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Paranormal Cryptid and UFO news (zombies, aliens and giant birds)


So it’s time for one more Weekly information video On this video I check out zombie gastropods, one other step nearer to disclosure with a congressman penning a letter to the US navy requesting that inform all regarding the data they preserve hidden on UFOs we shut out with a cryptozoology story and what could possibly be the invention or rediscovery of a as soon as extinct species of large hen

Possibly the legends of the Thunderbird are actual So lets the get ball rolling with the zombie snail that has been taking the web by storm The video of the shelled horror has been doing the rounds on social media websites, the pulsating physique of the snail has been grossing many out The snail with its undulating inexperienced and orange worm crammed physique has reminded lots of simply how bizarre nature might be The video was first posted by Mike Inouye and it reveals an unlucky snail which has had its physique taken over by a parasitic flatworm

You’ll be able to see the parasite latched onto to the snails eye stalks and brought over its motor capabilities The parasite is named Leucochloridium and is a kind of flatworm that when it invades a number it takes management of the contaminated animals actions it then proceeds to imitate the actions of a caterpillar this with the intention of attracting a hen in order that mentioned hen will devour the snail can the reproduce contained in the hen earlier than its younger are handed by the hen prepared to start out the cycle once more This flatworm species is mostly discovered within the forest of northern America and Europe, the worm is understood to contaminate different species of animal reminiscent of birds and is often present in sparrows, crows and finches This isn’t the one zombie created by Mom Nature there are variety of different parasites which function in the identical approach These mini bio terrorist hijack a number physique and manipulate the hosts conduct to the good thing about the parasite and infrequently the demise of the host

Let’s check out a number of of those mini- terrors and see simply what they’re able to First up are the Net-Slinging Wasps Females of the Costa Rican wasp Hymenoepimecis argyraphaga lay their eggs on the abdomens of unfortunate orb spiders referred to as Plesiometa argyra As soon as the eggs have hatched they spend a lot of weeks feeding off their host when nearing full development they inject spider with a chemical this chemical forces the spider to construct a brand new internet an internet of a design which the spider wouldn’t usually weave This new internet has been constructed to supply a cocoon to the maturing wasp larva and earlier than they transfer in they devour their arachnid slave

Subsequent up is creature that’s typically related to being hardy and is so powerful to kill it’s mentioned it might survive a nuclear conflict, the cock roach So what might make this already repulsive creature worse? How about Zombified Cockroaches? The cockroach’s worst day begins when a feminine jewel wasp chooses to breed, she hunts down a cockroach to behave as a residing nursery for her off spring First the wasp injects a paralyzing toxin into this renders its entrance legs unusable Then the she strikes once more this time in to the roach's head The toxin that’s injected into the top of the roach latches onto the a part of the insect’s mind that’s chargeable for its motion

From the second of the primary chunk the cockroach is now not in charge of its physique the wasp then grabs the antenna and guides the roach to a burrow, that is the place the wasp will lay her egg on the sufferer and entomb them collectively The cockroach is slowly consumed by the wasp larva over a number of days In one other case of a parasite resembling a creature from horror film we discover thoughts controlling slime balls This flatworm lives within the livers of grazing mammals such sheep and cattle right here it doesn’t trigger any main well being issues, it’s as soon as once more when it needs to breed that the hideous cycle begins The flatworm’s eggs are excreted within the host's feces, they’re then consumed by snails

After a brief incubation the eggs hatch contained in the snail, the snail’s physique creates protecting cysts across the parasites the snails then coughs them up in balls of mucus Within the subsequent step of the cycle these fluke-laden slime balls are eaten by ants When the flukes wiggle their approach into an ant's mind, they trigger the insect to climb to the tip of a blade of grass and sit immobile, the place it's almost certainly to be eaten by a grazing mammal This completes the reproductive cycle with the younger flukes now being inside a number animal’s liver One other bizarre fluke causes Fish to Dance to their Dying! This fluke worm begins its life in an ocean-dwelling horn snail, the place it produces larvae that earlier than it goes seeking its subsequent host, a killifish

When the parasite has discovered a fish it enters the mind of the fish via its gills, it’s at this level the fish loses management Its physique is flooded by dopamine and it serotonin ranges lower, this managed by the fluke Because of this unbalance in mind chemistry the fish behaves erratically swimming in approach that makes it appeal to predatory birds They eat the unlucky fish and in flip return eggs to the oceans to be eaten by snail of their droppings As people we don’t escape these mind invaders there are various parasites that may infect and alter our conduct if you need to see that lined in a video let me know within the feedback

THE NEXT STORY is a few breaking UFO NEWS But once more the transfer towards full disclosure seems to be prefer it sis constructing momentum with a Congressman Searching for Solutions from the Division of Protection and disclosure of what they’ve discovered of their UFO Endeavors Ufology has develop into a little bit of a scorching matter in Washington DC, and the newest information is {that a} congressman has written a letter to the Secretary of the Navy formally asking the navy department what they learn about UFOs

A letter penned by Home Consultant Mark Walker of North Carolina, a member of the Home Committee on Homeland Safety and a rating member of the Subcommittee on Intelligence and Counterterrorism was addressed to Secretary of the US Navy Richard Spencer It reads; “In current days, Members of Congress and the general public have seen press stories concerning unidentified aerial phenomenon (UAP) partaking with our encountering our naval aviators” “The stories point out the existence of those encounters each domestically and overseas throughout numerous missions and trainings

We have now additionally seen statements made by the Division of Protection concerning steps taken by the Navy to draft new pointers for aviators to report these occurrences” The navy themselves commented on the UFO phenomena “There have been a lot of stories of unauthorized and/or unidentified plane getting into numerous military-controlled ranges and designated air area in recent times,” the Navy advised Politico “For security and safety issues, the Navy and the [US

Air Force] takes these stories very critically and investigates each report” “If these accounts are true,” the letter continues “The unidentified craft might pose a critical safety danger to our navy personnel and protection equipment” The capabilities displayed by these craft present that they’ve designed and constructed utilizing excessive advances in quantum mechanics, nuclear science, electromagnetic, and thermodynamics” The Conflict Zone, a protection and aviation part of the expertise information web site The Drive, lined controversial patents concerning theoretical aviation applied sciences submitted by an engineer on the Naval Air Warfare Middle Plane Division (NAWCAD)

They notice that the expertise in these patents “sound eerily much like the UFOs reported by Navy pilots in now well-known encounters” This concept of again engineered alien expertise has lengthy been a principle that ufologist have cited as a motive that the protection companies need to preserve the topic secret The Chief Technical Officer (CTO) of the Naval Aviation Enterprise wrote a letter to defend the expertise “claiming that the US wants the patents because the Chinese language are already ‘investing considerably’ in the identical such aerospace applied sciences

” He goes on to say; “Moreover, there have been stories of great investments in superior aerospace applied sciences just like the recorded UAP encounters by China” Walker additionally requested a second query in his letter, and that was if “the Division discovered bodily proof or in any other case that substantiates these claims?” The ultimate query posed by the congressman: “Does the Division have any data concerning non-public firms or international nations who’ve made vital developments in aero physics?” Walker ends the letter stating that these questions are “important to nationwide safety and scientific analysis and of great public curiosity” Closing out the video we have now a cryptozoologal story with the recognizing of what’s claimed to be a large Extinct Prehistoric Chook Noticed in Arizona The story begins with a 38-year-old girl in Maricopa County who says she noticed a hen that’s believed to have gone extinct some three million years in the past The eyewitness, an avid ornithologists offered an in depth description and placement for the large creature however requested to stay nameless, when speaking with Cryptozoology Information

She tells of how on a Saturday she was driving residence when she was stunned to see the purported hen She advised story saying; “I used to be driving north on a six-lane highway, (location omitted for privateness causes) I used to be coming from the grocery retailer, I noticed a particularly giant hen flying very low It was on the identical aspect of the highway, however getting into the wrong way of visitors, heading south The wingspan took up three lanes of the visitors

” The witness swears that the avian cryptid had a wingspan over 20 ft She mentioned; “The hen was a brownish gray colour It was mild coloured I’m a hen lover and infrequently go into nature with my binoculars to discover birds I like birds and I do know what cranes, eagles and hawks appear to be

This resembled a crane, longer neck, however the wings had been huge It was flying so low I used to be involved it might fly right into a automotive however it simply stored hovering,” She went on so as to add that she didn’t have sufficient time to seize her cellphone and snap footage and that she was unable to cease in the midst of the lane for worry of inflicting a collision “In retrospective although, I want I had completed a U-turn adopted it I remorse not considering that on the time” The Arizona girl mentioned that the hen seemed like one thing which didn’t belong within the space and that after researching what she had seen on-line, it discovered that it seemed much like the Oligocene dinosaur Paligonris Sandersi

“It seemed and felt prefer it was prehistoric When I discovered the illustrations of that hen it seemed virtually precisely like that” That is simply the newest in a collection of witness stories of large flying creatures, eight months in the past, a lady in Pennsylvania claimed to see the same hen Again In July of 2015, two folks in Nevada mentioned they noticed a creature that reminded them of a pterosaur, a flying reptile believed to have gone extinct about 65 million years in the past Two weeks later, a minister and her daughter claimed to have seen an unidentified flying creature that once more seemed prefer it was “straight out of Jurassic Park”

Dwelling pterosaurs and thunderbirds are creatures which I’ve checked out earlier than right here on the channel try the hyperlinks above So what are your ideas on these tales, had you learn them already? Are there some other information tales you want to see me cowl right here on the channel In that case let me know within the feedback under Don’t overlook the giveaway is nearly coming to an finish in order for you an opportunity to win a free shirt, hit that like button feedback and don’t overlook to offer me a observe on the previous twitter As at all times…………………………………………………………………………………………

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