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Perfect Time to Start a Podcast // Quarantine Entertainment


Okay, so we’re all stuck at home for a little while Some of us with kids, some of us might be realizing the people in our home are more annoying than we remembered

This is also an easy time to get down, or feel uncertain, or bored It seems more than ever we’re turning to our digital entertainment to keep us entertained Many people who have never listened to podcasts are trying them out for the first time We’re diving into audio books, podcast episodes, and tv episodes that we’ve had in our cue forever We’re turning to online classes, face timing, and virtual hang outs as way to stay connected

I wanted to make this video today to encourage you, that instead of consuming a ton of content during this time at home Why not create you own I think that this is the Perfect time to start a podcast Starting a podcast is SO fun and it is a great way to stay connected with friends, family, co workers in a positive and meaningful way Also, every podcaster that we have talked to have all expressed aside from the fun, how much podcasting has enriched their lives, both in personal and professional ways

How cool would it be, after all this chaos is over, and we go back to our lives, that instead of having finally caught up on a TV Series or binge watched 5 shows on Netflix, or mindlessly scrolled through our social feeds until our eyes hurt, instead, we come out of this with a Podcast So on this short video I’m going to show you the simplest, fastest, and most affordable ways that people are creating podcasts Once you see how easy it is, I bet you a roll of toilet paper, you’ll start planning your podcast immediately So lets get to it, but before we do, and before you forget hit the subscribe button That way you’ll be able to come back and find us easily for tons of podcasting tips to make your podcast shine

Ok So, starting a podcast can seem really overwhelming Many people worry about having to learn the recording equipment and software People wonder if any one would even want to listen to them People easy get confused about how to publish and host the podcast and get it onto all the podcast apps

There is a lot that goes into having a podcast Especially if it’s one that you want to sound great and get discovered But luckily you can get started easily and grow as you go along And when it comes to finding the confidence to talk behind the microphone and know what to say and how to say it I want to say quickly, that you should stuff those worries in a sack

Because there is legitimately no body like you, no body else that has your story, your background, your unique voice All you have to do to get started is to believe in the bad ass that you are Be yourself, share your message, your story Have fun We spend way to much time worried about wether we’re good enough or what people will think

The sad thing about this, is that there are people who, while we stand idle in our insecurities, are waiting for us to inspire them, or entertain them, or teach them Don’t hold yourself back from the world any longer Stop making excuses Just get started with your podcast You’ll be glad you did! Okay, so we agree, you’re a bad ass

Now I want to give you two quick setups and approaches that many people just starting podcasts are using to get started quick and cheap – and in some cases FREE So let’s start with the free and easiest method This would be using an app like ANCHOR or Anchor dot FM Anchor allows you to record your podcast using your smart phone It has built in music and sound effects

It easily helps you create intros and outros that you can insert into each episode It also helps take care of hosting part What do I mean when I say hosting? In order for podcast apps like spotify, google podcasts, or apple podcasts, to play your podcast, your podcast episodes need to be hosted or held on a website Anchor isn’t just a recording and editing APP, it’s also a hosting web site Anchor also has a tool that will create Podcast Cover Art, so your show can look nice on the apps

Once you have set up your show and published it with Anchor It will be available on Spotify usually within minutes How fun is that, you can be on Spotify with a cool new podcast in a matter of days or even hours Of course you won’t just want to record random conversations and post them haphazardly to the Anchor app You’ll want to do a little planning

Find other podcasts that are similar to the one you’d like to make and take notes on dos and don’ts Just because anchor is free and super easy to use, doesn’t mean that you can’t produce a very great sounding and professional podcasts using it But to do that you’ll need to research a little bit about how to get good sounds recording your voice We have a lot of videos on our channel that can help you with that as well Check out this playlist here, for some really helpful and short videos

Alright, now I’ll finish up this video with the step up from this FREE method And this is the USB Microphone method This method works best if you have a computer There are many USB microphones you can purchase starting at only 50 dollars going up to 300 dollars The 50 dollar options sound very good

One of the most popular and one that we have tried and tested is the Samson Q2U Another great option is the Audio Technica ATR 2100x This one is one hundred dollars Once you have chosen a USB microphone, you can order it from Amazon and have it in a few days Then you’ll have to chose an audio recording and editing software to use

This is where, like I mentioned earlier, people get a little overwhelmed But it’s really very easy There are free Audio Recording APPS on both PC and MAC and there are countless tutorial videos here on the TUBE that will get you up and running within and hour or so So don’t get overwhelmed Just know that you’ll have to spend a few hours learning how to get quick with a Audio recording APP

Mac computers come with Garageband And on PCs you can download Audacity My recommendation is to go a step beyond that for an easier APP that you will get better results from and that is REAPER Reaper is free for 60 days and then a one time 60 dollars after that And there you go, A quick look into how easy and cheap it is to getting started podcasting today On our channel you’ll find a ton of podcasting videos

If you want to get started with Anchor we have this video here that will show you how And if you’re think about choosing a USB Mic, we have this video here where we compare 4 of the most popular ones I’m excited for you to jump into the world of podcasting and I’m excited to hear about your progress Make sure you comment below and let us now the name of your show Also come find us on social media @podsoundschool

We also have a FREE guide to Jump Start a Podcast, that you can download by going to podsoundschoolcom/jumpstart I’ll leave that link and the link for the Samson Q2U microphone in the description of this video Click show more to find the full description

We are also beginning classes for our Smart and Sexy Podcast Launch If you want to come out of the gates with a professional podcast and SAVE a ton of time in the planning and production phase You can sign up for the Smart and Sexy Podcast Launch at podcastingsmartcom Ok Until next time

Happy Casting

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