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Pawn Stars: SUPER RARE WWII Code Breaking Machine (Season 8) | History


We have a World War II German Enigma coding machine An Enigma

These are amazing I've seen pictures of them I've read about them I've never actually seen one in person I mean, this thing was responsible for the rise and the fall of the entire German war machine

Where in the world did you get this? My father and I have an Enigma museum, and we treasure hunt This thing won't make me understand women, will it? That's an enigma [laughs] During World War II, if a German commander wanted to send a secret message to his troops out in the field, this is what he used And the Germans thought this machine was completely unbreakable I'm surprised any of them survived

Not many did There are three that I know of in the United States on display right now One is at a science museum in Chicago One is at the NSA's crypto museum in Washington And one is at the International Spy Museum

At the end of the war, they would destroy these in the field, rather than let them fall into the hands of the enemy So more often than not, they are in horrendous condition Now, this one right here, I mean, you actually found it intact? No, this machine has parts that have been replaced OK, so these are extra rotors That's a reproduction box with two rotors

OK This thing is so incredibly cool Cracking the Enigma code was one of the top projects of World War II It took years to do it But in the end, it did save millions of lives

I really want this thing, but I've never had one in my shop I need someone to look at it I'm out of my league here And how much do you want for it? $149,300 That's an odd number

I think it's a fair price My big problem is, I've seen them sell for $200,000 I've seen them sell for $30,000, and you look at them, they all look the same So I'm going to call in a friend who knows a little bit more than I do about these things and see if he can figure it out – All right

– Hey What's up, man? Good to see you What do you got? A mystery wrapped in a riddle Yeah, it's an Enigma machine It's pretty cool

Coolest thing about these things is that they named it the Enigma Right, right That is cool If I had a dog, that's what I'd name him I do have a dog

He's an idiot [laughs] My name is Wil Willis I'm a former Army Ranger and Air Force para rescue man, and I specialize in military items The hardest part of being in the military for me was getting a haircut every week Nothing like having a baby slick head for four years makes you think that the hair is kind of nice

It's one of the coolest things that's ever been in the shop It really is Yeah, it is It is a really cool thing, and it's really significant when you talk about being able to encrypt your messages to your generals and your soldiers You know, having a machine like this that allows you to send those messages in secret is really a critical thing

And it was critical to us, the Allied Forces, to be able to decipher these messages And when we decrypted the machines, they shortened the war by two years Yeah This is like uber nerd cool It really is

Germany's foreign policy was to conquer the world during World War II So making them believe that their messages were encrypted in secret was critical towards winning that war in a shorter period of time So which parts were missing when you found it? The warning plate and the rotors OK Do we have matching serial numbers throughout? We do not

OK, so how many rotors match the machine itself? None OK A serial number wasn't what drove the process The rotor number was But the serial number drives price

OK All right I know the price of these things are all over the place Right The most expensive one went for over $200,000

We've got three matched rotors with serial numbers They don't match the machine itself The box doesn't have a serial number on it We've got a recreated box And considering what things have been selling for that are unrestored with matching serial numbers, I would price this at $70,000 all together

Well, I think my price is fair Yeah, because he was asking $149,300 Well, the most expensive one that ever sold was for $200,000, and that one was in a movie I think the more fair price is $70,000 for everything Mm

Well, thanks, man You got it I think that sellers get this perception that, like, I put in all this work It's worth way more than what it really is I'm going to go with Wil on this one

I'd give you 50 grand for it [music playing] I can't do that I mean, what is your lowest number? 115,000 We're way too far off We just are

Thanks for coming in Thank you All right This really sucks because the likelihood of another one coming in my shop is not good But we were over 60 grand apart, and that's way too much ground to even try and cover

But you know what? I really did want that thing

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