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Penyelamat LOEN Entertainment, IU! #The List ?? INDO SUB ??


Just this past month, he stole the hearts of the public with his remake album Most recently, he appeared on 'Love Story', the title song for the 9th album Epik High IU controls the music charts Too I achieved one dream! As a leader in his agency, working hard so that the agency can grow, that is the reason he is here today We will look more closely [TV Meow] First, we will see how IU met with her current agency I decided to accept myself In 2006, during the seventh grade, IU really likes being on stage after singing for the school festival and decided to become a singer That same year, he participated in more than 20 auditions but was rejected by all of them Then in 2007 I thank many people LOEN Entertainment

was the first to discover his hidden talents and immediately guide him IU, who turned out to be more talented than they had hoped, undergo a short training period of ten months and debuted as a solo singer in 2008 Two years later, in December 2010 ♪ I like you, oppa ~ ♪ IU released 'Good Day', the song that is timeless Being very popular, she became a 'Korean sister' How many songs did he register with the copyright association? From what I hear there are more than 300 songs Which song will be in the top 3 in getting the most royalties? I assume maybe 'Good Day' Since then, every time IU releases a song, he ruled t he music charts and became a trusted singer This never happened in my life In addition, he also participated in entertainment shows and dramas In the following year alone, he made 10 billion won He really is a 'running company' Is this why? Thank you to IU, who used to be up to now become the most productive artist at LOEN, sales from the company increase every year I do not believe! Who can imagine? Then how much profit does LOEN get from the 'IU effect'? Of course, there are special plans First, in 2011, LOEN moved from a small building to a six-story building Two years later, LOEN began to develop by buying shares from famous singer and actor agencies I was amazed because what I planned was starting to come true The development of LOEN does not end here In the past year, LOEN has established three subsidiaries to not only create idol groups like Fiestar and JBJ but also ballad singer Lena Park and many other talented indie singers They are increasingly developing their management business Everything is going well and very fun! The result LOEN grew into a big company that gave birth to many subsidiaries and idols At the end of last year, they expanded their company building The thing to note here is! For its outstanding contribution to the company's growth, the agency gave IU one floor exclusively for training Maybe because IU is grateful to the company that raised it (My agency) really helped me In July 2015, IU sang the song at the manager's wedding who was with him for seven years and he extended his contract for three more years without a down payment and stay true to his agency After becoming a Korean sister only two years after her debut, IU helped its agency to develop into the best entertainment company in Korea and thus ranked # 1 on The List!

Source: Youtube

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