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Paul Rudd on 'Living With Yourself' & Joining the 'Ghostbusters' Franchise | MTV News


– You follow in a long line of great actors that have played multiple roles in a project I think of Lindsay Lohan

– By the way, great movie, and incredible job she did – Jean-Claude Van Damme has done it many times – The Van Damage – I think back to your friend on 'Friends', Lisa Kudrow She played twins

– That's right, she did – Did you go back to ask Lisa what it was like? – No, I didn't Part of the reason why I never talk to any of them is I don't have any of their phone numbers – Congratulations on the show, let's get that out of the way You made an excellent show

'Living With Yourself' is the new series It answers the question, what's better than one Paul Rudd? – I find that highly debatable – There's a lot to chew on as an actor for this What's the most unintended, or unanticipated challenge of something like this? I mean, you know the challenges going in, you're gonna essentially have to play a lot of scenes to yourself, a lot of technical stuff that goes into that – Well there's the, first off, the big challenge of that is how do you do it? And I went into it not really knowing exactly how I would go about doing it, and so I talked to other people who have done this kind of thing

I talked to Sam Rockwell who shot the movie 'Moon', where he's playing opposite himself And I came to the understanding that a lot of times actors will use scene partners, and then in the scene to film one character, and then they go around, they do the other But I didn't do that, I just kind of did it to air, to myself And I would record the lines, and I would act opposite my own voice, and imagine myself being there And then I'd flip around and do the other side

But there are other things that are challenging that are unanticipated One of the first is how we open the show, which is I come out of a grave in the woods And when I read this script I thought, "Oh that's a really striking kind of way to start this series" And I didn't quite really think through the practicalities, the actual process of shooting myself coming out of the ground And it was terrible

Terrible experience – No kidding, coming out of a grave in a diaper essentially? – Yeah, wearing a diaper, wrapped in a plastic bag, bursting out from a grave And it was very discombobulating, and stressful, and they had a straw, like a tube that went underground and was sticking out into the grave so that when I laid down in the open grave and they put dirt on top of me, I could breathe, otherwise I couldn't do it And some natural instinct in me, that we all have knows this is not right, this doesn't feel right and I should not be here And it was very nerve wracking

– This show deals with some pretty big existential questions Are you the kind of person that thinks about those things? Do you lose sleep thinking of like, "Am I living in a computer simulation?" – I've thought about that quite often actually, and have had really interesting conversations with professors and scientists about the possibility that we really are living in a computer simulation I find quantum physics, in a very rudimentary sense to be quite fascinating And I like to read up on it so much as I understand it It's a pretty heady topic

But when you talk to somebody who knows what they're talking about, and I did talk to several people who know what they're talking about when I was working on 'Ant Man', because we were going into this whole idea of quantum realms and things like this, some of these subjects such as look, we might be in a computer simulation, if anybody is in a computer simulation, they wouldn't know they were in a simulation All of these ideas of just parallels, and I find all of that really really fascinating – You also in this one have to act like you're having sex for the first time Your clone basically has sex for the first time – That's right

– Super challenging? – Yeah, it's always, anything to do with anything sexual is challenging The fact that it was my- playing a character that was kind of like the first time lent itself to some comedic moments, and Aisling Bea who plays Kate, the woman I'm acting opposite in the scene and in the show is so naturally funny that it did make it a little bit easier because we were able to kind of make some jokes and make it seem like we were not completely in sync, which is good, because it's a weird thing to have to do for your job – Yeah I know it doesn't feel like a natural act – It's not I mean it's a natural act

– It is a natural act (laughing) – In the grand scheme of things – Right, but not with the cameras, and for other people's enjoyment – Well that could be a natural act with he cameras too – That's true

– But you know, it depends on who you are and where those cameras are, what they're for – Okay, new topic – No let's talk about your sex tape, Josh That's what I'm trying to get at – I'm not asking for an answer, but I'm just curious, did you grow up, you must have grown up as a 'Ghostbusters' fan, you shot the new 'Ghostbusters' movie, you were about 15 when the first one came out, who did you identify with? Did you memorize that film when it came out? What's it like to be in the new one? – Loved 'Ghostbusters'

Oh my God I loved 'Ghostbusters' And I just finished working on this other version that comes out next year, and as a 'Ghostbusters' fan it was really exciting And I think 'Ghostbusters' fans will hopefully enjoy it and get something from it, and it very much exists in that world, so Even down to the director, Jason Reitman, who's a great filmmaker, but Ivan Reitman, his father, directed the original 'Ghostbusters' And so there was a family business kind of feel to it that I think enhanced and added to the proceedings

– I couldn't be more excited And last thing, it's the 25 year anniversary of 'Friends', is that a daily occurrence that you're called "crap bag?" – I don't get it every day, but there are moments when somebody will just go, "Hey crap bag," and it's in those moments that I just hope they're talking about 'Friends' – How do the kids respond when dad is called "crap bag" in their presence? – They say "Mom come on, leave him alone" – (laughing) That was a softball My crap bag always buddy

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