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Pence Says He And Trump May Never See ‘Eye To Eye’ On Jan. 6 Riot



  1. Fake person never heard him ever not sound fake he was our governor in indiana and i am conservative ok but can politicians just talk? Like normal people? Talk….not read a fake speech sounding a bit like a modern shakespere

  2. Haha.😂😂😂😂 I never laughed so hard in my life. After what this guy went through at the hands of Trump and what could have happened to him if he got caught by rioters, all he's going to say is let's not forget what happened the last four years? Is he nuts, too. All these Trump supporters who think pleasing Trump is going to get you elected, it's not. It's going to get democrats elected.

  3. Hey Mike, January 6th was a dark day for our democracy and could have been very dark day for you. Didn't you know that Musolini couldn't see anything after he was hung.

  4. Mike Pence is just another repugnican submitting to THS, trump-Holm syndrome. Trump treats 'em rough and makes 'em like it. Sad…

  5. They were all chanting hang Mike Pence. Trump is a coward he will never admit to anything. This is Gods Country . One nation under God . We are suppose to lead by example and be gratefull we are not like other countries. I admire that Mike Pence even talks to the man .

  6. C'mon Y'all Qaida! What's treason between friends? The GQP can't let treason get in the way of the Democracy the GQP wants to overturn with a treasonous coup! 🤡🤪🙄😳

  7. I can never respect you….God gave you a chance to save America and you handed over to thugs….just go away

  8. Mike Pence is rino and conservative in name only. RNC CORPORATE SCHILL AT THIS POINT. BUH BYE.

  9. It’s hard to listen to this coward dismiss the true danger he,his wife and daughter were in on Jan 6th!!
    Absolutely shameful!!

  10. What we've accomplished over the last four years is an attack on our Capitol by Trump and his supporters. How can you be proud of that? History will not remember you for anything else.

  11. I remember with the BLM riots somebody saying, talking wasn’t working so we have to get violent, why is it OK for them but not OK at the capital. Maybe people wouldn’t of gotten violent if they felt like they were being heard.

    I used to think Trump just had a conspiracy theory about the election, however now that this administration is admitting that the Wuhan lab could’ve leaked the virus which Trump mentioned along time ago, but the investigation got blocked when he wanted to do it, but everybody called that a conspiracy theory then too.
    And after reading this audit https://www.depernolaw.com/uploads/2/7/0/2/27029178/antrim_michigan_forensics_report_%5B121320%5D_v2_%5Bredacted%5D.pdf
    I realize Trump is not as crazy as people believe him to be or made out to be by the media

  12. Mike Pence is a traitor. He knew what this evil administration would do, and he did nothing to stop it. Not to act is to act. We will never trust him.

  13. May 7th, 1945: '"We may never see eye-to-eye with Adolf Hitler about the 'final solution"
    January 25, 1971: "Shucks, Charlie Manson's quirky family and I might not ever see eye-to-eye about (I can't even type this)"
    November 18, 1978: "Jim Jones was a real son-of-a-gun for killing our reporters and all his followers"
    June 3, 2021: "The President and I have spoken many times since he turned his supporters on Congress and told them to fight against his election loss, and I don't know if we'll ever see eye-to-eye on that day. But I will always be proud of the generations of emotionally devastated, cynical, desperate white men my party has created over the last 4 years."

  14. What a pathetic excuse for a man. Pence has got to big the biggest wimp to ever be a vice president of the USA. Trump didn't care if he got killed and Pence still wants to lick the boots of traitor Trump.

  15. Now this guy's life was in danger by the former guys killers and he STILL won't tell the truth . What did he do for the American people?? He must be talking about the top 1% of Americans people. Can we expect republicans to vote for anything that helps the 99% of Americans which tye 1% and the former guy rejects ???? Ofcourse not.

  16. Pence dumped his political career in the toilet when he had his chance to stop the FRAUD..!

  17. If my boss tried to have me assassinated, law enforcement would probably still be looking for their body…

  18. Hugh? Not the “🪰 guy,” Pence! Where in the insurrection has he been HANGING out in hiding? 🤔

  19. First things first. There was NO riot or insurrection at the capital. There were a few people that followed some instigators form the left and violated the capitol building. The riot that followed Justice Kavanaugh's confirmation at the Justice building afterward was condoned not only by the leftists but the controlled media. Worse were the riots during the summer of 2020 by BLM and ANTIFA that destroyed much property again condoned by the left and controlled media. Trump certainly never instigated anything; what instigated the protest was the fact that the election was compromised and nothing was done and still isn't about it. The sad thing is the democrats want this election fraud to continue under the guise of eliminating voter suppression. The left and the controlled media are the ultimate in hypocrisy.

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  21. Pence could not lead a Church choir let alone a country.
    Only a fool would have him for a running mate

  22. Exactly! Racism is when you generalize an entire race. Don’t be a racist and generalize 75m ppl for the actions of 500. That is dumb dumb!

  23. This Punk wants to be President. Why didn't he stand up after Jan. 6th. These Militia/ Klan groups threaten him, his famlly and his friends and they're srill part of the gang. Sick…..

  24. "The president and I may not see eye to eye on what happened that day" ????? (Trump's goons…."hang Mike Pence, hang Mike Pence……..") Yes Mike I can imagine you and Orangehead might not see eye to eye, now go and lick his boots. What an altered state the U.S has entered into.

  25. Voting rights for the ones that have that right not the deceased or undocumented for they should not be any right to vote anyone in office are in Congress when you are not documented are a citizen of the United States of America isn't that what makes this country great is that we as American citizens have the right to vote or not to vote for who we want and choose to be in office to represent American people are people not people of the past or people of other countries

  26. What he is really saying is HE is not afraid of Trump because he does not think Trump will ever win the Presidency again

  27. Mike Pence did not do his duty or his job. He is a traitor of the constitution and to the American people!

  28. I like the part where Mike Pence said , he is proud of the accomplishments him and Trump had over the four years in the WH. But what I didn't hear or read that he said WAS What Those Great Accomplishments Were, and not one person ask him to explain them in detail. As I have done a lot of facts checking and research on those four year, I found these accomplishments, They divided the country more then any president in history has done. They have instigated more violence in the country then any president or VP has ever done. They caused/let the worst pandemic to occur in 100 years, and they created the biggest job loss sense the great depression, and ran up the national debt by nearly 8 trillion dollars in four years. And the biggest accomplishment was being the only president and V president to instigate an insurrection against our own government. And with all that Mike and Donald caused the biggest divide in the GOP party causing it to fall to it low level in history in dignity and respect. So if that is what Pence is so proud of accomplishing then he is even more brain dead then he looks in person.

  29. i wont support pence if he is running again. he is too weak. the LEFT will crush him always!!!

  30. Pence is now showing his colors.. all during the four yrs, said nothing, now he distances away from tRump… To run on another bill. Back stabbing. Ftp

  31. NBC still milking the Trump name, LOL. He is a true USA leader. Not the fossils in the White House and Congress.

  32. What a traitor Mike watch your back because the President Trump train is coming down the tracks. I bet the liberals democrats pay you to stab president Trump in the back

  33. President Trump and HIS family did those things. Not you Pence. You were too busy trying to hide your secret love affairs with little boys

  34. Pence is repeating the dems big lie
    Jan sixth was a deep state job
    People need to open their eyes
    Pence sold the country out

  35. I am glad I never met Mike pence. I hope I never will. With friends like him who needs enemies.

  36. I would hope you never see eye to eye with anything that lunatic says or does. Not today MOTHER!!!!!!!! 😂😂😂😂😂

  37. pence will never see eye to eye with trump because in trumps presence pence is on his knees and trumps looking at the top of pences head bobbing up and down . pence would have to stand up and grow a pair of balls instead of riding trumps nuts.

  38. Pence is wasting his time. His political career is dead. Maybe he and Dr. Fauchi can open up a bath house in San Francisco. I hear they have many things in common.

  39. Trump didnt entice riot…he neber supports violence in any great speeches…
    Trump:we talk about integrity of election
    DemoCrap:U made riot😂
    Lets the peoples prez not establishment prez(beijing biden) prevail..

  40. Judging by the comments, NBC is sure playing to societies bottom dwellers. Trump is coming back and his support is growing by the hundreds of thousands, if not millions of smart Americans.

  41. Pence is a traitor . It's all coming out now . You should know a lot about traitors NBC .

  42. Even though I voted for Trump and HATE Joe Biden with a passion Mike Pence could not do anything to change the election results.

  43. Nothing Pence says or does matters any more. He betrayed the President of the United States to a bunch of criminals ALMIGHTY EVERLASTING GOD has told us to no longer pray for. Whatever happens to Pence from here on out is between him and the ALMIGHTY. Pence like so many in politics wants to be worshipped. Well that certainly hasn't worked out very well for them. They are loathed and hated they are nothing more than leeches and parasites.

  44. I'd like to see that speech unedited instead of clip for divisiveness. And asked to subscribing to this news channel …. not only no, but, absolutely no! not under any circumstances

  45. Should not have certified IF any doubt election was 100% fair. Does he? I had many questions about this election so probably should have waited if any doubt. I really don’t understand how on some if these issues Biden gets thumbs down with hundreds if not thousands so where are his supporters who elected him? Seems no one except in Washington even praises him or happy about anything he dies. Who voted for him when Trumps rallies were tens of thousands. Think they just showed up and voted Biden? I don’t

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