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One Foot Theme /w Spin (Soul Mavericks) | BREAK ADVICE


Hey Bboy Spin from the Soul Mavericks team is with you and this is the 'Break Advice' project

Today I will talk about how to make an exit using some kind of theme You can often see this – dancers going out using only one hand Either keeping your head on the floor for the whole round, or creating a thread from the thread The topic I'm going to talk about today is how to do everything using just one leg First you need to understand what movements I can perform using only one leg

One of the movements I already knew was '4-Step Hops' on one leg It was only partially on one leg, so I had to add rotation to get it completely on one leg This was the first move The second movement is the '3-Step' variation We also add rotation

This is how it looks I can also do this movement in two directions And now I already have 3 movements – in general, this is enough to make a small exit You can also add something from the move through one leg, for example 'swipes' And, of course, you need an ending for your round

I just have one combination with a frieze, which I do through one leg Now I have enough movement to do a whole round using only one leg For those who did not have time to catch what I was doing, I will show slowly I did everything through my right leg Let's start with '3-Step'

We lead the right leg back to the corner Now to the opposite corner The left leg helps with balance and the right leg flexes And I start all over again The second movement was the same, but in the opposite direction – I stopped in the corner and went in the opposite direction

In my lesson, I touched on only one aspect – this is the exit using one leg You can go out on one arm, elbow, shoulder or hand in pockets and so on Keep your legs together, or do everything through your knees There are a huge number of similar topics And the concept doesn't have to be about using any part of the body – the idea behind the movement is important

You can use only threading or move like an old man, or vice versa like a child Lots of ideas Concepts are a great way to develop your creativity so that you have variation not just in movement, but in the way you present your break This is a way to expand your horizons Spin from Soul Mavericks was with you on 'Break Advice'

Source: Youtube

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