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Oscar hears Lily's conversation with Juan | FPJ's Ang Probinsyano (With Eng Subs)


If Cardo lays a finger on my daughter, his life won't be enough as payment Art, don't worry

We'll find your daughter Who are you sending? Juan? Madam, with all due respect, I don't trust your right-hand man With all his elaborate planning, Dalisay still managed to escape And to top it off, he fled with my daughter Okay

I won't send him I'll send the entire police force to capture Cardo and save your daughter My daughter might get hurt Madam, if Clarice weren't involved, I'd send all the men at my disposal to crush Cardo in whatever means necessary But I have to secure my daughter first! [PHONE RINGING] Madam

Your plan failed Cardo escaped again Don't worry I'm not through with him He'll be dead soon

Wow! And you think I'll still believe you? You're lucky you're good for my business I still have need of you Give this one to me, ma'am Give me another chance I'll kill Cardo for sure

Enough Just deal with our business partners Close our drug deal Am I understood? Lily, you might be forgetting, I'm not a kid who takes orders from anyone I let you slip once

It's just that I still have need of you, that's why I'm following your orders But you can't stop me from getting even with Dalisay [SUSPENSEFUL MUSIC PLAYS] Who would put a hit on you? I don't know yet But General Olegario informed me about Lily and Judge Padua's plan to kill Grandpa Delfin What did you say? Why would my dad do that? He would never harm anyone, Cardo! You're mistaken! Clarice, we're not sure yet

That's why we need to wait for General Olegario Lord, please guide Dalisay Don't let anything bad happen to him

Source: Youtube

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