’t just that bad. Not nearly close. It would be ideal if you look into the legal side of things as far as ABSCBN is concerned.

  17. Its not about Press Freedom it is about violations of their franchise regulation like unfair labor practice tax evation and so many other violations. Congress only exercised its mandate.

  18. This man didn't know what his talking about , obviously no knowledge about the real reason why ABS CBN close…

  19. Suppression is the what the Phil Gov't was doing to the network…all existing legal regulatory body cleared the network but the Congress working committee push another supposed violations to no logical/legal basis…no case filed so far yet denied the Francise…bravo but time comes this suppression will end…for sure…

  20. This is another uninformed news station broadcasting one sided information. You should have done deeper research on the reasons why it was not renwewed. Maria Reesa is not an authority just talking about her feeling not representing our sentiment as Filipino people. You are not a fair news outfit.

  21. Marisa, all Filipinos knews already the truth,, and truth shall prevail! Everything happened has reason, the closure of abscbn, is not the cause of the press freedom, its because the network committed many violation,

  22. Your unfair check first why the network is closed before you on air the news ,this network is lot of violations since long time ago now my eyes is already open. Its not the president

  23. the real reason of ABS CBN SHUTDOWN is that THEY are violating the CONTRACT. they are BIASED media. dont ask MARIA RESSA coz she is a opposition of the government. she is a Pro Liberal. you need to Hear the side of the government also.

  24. China stopped covid cold in its tracks. Still because of western corporate greed, instead of ordering already demonstrated effective herbal medicines from China and stopping the epidemic, American and other drug companies choose to criticize and accuse China of padding the numbers.

    They did this rather than go out of business by having it found out that herbal medicines from China can do far more than western drugs. While you are dying they still do not order Chinese products that could save so many lives.

    Does this constitute murder. Should western politicians and possibly drug company heads be sentenced to death.

  25. a big liar you are destroying our government all Filipinos knows the truth that ABS CBN
    violated the LAWS for so long
    long years and you know that

  26. DW should interview other highly known journalists in the Philippines and not Maria Risa, the details she'll give is just bias. she will only misleads foreign viewers to think that the government is cracking freedom of speech and free journalism. Stop interviewing her.

  27. Makawingig…wala pa jud mo mahuman ani…insist jud ninyo ng press freedom…ses…dili tanang pinoy buta ug bungol.

  28. Sir please make the facts straight. This "biased" network's franchise has expired and can only be either renewed or denied by the Philippine congress, which is an independent branch of the govt. The congress did not grant them renewal because of failure to comply on certain issues like the US nationality of their owner (our law does not allow a foreigner to own a local media network). Its issues with their employees who have complained about their policy for regularization. Taxes, in which they presented that they have paid regularly. However, many of those taxes were filed incorrectly. Many were even discounted due to their political connections with previous administrations. Also, their mingling with the politics and their decade-old of manipulating the people of what they perceived as "truth". If they don't like the govt, they simply throw all negative news about that govt to stir the people's distaste and overthrow a govt. Well many of us were already awake. For so many decades, we finally have a leader whose got the balls to go against the oligarchies that hold our country and our politics in the neck.

  29. That’s not true, press freedom is not the issue, abscbn violated laws…. they still continue thier news online that only show that press freedom still applies

  30. Sinungaling paanu magagawa NG Isang pangulo ang pag patay NG sariling anak, OOHHH My God pinoy Rin naman po kau, bakit nyo kailangan mag sinungaling!!!!!!! 😡😡😡😡😡 D magandang biro Yan!!!!! Ang Ganda NG pangangalakad NG ating pangulo, d biro ang nangyayari ngaun, dumadagdag ka lng sa problima NG ating pangulo.

  31. Your reliable source has no integrity. We had Press freedom here so don't befool by this woman.

  32. The owner of ABS-CBN are dual citizenship that is not allowed by law in the Philippines..these management has also have tax violation!!!

  33. ABS CBN knows their standing in the Phil. Govt. Dont use the netizens/citizen to fought for them. They know the truth.

  34. They still have freedom to air in other mediums and they are still on air but legally they have no franchise becuase the Legislative committee on franchise deny ABS CBN franchise application.

  35. Phils DON'T have Press Freedom. Troll influenced Commentg here only curse, accuse, threat NOT by evidence. ABS CBN is closed by the Corrupt Lawmakers to please the Coward China Puppet Dictator and for a Dictator's Son/ Family. They accuse journalist w/ Decades of Intergrity vs Curse riddled threathg, corrupt, murderer coward. Not by evidence.

  36. Isaiah 40:29-31
    He gives power to the faint, and to him who has no might he increases strength. Even youths shall faint and be weary, and young men shall fall exhausted; but they who wait for the Lord shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings like eagles; they shall run and not be weary; they shall walk and not faint.
    Isa. 40:29-31 ESV
    God is the one who gives power to those who are tired and weary. Everyone, even young people, can get weary of all that happens in life. If you’re at the “end of your rope,” commit to doing God’s will. Wait on the Lord.
    To wait on God means to rest in Him. Stop striving to try to fix things in the world. Look to God as you meditate on His Word over and over again. Just as a waiter is waiting on the guests, ask God what is on His heart for you. That’s where your strength will be. You will mount up with wings like the eagles!

  37. Biggest network but avoid its taxes..philippine govrnment must close it.shame all of you who wants abscbn to operate agian..and lastly maria resa is not credible..she was proven guilty by the court…she is full of lies,.








  39. DW News, please do some more research and interview reliable people that represent the majority of the Filipinos. We are happy with the current administration and stop interfering if you haven't been to the Philippines. Go and check for yourself instead of getting your information from unreliable sources.

  40. That igorot gong at 0:37 does not deserve to be used as a political tool! Do not desecrate a celebratory musical instruments of the Cordillera IP's for your own political/economic gains. STOP IT!

  41. Kung Gusto nyo Ng Tunay na Balita, Ito-ito nalang Mapag-kakatiwalaan na News sa Media at sa YouTube.

    -Pinas News
    -PH Lifetime News
    -PTV News
    -UNTV News
    -UNTV News and Rescue
    -PH Breaking News
    -Usapang Balita TV

  42. DW look here! They were never curtailed the freedom of press. ABSCBN lost their main source of revenue. Fckin ADS.

  43. ABS-CBN paid all their taxes and complied with all laws, but paid trolls still push false accusations against them.
    The network was shut down because a bitter old man thinks the government is his weapon.

  44. I love ABS-CBN, but I don't trust Maria Ressa. I mean… could you have picked a worse person to interview? Rappler was also shut down for baised information, why trust its editor-in-chief?

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  46. Dont judge by its cover. the abs cbn have a billion loan in our goverment it is rigth thing to do according to law

  47. Dont judge by its cover. the abs cbn have a billion loan in our goverment it is rigth thing to do according to law

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