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On the 'Clueless' Set (1995) | You Had To Be There | MTV Vault


– [Interviewer] I understand that today, you're doing a scene where it was very physical as far as doing, I don't know what it was- – [Actress] Oh, I fell off the bed – [Interviewer] OK

Is doing that kind of comedy hard, is that challenging? – It was hard for me to do just because I got a really bad headache and I have a bad neck from all those Aerosmith videos – [Director] Roll please (cheerful background music) 108 Charlie take five – [Interviewer] Is it tough being, you know, the center of attention, the star of the movie? – Yeah 'cause nobody treats me like it (laughs) Nobody on this movie has so far

And I don't want any kind of a star treatment, but this is a very light film And I've only done, this is my first comedy, and I've done eight other films which were all really dramatic and really serious And each character is so different, and this character is, like, this wild, you know, not wild, but this really hip, young girl who's so high in fashion and so intelligent but so shallow in a way and she's the opposite

If you listed all the things that Alicia is, and then listed all the things that Cher is not one of 'em will cross, maybe except for the heart – [Interviewer] But this character has so much together Why is the name of the movie 'Clueless?' – Well, everyone, because we're Well, my interpretation, I'm sure everyone's is different, but my interpretation is that what I want kids to get out of it is that I mean, all this makeup and all this, you know, facade we all put on and all this behavior, it's crap It's just, it's not real

Bottom line is your heart's what's important and we're really taking extreme with this film and making it so over the top I mean, I wouldn't go anywhere without my cellular phone, my beeper, my makeup case, and I don't need any school books, you know, 'cause that's not important, you know what I mean? She's being so, we're all so clueless in that sense and we're just running our little lives but eventually Cher learns about her life and she realizes that there is more to it – [Interviewer] The fact that, you know, you're saying that there's so many decadent things, there's so much that's wrong with, you know, being the person running around with the cellular phone, actin' all fly, why did you decide to do this movie? – Well, good point I wanted to do this movie because it's a comedy and I wanted to try it And I think the script is so brilliantly written

I mean, if I can say one thing about Amy Heckerling, she is such an intelligent writer – When I wrote this, I was thinking, imagine a world where everybody was rich and everybody looked really nice, and the main problem was what were you going to wear, and it's this teen paradise, which I wanted to capture, which is more a version of what was in my head when I was a kid of, like, you know, someday when I'm a teenager and I get to wear these outfits and I go on dates and it'll be wonderful and fun So I just wanted to make up this crazed world where that was taken to the limit 'Clueless' is an adjective used to describe somebody who doesn't know what's going on Actually, I first heard it when my baby had a babysitter and she would just giggle endlessly over anything on TV and tell me how clueless everybody was

And I just really loved the word 'cause it fits so many situations and people It's not negative in that's it's not saying stupid It's not saying lazy, it's not saying anything negative It's just saying, "If you had a clue, then everything would be fine but you're currently without one" – [Interviewer] What's the central message on this film? Is it for this generation to get a clue? – It's, you know, that everybody should be nice and kind to each other and the world would be a better place

– It's so, it's on a thin line I mean, it could either be a real, you know people could take it all wrong and it could not be good or it could really be great

And I think it will be really great

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