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On The Record w/ BROCKHAMPTON | MTV Push


– I don't really try to stay true to my roots I just am, sorry

(R&B music) – What's up, we're Brockhampton and we're gonna answer some questions based off the titles of our tracks Like this right here, huh What's your favorite on tour snack? – My favorite snack on tour, I like yogurt (laughing) – I've never seen you eat yogurt in my life – I like grapes

– Grapes are fire – That's pretty good – That was good – I'm a go with grapes, too – Grapes, all right

How did Shia LaBeouf influence this album? We probably all got different answers, but for me, he just has changed my life in every way So, I'm just a different person 'cause of him He's made me a more confident person and made me trust my ideas more Try to understand people more and not just write stuff off so fast – I admire him and his work and who he is and how he carries himself

So that influenced me a lot on working on changing – I really like his empathy He'll stare you in the eyes and you have his, you have his 100% attention, and I just wanna do that in my life – His perspective on a lotta things is very inspiring – He was just a catalyst to a lotta people, being honest with themselves in different ways

– How do you stay true to your roots? – So I try to stay in contact with people I grew up with I try to sometimes go back home I try to listen to old music that I would listen to when I was a kid That's how I try to stay true to my roots – I try to call my family, call my mom, talk to them

I try to do it everyday Doesn't always happen, but that's what I try – Stay hungry Pretend like I'm just a kid moving to Los Angeles, wanting to play the hippest music of the times – I don't really try to stay true to my roots

I just am, sorry – What's it like making music with friends? – The best thing in the world – Do you guys agree? – Yeah – Let's move on What are your 2020 goals? My 2020 goal is I just wanna make better stuff, more stuff, stay creative, stay healthy

– I wanted to do all that you just said and I wanna learn how to make catfish really good – Yeah, I wanna learn how to cook I gotta get my driver's license I stop taking my classes I got on the highway and I just stopped

Get a therapist MTV, thank you for watching us, man This has been a pleasure It's been a great time (mellow music)

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