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Oliver Tree's 5 Favorite Music Videos of His Own Work | MTV News


– Well, to tell you the truth, this is my last and final album So, what will happen is, as soon as this one comes out, I'm gonna be officially retiring from music and focusing on film

I'm gonna totally segue over and be creating feature films I'm done with all this music stuff It worked well to get me launched, but right now it's not working for me And it's time for me to separate myself from the music industry and pursue my dreams as a filmmaker What's up, this is Oliver Tree and today I'm gonna be ranking my top five music videos that were directed by myself

So, one of my favorite music videos of all time would have to be my music video for "Cash Machine" That music video cost me an arm and a leg It made it so my record label did not want to invest into any more big scale music videos, so it completely screwed me But, I will say it's one of my favorite music videos of all time I spent over a year working on the stunts for this thing

I learned how to do back flips and 360s on jet skis Now, I have a background in scootering, so I'm familiar with body varials and rotations But, learning how to get a vehicle that's this heavy to actually rotate off the wake took quite a bit of practice and learning, so I spent a year practicing that, as well as learning how to do stunts on a water jet pack The water jet packs are pretty easy to ride, but to actually learn how to do stunts and to maneuver your body and to do some of the things I did, such as walking on water, that is very technical minutiae The next one I'd like to talk about is my music video for the song "Hurt

" That music video was something that was extremely grandiose I had to jump off a 10-story building I also had an army tank come and blew my head off with VFX There was also a hearse that I drove with my own body in the back I also crucified myself to a 20-foot-tall Razor scooter

That video, I will say, was very expensive It was my second most expensive video to date, it ended up costing, roughly, just a little bit over a million dollars I had to trick a lot of people at my record label to get the money So, the next one I want to talk about is my two-part music video for "All That x Alien Boy" Now, that was my first music video I made as Oliver Tree

It was a big turning point, it was my first big scale production I spent six months learning how to jump monster trucks at the Paris Auto Speedway The one thing I really love about this video is it showcases me as a professional scooter rider, you get to see some of my moves I have a lot of videos with a lot of stunts This is the only video that I have so far that showcases my ability as a professional scooter rider

So, one of my other favorite music videos would be "Miracle Man" music video Now, this video was a bit of a disaster, the whole production had collapsed in on itself There was a few different instances where I found out my producer had been taking money from the production and actually putting it into his own bank account, and not putting it back into the production in any capacity My lawyer has asked me to not say anything more than that What I will say is, it's been a bit of a legal disaster

I believe that the production value of the "Miracle Man" video suffered due to lack of due diligence on the producer's behalf And the last video to round out my top five music videos would have to be the video for my song, (beep) And that video was just fun to make I was on my way to Europe, I only had 24 hours to put together an idea I said, "(beep) it, let's just destroy my bedroom

" So, I just– Literally, I left everything as it was I had a chainsaw, a bat with nails through it, I had a samurai sword, nunchucks The last thing I'll say on that video is, my mom was super pissed she had to clean it up I left the country immediately And next time, I will never do that to her again

I would never have her clean up the mess So, I want to say thank you to my mother, and also my dad and my brother for all the support Thank you

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