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Phan Quý Đạt – "Hành trình 2 năm của tôi" – F2T Entertainment


[Sound effects] Dat: Hello everybody Dat: Phan Dat is again Dat: Ho Ham Pig Tri: Shhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh [Sounds of Traffic] [Ham Pig stream] Diep + Lan: Anh Dat Ha ha ha Huy: Hey Tri, this isn’t a bait (to set fireplace to roast potatoes) Anh: [Speaking English] Giang: Dat, take an image, Dat [Smile] [Music] [Homeland Voice] Tung: Yo Dat: Yo yo yo [Footstep] [Key of Bunch] [Countryside Sound] Dat: Younger folks watch chickens Khiem: Hello hello hello Đạt: Chickens are preventing one another [Motorcycle clicking] [Street Sounds & Music] (Vowed Cute Look: v) [Guitar playing] gjbhjkabvbvchbacjnbfsd Lý Mạc Sầu: V * i each *! [Laughter] Dat: Whoops Dang: Come on, come on! Huy: Give me extra firewood Dat: Whoops Tri: Easy methods to slip to the left Heyy Dat: Uayyyyyyy !!!! Lan: Ha ha ha Thi: See you once more Tri: Huy comes out Dat: Tri laughed! Chese ~ [Music] Tung: The 2 guys are capturing one another Route: Ha ha [Sounds of Traffic] [Yap] Dat: That journey was our third conquering Ham Lon peak [Whisper] Nguyet: Hmmm! Dat: Hmmmmm (Swear This Is Additionally Cute: v) Dat: This younger man

Tung: Hi there everybody Dat: Is there something you need to say? Tung: It's over! Sang: Hello !! Dang: Oh expensive! Expensive: v (Too Harmful) Quang: Um yeah, Dat "yeah" all the time Lan: (Laughter) Kiệt: Name it OK! [There is Laughter] [Laughing Again, Laughing Suddenly?] -_- Moon: Aaaaaaaaaa ~ (Runyyyy) [Bark] (One other Stunt Part -_-) Dat: Òaaaa [Fighting, Scared?] Canine: Breasts ~ Pet: Bear [Music] Oh la la Le Van Han Quang: An, Phan Dat with the particular strategy of biking with helmet: v Dat: What? Trí: Begin kicking m * Attain: Okay go: v Dat: Sitting right here is absolutely scary Huy: Slowly [Stomping] Dat: Sadly unhappy that within the trash he didn't have any trash to dump: v [Motorcycle Sounds] – My mom: v Dat: What? Deng: Show! Dat: Au au au Huh huu [Stream of sound] [Footstep] Dang: I'm loopy [The sound of the wind and yet another stunt] Tri: It's stunning (Hí Hí Reminiscences Revealing) (Bear in mind to Subscribe to the Channel Share Movies Once more) Dat: At the moment Mrs Nga will make an enormous big yawn on the practice: v Dat: Burn all the things with this magnifying glass (What Do You Glare at?) My grandmother: Uh huh

Don’t take her, she could be very shy [Motorcycle clicking] Quynh: Taking part in Ginseng! Ginseng Ginseng [Chirr] Dat: Change the fashion to alter the sort [Bicycle sounds] [Countryside Sound] Thanks for watching the video For those who discover it fascinating, Like, Share however bear in mind to Subscribe to the channel to assist me!

Supply: Youtube

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