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'On My Block' Cast on Learning From Their Characters | MTV News


– Hi, we're the cast of 'On My Block,' and these are the top 5 things we learned from our characters – I'd have to say that I've learned that the most important thing is family and the friendships that you cultivate over the years

The ones that truly mean something to you I feel like over time because they go through so many obstacles and they share in so many things So, regardless of what you're going through, those two things will get you through whatever – I would have to say, something that I've learned over the course of playing Cesar on 'On My Block' is to stay resilient through the hard times, to always push through and never let your circumstances get the best of you And to stay hopeful, and keep dreaming, and keep pushing

– [Jason] Ruby's been a challenger against fear So, I think I've learned most from Ruby is to put aside all the fears When I go into places, I'm like, I kinda have like social anxiety sometimes So like, that whole Ruby factor, I'm just like, "Y'all like forget it, just do it" – I think from Jamal I learned, I think also something about fear

And, more so, how you can sometimes fear yourself when you don't know how far you can go, and the lengths that you can go to succeed And so sometimes, just in my personal life, have my own doubts or I'd feel myself looking outward for validation And I think through Jamal, as, you know, the seasons go, he's getting more and more confident, not caring as much what people think, and you know, if they believe him, and how important it is for him to believe in himself So, I'd say for me, just knocking down those walls of self-doubt for me – And finally, what I've learned most about Jasmine, and I've learned from Jasmine, is just to be unapologetically who you are, and to never ever doubt yourself, and to know that there's only one you, so you should be whoever that is, and be your number one fan

I've learned a lot of that from her, 'cause she's awesome

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