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PewDiePie Reacting to Tati Westbrook's "Breaking My Silence" video and Shane Dawson's Live Stream


blah blah all right let's watch this hold on I got notes on it wanna make sure I don't forget my points while I tear this bitch a new asshole give me a second all right two times speed yeah we're gonna watch this two times speed because first of all, I always watch two times speed but this is like I would watch this eight times speed if I could have if I you could because my fucking god oh the fact that she got this to forty minute blows my fucking mind if you yeah fuck this guy matter but if you make a video and you can't keep it under 40 minute blows my fucking mind if you are a youtuber I I mean I'm live now so it doesn't really matter but if you make a video and you can't keep a concise message and get that fuck outta here get the shit out of here don't waste my goddamn time 16 times speed 32 times speed blep get through that shit I ain't got all day 40 minutes nah nah I don't think so I think it's worth noting that this video is as well heavily monetized you don't see it now but I remember seeing like being BAM boom boom boom boom boom mid-roll mid-roll mid-roll and she says that all the Adsense is going to this like charity about spiritual awakening whatever that is I don't know I feel like I kind of want to dig into a little bit what this charity is what do they do they're a nonprofit dedicated to helping underserved youth and children in juvenile justice system to realize their spiritual identity it might be good it might be terrible I'm not gonna bother finding out just it just seems so–just don't put ads on it okay if you're making an exposed video don't put ads on it I remember also in her original video she had ads in it and she spent a good portion a good-ass big-ass portion talking about her own fucking brand it was so annoying spirit ranch you're going through the spirit ranch now I do feel like spirituality teaching that to kids could be a positive thing depending on how it's very very much in the details on that one alright so I gotta watch this are you guys ready two times speed let's do this "It's been a long time coming for me to share with you some–" actually there was so much in those second thanks let me go through that again "it's been a long time coming" get like borderline crying face and we are five seconds in just start off the video another time please don't do it like that and the timing of this is interesting as well you know as soon as the narrative that I haven't followed this good at all by the way but the narrative online was sort of shifting a little bit that the Shane and Jeffree Star was more of the problem like they are the ones behind the video and now are behind the video, she makes the video like a year later the timing of that is worth noting "for me to share with you some very very important things and I am gonna be reading from what is approved by my legal team so I am once I start getting into what I need to show" of course she's reading a legal script that her lawyers approved she should be glad that James Charles didn't sue her she should be so lucky so to come out now and reading some legal script there's like dude like I'm glad I'm glad she and James resolved it but man sorry I know I'm really slow I just got my– I'm not used to streaming like this alright "what I feel is important to share with you I won't be deviating and it's at the advice of my legal counsels so there's so much going on on YouTube and in the world and I just first off I do want to request something actually before that I just wanted to tell you guys I missed you guys" oh my god she uploaded like a month ago "I missed you guys" I miss you so much she up looks like five times a month and then she takes like a month break (she actually use to daily upload but go off lol) oh I miss you yeah 2x speed I agree I'll do 175 "and I'm sorry that you haven't seen me in a while and I'm hoping this video clears up a lot of the reasons why I felt I could not be online over the past couple of months um I've missed making videos I've missed you so so much a month" it's been a month" I wanna ask anyone watching this who believes in anything higher than themselves- who believes in any higher power um, you know all higher power, all God" oh it's about God now

How did we get here? What are you talking about? Get to the point "all God is love and the root of love and I am a woman of faith and I have been praying every day over this event/scandal whatever you want to name it and I just ask that you press pause for a moment and even just" okay now what what they do instructions not clear Tati, be more specific "for 10 seconds just cover this in prayer because there's so much healing that needs to take place there's a lot of injustice and there's a large" bitch it was all your fault it was all your fault stop talking like you are some sort of bigger person you caused all of this literally all of it there's a higher power of healing it's like pouring gasoline on a house and and turning it on fire and then afterwards going we must heal there is higher power everyone, everyone just take a moment take a moment everyone sit down Who lit the house on fire everyone just sit down and spiritual awakening because higher power I need to preface this video with a bunch of fucking irrelevant topics "truth that needs to come forward it is not gonna be easy and it's very painful and I don't wish harm or hate on anyone and I just wanna make that very very clear" it wasn't clear last video I saw on you Tati , I would say it was the opposite you seem very mean-spirited spirited oh man "I'm an imperfect person and I do my best to be caring kind and loving and I screw up and I make bad choices and I think that we all right now go online and it's really easy to make choices, how we cast a vote on what your opinion is on someone" alright, some acknowledgment, I appreciate that about on your what your opinion is of someone's "you know a news story or you know whatever is going on in the world or just anything you see in the media right now be mindful you know we're made to feel like we have to follow the herd and there are so many AI bots and accounts that aren't even real that influence your opinion on whatever narrative is out there and it is just left me feeling really" Russian Bots guys that was the real reason James Charles was cancelled I understand now my higher being has been elevated Thank You Tati it all makes sense it was damn Russians again I knew it confirm it was Russian bots guys you gotta be careful sheesh we walk into that one those AI Russian BOTS Putin must have sat there like sheesh did we walk into that one those AI Russian Bots be like it's time to cancel James Charles I want him gone gone forever that two-faced bitch You know like- like aren't they against homosexuality in Russia? okay I think all the pieces pits perfectly in this narrative that's just not my opinion however that's just a fact "heartbroken um if enough people have one opinion about something it feels like the mass is turning the tide really quickly and I witnessed that and I feel like I experienced that was my own scandal but it's even worse like stepping back from the picture talking like so close that's way that she's stepping back and with all the stuff is going on in the world you see how quickly the tides turn and I just want to inspire you guys or just empower you actually to feel empowered" I feel empowered "look at yourself and your own opinions and don't follow the herd follow your heart really because I thought I was following mine I was listening to the wrong people so if you" Ooo what does it mean when she was listening to the wrong people blehh a little foreshadow sprinkle there pshh pshh it was all Shane Dawson's fault just say it "anything from this it is listen to your heart first and always and don't bend on that I feel like we sometimes we're afraid to be ourselves in this world like our freedom of speech is expanded in areas and limited in others because the second that someone jumps and disagrees it feels like so many jump with that and you feel voiceless than afraid to speak up and I think that's a scary part of the world right now that's some of the good is suppressed and voiceless and I'm not here for that and I want to speak as much of my truth as I legally am permitted to do and so I'm going to share what I can" oh there's the mid-roll oh nice nice nice nice well done Tati it's all for the spiritual awakening guys I'm very happy to be providing for this my little treat to the spiritual awakening hey you want to find out what I said about this person spiritual awakening first bitch "I am grateful for anyone that has come here to hear my experience of 2019 so talking publicly about one in my heart that I don't think will ever fully heal is not something I ever wanted to do I have waited it even though I felt the heaviness of so much disappointment until today I made no comment I have made every effort to move through this with dignity the reality is every day I struggle quietly trying to rebuild my now poisoned reputation the heartbreak that was born from the scandal still lingers" okay yeah what do I get why am I getting labor ads what the fuck she's not pregnant, no, no oh no what the fuck no no I'm shutting this down she's not what the fuck "I feel like I won't ever fully have the opportunity to completely heal until I uncover the truth from all parties involved and their motiv ation of it all for over a year now every time now that the scandal is revisited" oh I just noticed the t-shirt it's just says peace on it that's amazing "either the mainstream media or through" social platforms" my mind is spirtually awakened "I've become an object of hate while remaining voiceless I've lost over a year at my life terrified of social media and terrified of speaking up against the people that used coerced I manipulated me and uploading my video in May of last year as a result" oo she was coerced she was manipulated it was all Putin I guarantee you that's what the outcome of this video is "damage to my health, relationships, reputation, business and general well-being have been enormous the platform that I love this platform that saved my life and that changed my life has become toxic and what it means now more than ever are peacemakers we need to find our way back to the beginning through forgiveness and leading with love we need to rebuild a safe place to escape again" I want her to quit YouTube so bad it's so embarrassing looking at this how old is she like bruh 38 you're 38 just you're done you fucked up so bad you're done I don't want to cancel her I just want her to realize how embarrassing this is 38 she's almost 40 it's her network six million she'll be okay "our world seems to be falling apart all around us" Keemstar is 47- no way "the last thing I want to do is release my receipts and voice memos but I know many of you were needing some answers as well as a long-overdue apology for the role that I played, also by the way these are my words I did write this and this is from my heart but I am being careful here and I think you guys understand why

Back in December of 2019 after Shane and Jeffree's series ended James Charles came to my LA home and we compared DMs texts and stories about what had happened behind the scenes we apologized to each other, forgave each other and agreed to wait patiently until it was safe for me to share my story since that night" I'm glad they made up though that's that's nice of James to be honest that speaks more of him than anyone I'm really glad James came out of this on top those are some serious allegations towards him being a predator and some sort of yeah that's it that was a narrative wasn't it James Charles is a predator he's coming for your children boy you better lock them up so yeah "James Charles has repeatedly said that he wanted to be beside me where for this video but I felt it was important that I do it alone because he deserves my first apology and I gotta- I know I'm sorry James and I've said that privately but I want you to hear it publicly" I'm sorry James for trying to ruin your career forever indefinitely over some vitamin gummy bears oh man I would stay as far away I would forgive her but I would stay as far away as possible from her she's crying again "I'm sorry To provide some context it is important for you to know that I love James Charles, he has a special place in my heart and that never changed" except that one time "even when I was hurt I promised my Dad I wouldn't cry" she's crying, the vitamins! the vitamins! She was so upset that she had to remove her bracelet my god I can, I relate, can relate "I wanna feel strong, I don't feel" I wanna feel strong wahh, I'm so strong I know that I'm a role model so I have to "any of this without getting emotional so forgive my emotions this is really difficult stuff" no not forgiven "I was always more of a mentor than friend to James Charles" which makes it old-old the weirder that makes the whole situation weird you were supposed to be his mentor if you think he'd done something wrong publicly shaming him about it over rumors it's so fucked up he's 21 he was what was he? 19 when it happened "I was somebody he could lean on when he needed advice he came into my life after he had sent me a tweet in 2016 and I met him in person for the first time at a Generation Beauty Event in New York Not long after that his covergirl deal was made public It was off to the races I was a proud friend and I wanted nothing but good things for him a few months later he was a guest at my wedding where did my makeup for my wedding day it's still my favorite memory of us as it was" Wow I remembering her original video when she brought up the wedding she she said that she was ashamed and that was like her biggest regret thant James Charles I don't remember exactly what what she said but it was something like I really regret that he was in my wedding photos cuz now I can never take that back and now she's saying the opposite okay whatever it's convenient I suppose "It was a gift getting to know him before all his success James Charles has made his fair share of mistakes he's been in scandals we all have I always believed in him as he had a rare ability to improve himself through any situation

In the past if I was upset, it never lasted long he's gifted with turning pain and strength and I've always admired that however prior to the scandal last May I started growing frustrated with what I perceived as a progressing sense of entitlement and I felt" so I reached out to him and I've talked to him about it because that's my role as a mum mentor and I'm 20 years older than him nothing adds up so far I got nothing bad things to say about this "made some detrimental choices that could jeopardize his career but none of my concerns became overwhelming until I met Shane Dawson when I made my video I expressed my opinions about James Charles's behavior I expressed how much a specific decision he made" wait sorry, did she mention Shane? "Until after I met Shane Dawson" Shane Dawson's fault, it was all Shane Dawson's fall guys this okay this is Putin behind Shane Dawson and then behind Tati, that's how that happened "when I made my video I expressed my opinions about James Charles's behavior I expressed how much a specific decision to me that I perceived as betrayal hurt me I was very worried and heartbroken but I didn't lie in that video I never called James Charles a predator I never said that James Charles was a danger to society my video's" I never I never specifically it's important to say this in front of the camera so that the jury can hear that sentence it's such a clear myself from a meal I got legal the legality of lawsuits I never actually called him a predator I never used those exact words you said that he was trying to trick guys straight guys into being gay you may have not used the word predator and that was something that spiraled out of control afterwards but you definitely helped contribute to that it would not have popped up out of nowhere "it was not made with any malice, I did not publicly air" she said with no malice, she said that with a straight face can you believe it? "accusations that were made behind the scenes While I was definitely upset that he had accepted a sponsorship from the biggest rival with my brand Halo Beauty I did not make my video because of vitamins" oh god I got another fucking ad (ad plays) (ad plays) I made it as a result of all the poisonous lies that were fed to me by Shane Dawson and Jeffree Star James Charles' Sugar Bear Hair sponsorship" it's so boring to listen to that it's not even registering is she blaming Shane again? "and all the drama that kicked up afterwards? That was just my breaking point yes I'm a grown women I'm smart" you don't act like it saying I haven't seen any of that it's funny because I remember in my original video I was like it seems like she knows how to manipulate her own audience and since this became so much bigger than her own audience they became open to the whole Internet it was so easy as an outsider to look at what she's saying and just and just with a more critical eye and pick apart and being like I can tell you're not being sincere I can tell you're trying to what you trying to do here bringing up your brand I can tell what you're insinuating by making these claims she's trying to act smart but she's really not and the fact that she's doing the exact same thing it's this crazy to me it she says she's learned nothing "I can usually spot deceit and manipulation a mile away but my guard was down from being heartbroken and I allowed myself to be worked by Shane, Jeffree, and others" so she allowed herself to be what did she say worked? worked by Shane and others there are others involved oo "my video went up I was never served a lawsuit or any cease and desist letters" another legal letter when it happened I was never actually sued so you can't sue me in the future "I only private in my video at the request of YouTube because YouTube said it was a bad look for their platform james i-" bitch I'm sorry I need to stop calling her that, it's rude but she believed–I hate her so much can we play that again what did she say I'm sorry I was like slow or not "I was never served a law suit or any cease and desist letters I only private in my video at the request of YouTube because YouTube said it was a bad look–" you should have private it you should have private it because you spread a bunch of lies about someone that you were a mentor for not because YouTube said you should have done it the fact that she mentioned it like as a way to absolve herself a little bit from drama or trying to clear it up it's like that's not helping that is not a good excuse to private that video that was the worst excuse "James I'm so sorry that I allowed myself to be poisoned and weaponized against you I'm sorry that I bought him to any of their lies believing those lies and allowing myself to be gaslit into making that video is one of the biggest regrets of my life" uhh that is not an apology that is shifting blame an apology is owning up to what you did I would never accept this apology makes me so angry I hate her so much saying I'm sorry because other people made me do this thing that's shifting but that is not an apology an apology at all and my god a matter where times I heard the word gas-lit the past fucking week "James I am so sorry that I allowed myself to be poison-" James I am so sorry I upload that video I was angry and upset and I would never realize how much how much impact it would have had if I knew I would never have uploaded that I was angry and I was upset and I was hurt but it's something that I should have resolved with you privately and not made public to the Internet I am ashamed that I made this decision out of anger but I hope in forward we can move forward with luck No? is that so fucking hard I'm sorry I was being gas-lit by other I'm so sorry that's not excuse but it's not a sorry come to me all right no one has reached out not a single fucking person and Shane's apology video was so fucking bad – why does no one listen to me an apology should be short simple and sweet unless you got receipts yeah that is the rhyme for a good apology boom remember those words short simple sweet unless you got receipt uh short simple sweet unless you receipt uh short simple sweet unless you receipt uh short simple sweet that is how you make an apology ain't that fucking hard we don't need to hear it 40 minutes "I'm sorry that I bought into any of their lies believing those lies and allowing myself to be gaslit into to making that video is one of the biggest regrets of my life" that's her regret that's what she took unironically I am smart (prissy fart noises) that's what I got out of that okay "I should have tried harder to reach you over those concerns in person" yeah try harder he called you literally have to go Oh James is calling hello I should have tried harder oh how it work ah I tried so hard I must try harder oh it's too difficult how it work goddamn she said in her video she admitted it herself hey snake I call her snake man cuz that's what she is sssss reptile she said in her video that or maybe it was James that said that he tried calling her but she didn't pick up the whole the biggest drama that had we've ever seen online could have been avoided if she just answered the fucking phone instead of saying no I'm gonna make a video exposing this guy and "I'm sorry for giving up the information they were giving me was terrifying I thought your career and freedom were in jeopardy I was trying to get you to put your phone down and seek help because I was told there were a lot of victims that were going to come forward to destroy you" so I did the job for them what the fuck I heard a bunch of rumors about you and I was so worried it was gonna damage you and destroy you so I made a video exposing all of it I understand her perspective I really do cuz it's like when you hear stuff about a person from other people a lot of times it seems really bad before you heard their own perspective and she refused to do that she refused to listen to his side so he instead she bought up all this stuff that people told her and she was like oh he's bad and he did me wrong so I have to make this video to destroy him by James bye sister what's that yeah alright let's keep watching "I was foolish for believing them I thought if I called you out, you would put your phone down and stop the detrimental behavior" you would put your phone down he called you, we know this this is a fact "I was made to believe was true James I apologize for uploading that video" good I should know better than to fall for their lies and manipulation" god dammit god fucking damn it you were so close it's not so hard! Just own up to what you did it's not difficult she was so close so close to an actual apology so close I am so sorry that other people did the bad thing not me I'm strong woman Adult 47

Thank you "and I failed and instead I let Shane and Jeffree put a wedge between our friendship" It was Shane and Jeffree's his fault they gaslit me to do it reporting live here "Jeffree Star first contacted me early in his youtube career wanting to meet but it wasn't until 2017 when we started speaking I knew that Jeffree had a lot of trauma in his past but when he came to me he presented himself to someone who had changed Who was trying to be better I was –" Jeffere Star is like the– I was surprised he got away cheap out of that whole like drama that happened cause he made a video afterwards just because he's Jeffree really attacked the James he's he he's so I think he's the one that called him a predator technically (yes) and you know said that he was banned from his house and shit like that and I'm not sure exactly I don't remember he was involved we kind of like spreading the narrative that James was bad he's like the keemstar of the beauty community because he apparently knows always like drama around people and he's kind of using that as a weapon to be like I'm gonna expose what I got on you "I felt that I could be positive influence as time went on I learned that being friends with Jeffere Star was like being friends with a Lion yes he may have been dangerous but he was always really kind to me from time to time I would see improvements which were followed by setbacks thereafter but overall I thought he's growing as a person and again I thought I could be the example for him" I tried so hard to make him pure my goodness in my heart was not enough I was foolish we're never gonna get through this video "I even tried to get them involved in my favorite charity diverting from script PS I am going to be speaking on–" she tried so hard making him donate to charity I've seen you know I don't like Jeffree Star but I've seen him donate to charity he doesn't leave you to do that in his defense thing what the fuck are you on about to me he seems like the kind of person just like I don't know if insecure is the right word but worried that it doesn't it doesn't he doesn't know how to have real connections with people so he leverages like drama and tea as a way to kind of control them that's what I got out of him I have no idea that's my armchair psychology immersion of Jeffree Star "-my real life more freely in the future on the things that I think are important I have participated in this charity for years on end now and–" I don't care about your charity Jesus I guess Marzia is getting a new mobile data plan guys Jackie Aina, Jackie the moment that Jeffree went off" I don't know who this is at all "and I regret any of the pain that I may have caused you" I think we can kind of forward a little bit "– but I always heard from him when he was involved in drama or when he had a new launch about to happen Although I recognize this pattern any suspicion that I had of being used was clouded by the hope that he actually cared for me" she is talking about Jeffree "– on how much dirt he held on other members of our youtube community–to understand that we need to forgive the people that he's holding hostage with–" he's holding them hostage guys What is she referencing? There must be more tea coming up "–with veiled threats of exposure–they're trapped people and I more tears, more cry cry — James was all he wanted to talk about I met up with Jeffree in his Killer Merch Offices in March to discuss Jeffree developing and managing my merch and as we were touring his warehouse that was filled with Sister's Apparel it seemed like all he could do was to speak poorly about James Charles over the next few weeks Jeffree began talking about how Shane Dawson was a big fan of mine and wanted to meet me and how I should be involved in their docu-series eventually Shane reached out to me by text and started dming me on Instagram Shane said I was the queen of make up reviwes on youtube that I was his favorite beauty channel and he wanted me to teach him all about makeup I didn't know much about Shane Dawson I knew that he was viewed as the King of YouTube, he had done amazing series with Bunny-" well not anymore Shane is canceled okay mmm Poppy Gloria queen of youtube say it ough king of youtube get the fuck out "–watch much else of anything else other than Jake Paul series and of course the series of Jeffree in all honesty I was looking forward to meeting Shane I'd actually hoped he'd want to help and tell my personal story one day about all the pain and heartbreak in my life that led me to wanting to start my own YouTube channel back in 2010 I wish I researched him better I wish I had watched his old videos I wish I had educated myself so I was aware of his earlier content" nice do it "so I invited him over to my home to play with make up and get to know him Shane came over one afternoon in April and I opened up and shared things that I only share with my closest of friends I shared that I had in the victim of sexual assault I spoke about my faith and hold him home do you think it might feel for others he shared with me that he was an empath and he could feel all of my pain he pledged his unending friendship and loyalty forever in this life and the next he told me that God called you to be a beacon of light for the world" wow so it could be a better place he also shared that Jeffree had wanted me to have a small role in their docu series but the entire series was quickly changing because there was something horrible happening in our community with James Charles he said that James Charles was a monster with many victims yes I knew that Shane was friends with Jeffree and they were working together but I thought to myself why would Shane Dawson, the king of truth on YouTube" the king of truth? who's ever called Shane Dawson the king of truth? That's me I'm the king of truth -queen I Spit fact no one else spit left them right on the walls the fuck "well why would Shane stay in my home and spend so many hours telling me whose horrific allegations if they were not true? Shane said that Jane Charles's monster and that James Charles was hurting minors Jane said he was planning to interview victims for his docu series he told me that something needed to be done to stop you from hurting more people over the course the next few weeks he and Jeffree fed me so much information okay armchair psychology on Shane Dawson I believe I believe her when she says that shit Shane like spread all this tea around James Charles is that the time he was getting into the beauty community and all the tea and like we were so vicious I feel like Shane still has that insecure definitely for this this one he has that insecurity where he has to like talk shit about other people I'm sure he's nice face-to-face but he seems like the kind of person that talks shit I never met him I don't know anything how he communicates behind closed doors but he seems like that I believe it but Shane talk shit about James I definitely believe that and it's not an excuse to make the video "–almost every day there was more information and new allegations eventually I started believing what they were saying because they said they have evidence by the time – drama around games Charles's promotion–" and to Shane's credit and in a weird way I mean the whole internet bought it – for a while until they heard James perspective everyone was on board say it wouldn't be that weird to be part of that tea you know oh my god we know this you know it's not a good excuse but I can at least understand it "By the time Sugar Bear Hair reached it's peak, I was beyond gaslit Shane Dawson didn't just know about my bye sister's video, he offered to help edit it he even offered to design the thumbnail and help title it

I declined his offer but his gesture of support reinforced for me that he was telling the truth why else would he jeopardize his career? So surely Jeffree was telling the truth too keep in–" making a thumbnail for someone is not a jeopardy of career what are you talking about? "–keep in mind up until this point I didn't even know I was making a video so how is it that so many editorial outlets knew something was coming before I had even made a decision to film?" Cause you said that you were going to you said in your video that you reached out to two drama channels she literally went full disclosure I spoke to two drama channels that's why were you gaslit to forget about it maybe? "I struggled with the decision to film my video for days the night before I did film, Jeffree sent me what he claimed was an audio file from an alleged victim and told me to listen to the pain in their voice the audio was clearly a small portion of a larger conversation-it wasn't enough of me to contact the authorities- it was enough to scare me" so I made the video "as a victim of abuse myself I know how terrifying it is to think of facing public humiliation and legal proceedings" I feel nothing "it wasn't my place to contact–" You would think that watching a woman cry would make you feel like ah alright I feel bad no nothing I got nothing I'd like to think i'm somewhat empathetic yeah I feel nothing watching this even when people are too dumb for their own sake and they kind of mess up at least then I can sympathize I still I can't I physically can't got nothing "it was not my place to contract authorities or the alleged victim and I made no mention of it it's like playing (insert gamer reference) again yeah "the night before posting my video bye sister I texted Shane sharing my concerns for James Charles that he was out of the country on the high floor of hotel and I was afraid for him hurting himself Shane texted me back and said I should not be nervous about the 50th floor and that James Charles was a narcissist and he would never do that The day that the video went up, Shane requested to come over to my home and film and document what was happening" sheesh "after a few days of Jeffree flaning the flames on Twitter no victims appeared as they had stated would happen and no evidence came forward as they had stated would happenThe last time I spoke with either Jeffree or Shane on the phone was the night before Jeffree's 'Never Doing This Again' video shortly after the relationship dissolved entirely and I was so confused I bought into the conspiracy theory that what happened was all just a social experiment that maybe James Charles was even involved that there would be a big reveal in Shane's docu-series" yes that would be so good "and I would be the fool who fell for it" oh what a shame and he never shared the trailer with me The last time we spoke on the phone was before Jeffree's apology video and I asked him to not include the drama in the series he only texted me after the trailer was live with an audio message telling me to not worry about it the drama was only gonna be one episode for the next few months, I was tormented with subtweets an innuendo that there was a huge drama around corner I felt that I was a liability to them and I knew too much so I put all of my text messages and other files on a hard drive and told a few people that I was afraid for my life" Ooo afraid for her life? What the fuck I mean it was a big thing, people get crazy never never underestimate the things people do when they're angry "–everything – I was hoping that information would leak as I thought it might keep me safe my mental and physical health suffered my business' suffered it's all good I could do-" oh what a shame you did such a good plug in the other video "–pull myself together for the launch of Tati Beauty and it helped me so much to everyone that came because I felt like I didn't have community anymore and I was too ashamed about letting anyone from my community and I was so grateful to my subscribers who showed up for me and I just don't think you're still there" no nope "I think I'm gonna have a heart attack Jesus That's a little dramatic don't you think? Don't want to be mean or anything but don't you think that's a little dramatic? don't you think? alright we are almost through last fall I became so afraid to stay in my LA home that I bulk filmed a lot of videos and I left home in October to get away from it all I was so upset that I continued to loose weight, I couldn't sleep and slowly I became–" I don't think that she's fake crying I think she sees herself as a victim it's very easy to cry if you think you're a victim you don't even have to try it all it just comes naturally Oh boohoo me "–became a shell of my former self I'd intended know pursuing fertility treatments the 2019 but my mind body was too frail my mind and body were just too frail to support a pregnancy it wasn't until the series ended in December when James Charles and I met that I had started to realize what had actually happened over the next few months a few people bravely came forward with more information and the pieces of what we believe actually happened are coming together make no mistake this is far from over I've been terrified for a very long time so much so that I had to relocate again two months ago and I've taken serious security precautions to ensure my safety–" The day of reckoning will come guys "From the advice of my attorney's I can not share with you right now the evidence that we have accumulated of the events that have occurred however there will seem come a day where we will be able to resent this evidence and you'll be able to see why it is we believe that Jeffree and Shane are responsible for so much of the damage that has been caused" damn "I can tell you this, it is my opinion that Jeffree and Shane were both bitterly jealous of James Charles' success" so were you (2x) "Jeffree resented that so much of his business was centered around his biggest rival and Shane did not like that James Charles wanted to make a documentary neither of them were happy was standing in a shadow on YouTube anymore I believe James Charles was getting more followers were seeking more views and more press faster than anyone in history on the platform and it's also my opinion that Jeffree and Shane needed James marginalized and out of the way for their November launch of the conspiracy palette and Shane's merch I've also recently been informed that Jeffree is allegedly a co-owner of Morphe , before this scandal ocuured, I'd also been told that James Charles was about to develop an entire cosmetics line with the owners of Morphe

This entire situation opens up a Pandora's box of speculation" ha she's going full conspiracy "I'm just not sure–it's my opinion that everyone involved got scared and their plan changed multiple times as I refused to play along or engage the drama over the next several months a year later it is no my opinion the James Charles was not their only intended target I believe that there are many different people with unclean hands in all of this and there was coordinated plan to keep me quiet and push me out of the way for other business reasons I do not think it's a coincidence that Morphe is about to launch their own brand" ohh "of hair, skin, and nails vitamins I do not think–" It's not a coincidence that they're doing this generic beauty product this this big company I saw the coincidence guys Putin is behind all of this guys it's not a coincidence what the fuck "– was just Shane and Jeffree that stood the benefit for my being silenced this is just too big I think there were many players and I have every intention of getting to the truth" well we know who's on top mother fucking Putin In early May Jeffree went on a podcast and denied responsibility for his involvement and placed blame on me it was those cowardly and defamatory last week when Shane issued his statements about his involvement in all this I also perceived them as cowardly and defamatory as for everyone else involved that did anything underhanded or defamatory over the last year I'm still–" is she talking to herself or someone else I'm so confused we're almost through I'm not gonna watch it till the end "I'm within my statue of limitations to bring civil action to seek recovery for my damages" another one I need a Mercedes okay my attorneys will be deposing all witnesses with information on the truth about what happened" I'm going to do some closing thoughts on this as well "-so for everyone else whose hands are dirty that have not yet come forward be careful of your allegiance you don't want to be on the wrong side of the truth I'm sorry I was unable to provide you with receipts that I'm sure you want I told you everything that I can right now the remainder will be handled privately or at a time that I choose just be publicly on it again the incredible people–" how convenient I can't listen anymore all right so Shane did a live reactions let's watch that it's a classic that's a classic video what the fuck was he thinking who would let him go live "this is insane, this is insane! This woman is a fucking– I'm gonna wait until as many people get in here as possible

Keep playing it (2x)" he's going through her like a panic attack and he decides I'm gonna go live right now no don't do that that is not how you respond come to me I'll help for a decent amount of cash of course Tati: "so how is it that so many editorial outlets knew that something was coming?" Shane: "BECAUSE YOU MESSAGES DRAMA CHANNELS! OH MY GOD (2X)" Pewds: True, true yeah his fiance is it a co fiance should have just Tati: "not enough to contact authorities but it was enough to scare me" –should have just stopped him stopped him he's in the background Ryland: "Then why would you make a video on the matter claiming these allegations" Shane:"because she is a FUCKING– I can't I can't I don't want to say mean things about people this is insane" say it say it, say the B word say it damn it shane: "this is insane, this is insane, this person oh my god, oh my god I keep pressing play I need to get through this video so I can fuckin oh my god Tati: "as a victim of sexual assault" Shane: "oh my god you are so manipulative!" Pewds: I'm glad Shane is doing well he's keeping it keeping it nice in the quarantine I'm glad he's looking healthy Jesus Christ dude do you think he'll make a documentary about himself that's the only thing that can save Shane at this point that Shane: "no you're fake crying, you're fake crying, you are fake crying That is not real oh my gahh oh my god x4 No I was molested I have been– oh my oh my god that is not oh my god" Tati: "The night before I uploaded 'Bye Sister' I texted Shane about my concern for James Charles, that he was out of the country, on a high floor of a hotel and I was afraid-" Ryalnd: "Get off!" Thank you, I'm glad he went off oof Do you think Ryland pulled the rafter? 'No you're not doing this' Where was I okay that was not an apology from Tati that was just shifting all the blame to Shane and Jeffree Star and I don't doubt the fact that they told her like oh he did this or is spilled a bunch of tea around him behind the scenes I don't doubt that at all but the thing is what you upload on your channel is 100% it's your responsibility the fact that she put that on someone else blows my fucking mind she calls herself a strong woman and all these words and she's fucking 37 or whatever and she's still shifting blame and when it's convenient as well like now that people are already buying into this idea oh we was Shane and Jeffree's fault then she comes out out of nowhere and it's fucking bullshit you know it blows my mind I just can't imagine uploading a video saying words that comes from my mouth and then blame it on someone else even if I heard someone tell me it's still of me what I say on my own channel that's on me and no one else you know even if Sive or someone makes like an edit that puts me in trouble that's still mine responsibility I would never I would never blame my editors for that it's complete bullshit there's no way around it you can talk about it as much as you want, you can shift blame all you want but we saw what happened and nothing's gonna change my mind on that this is just for the people that you help thank you for donating all this money bro I don't donate a super tech bro I'll refund it thank you unbelievable unbelievable be an adult own up to what you did that's all you have to do it's not hard but I guess it is hard for people because we see it so rarely all right that's my thoughts on it I hate her I can't believe she's still trying to pull the same sort of manipulation they should be in last video I'm glad people are seeing through it like it's got a lot of dislikes good I think there's a dumb idea to upload this video you should not have done it you could have been an adult and just moved on but you just had to shift blame you have to quit YouTube now this is so embarrassing I know I said not to bully people off the platform but I'm not meaning bully I'm like this is the worst thing I've ever seen an adult do online oh my that's not true it's just so embarrassing I can't fathom you're done not canceled she's not canceled I'm not canceling I'm just saying it's so embarrassing I cannot imagine continued YouTube if I did something like this I'd be so ashamed with myself because she hasn't owned up to anything and it's been a year I'm not disliking that's not my style doctor disrespect next next news next news and yeah I feel like this is such a redundant message because it doesn't do anything but I don't support any harassment over anyone unfortunately that's a product of the internet I wish it wasn't like that I can tell people as much as possible not to do anything and I'd be ashamed if I see you guys write a bunch of shake I'd be really fucking disappointed because it doesn't do anything good there's one thing me criticizing and there's another thing fans being toxic and I don't support that whatsoever there's some acclaim does anyone know what happened we doctor disrespect I want to know so badly let me see pull it up the fact that there hasn't been an update is kind of concerning that makes me think is really bad okay was this the last stream?

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