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Obama On ‘False Narrative’ Of 2020 Election, Voter Suppression Efforts



  1. Why is this dude still in the picture ? Your time for president is way over. Why are you still trying to be relevant some how ?

  2. Obama's CIA commissioned regime change operation in Syria, in violation of International Law as well as the UN Charter. (Operation "Timber Sycamore" 2012-2017)

  3. Voter suppression! Like requiring a person to provide proof of being a citizen and being alive. What an absurdity!

  4. Republicans are trying to rig future elections, and covering it up by saying the dems rigged it!

  5. The rats are panicking! There is good reason to believe that President Obama siphoned off (stole) nearly 900 million dollars from the pallets of cash that he sent to Iran and used it to fund U.S. policy and election interference. Maria Za_k is all over this story, and the Italian government is investigating.

  6. Except that there are terabytes of captured data from the election that prove the exact opposite of what the corrupt former President alleges. Yes, we've got it all, including irrefutable statistical evidence of computer algori_ _ _ s used in every state to distribute the "oats" amongst various age groups. Thank you, Dr. Fr_nk!!!

  7. They should cut out the middle man and just have the local Republican Party decide who wins elections. That is what they are trying for. Half the public will not even comprehend.

  8. Sydney Powell herself says nobody with normal intelligence would believe what she says! Well, Republicans do!

  9. I'm here for the Obama whiners. They complain about TDS but have been whining about Obama for over a decade and counting.

  10. I'm a Democrat and I voted for him both times but I truly wish Obama would just keep a low profile like all the sane presidents do.

  11. Obama please go away. Our country has had enough of you and your lame ideas!!!! Funny, how you didn't see anything wrong with the rioting, burning and looting that went on all throughout the USA in 2020. Please just shut up!

  12. Having ID isn't a problem. There are millions of people in the US so there will be mistakes but they will be few and it has always been the case. There will be some people who vote and may die before their ballot is counted due to old age or of a wreck etc as well. Bottom line is 7 million more people voted for Biden. It wasn't just a few 100,000 more… It was 7 MILLION. There was no cheating. Cheating and manipulation came in when trump put who he wanted as head of the postal service and then removed a lot of the drop off mailboxes making it harder for mail in voters because he KNEW that the people that believed that Covid was real was voting Democratic. The republicans are twisting the system so that they can cheat to win even though we have used the same system for decades and decades and the republicans have won elections in the past. What about Jan 6??? The people of this country have spoken clearly and they did NOT want what was going on in the White House to continue. The only way the republicans will get back in at this point is to cheat and they know it.

  13. A classy, well spoken President, and good intention but lack of positive result in his policies. The “lunatic orange man” who couldn’t even finish a proper sentence did a better job. Life is twisted 🤷‍♀️

  14. Then once the Election is Proven to be a Sham Barack should be the first one in a Prison cell we know Biden lost

  15. Why are dems ignoring subpoenas in Arizona why are they fighting at every step resisting showing ballots.. checking names and so much more.. if I'm accused of something and am innocent I have nothing to hide.. look at other news sources th as n these liars

  16. I know I didnt vote for racist joe.. doubt it ask commie about her claims in first debate

  17. This fool does not even know how to hide his lies, so he lies between his "white" teeth. blm and black panthers say shoot at anything white.

  18. "For all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God." Romans 3:23 ADMIT THAT YOU'RE A SINNER. This is where that godly sorrow leads to genuine repentance for sinning against the righteous God and there is a change of heart, we change our mind and God changes our hearts and regenerates us from the inside out.
    "But God commended His love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us." Romans 5:8 BELIEVE IN YOUR HEART THAT JESUS CHRIST DIED FOR YOUR SINS, WAS BURIED, AND THAT GOD RAISED JESUS FROM THE DEAD. Believe in your heart that Jesus Christ died for your sins, was buried, and that God raised Jesus from the dead. This is trusting with all of your heart that Jesus Christ is who he said he was.
    "For whosoever shall call on the name of the Lord shall be saved." Romans 10:13 CALL UPON THE NAME OF THE LORD. This is trusting with all of your heart that Jesus Christ is who he said he was. Every single person who ever lived since Adam will bend their knee and confess with their mouth that Jesus Christ is Lord, the Lord of Lords and the King of Kings.

  19. They really never discuss into detail what these bills are supposed to do huh. (Pushing misinformation)

  20. Your a good man mister president. I voted for you twice. You aged a lot. I can understand the stress of the job. Thank you for all you did for this country. Live in peace.

  21. He is phonier then 3 dollar bill. Your race baiting causes billions in damage and your worried about a couple broken windows? Infriggensanity! Although this is calculated evil by the globalist CCP controlled "left". Notice how he calls corporations to get involved. That is because he knows we are under a new tyranny which is big tech and big biz and CCP at top. BTW, can you imagine the CCP/CIA controlled media if obama was cut out from twitter, facebook, instagram etc.. They would encourage rioters! Oh how people embrace tryanny:(

  22. Let it sink in that our MSM, big tech, and big corp have all co conspirated against President Trump and still do while giving people like obama full show??? Let that sink in . Yes, this is what is left of USA. this is actually happening in USA! CENSORING A PRESIDENT!! Suppression of speech of our own president. I still have hard time believing it! Folks i would freak out if they supressed obama too, even though i dont agree with his ideologies he still deserves to have right to free speech!

  23. Thank you youtube for still allowing comments. Yahoo and most MSM news sites no longer allow commenting with excuse of keeping "safe" zones. If safe zones equal no freedom of speech, are they really safe????..

  24. Barack JESUS CHRIST of Nazareth is The Lord GOD ALMIGHTY the Great I AM He Is The Only TRUTH and the Government sets on his shoulders

  25. Isaiah 9:6-8
    [6]For unto us a child is born, unto us a son is given: and the government shall be upon his shoulder: and his name shall be called Wonderful, Counsellor, The mighty God, The everlasting Father, The Prince of Peace.
    [7]Of the increase of his government and peace there shall be no end, upon the throne of David, and upon his kingdom, to order it, and to establish it with judgment and with justice from henceforth even for ever. The zeal of the LORD of hosts will perform this.
    [8]The Lord sent a word into Jacob, and it hath lighted upon Israel.

  26. Obama was the one who divided the races.
    We were all coming together as a nation until he became president.
    We all work side by side we all lived side by side our children went to school together and played together after school.
    And I'm not talking every single neighborhood out there but it's getting that way or it was.
    Now look at what the Democrats have done they're burning our cities and killing the civilians.
    They filled once decent cities full of homeless and poverty stricken people you can't go anywhere without tents and fecal matter on the streets and sidewalks and playgrounds syringes everywhere.
    They destroyed our economy then Trump rebuilt it and they destroyed it again all in the name of their power.
    May God help us.
    🙏 4 🇺🇸…

  27. Obama sir …God is watching and you..you will have no choice but to say what God wants you to say…you have had your warning to do the right thing but your in too deep…to expose the truth would be to expose your self..Our military will be swift…just ask all the deep state actors who've been arrested….before and since Trump took office there have been more exposures and arrest for Child trafficking in Trump's 4 years than all presidents combined..We the people love America and God's vengence will be filled…Our children are precious and protected…not only by law…but morality…God is sick of both sides dems and rep
    ..Thats why the Patriot party under the guise of Gop..republicans ..even some democrats have jumped ship…to for this very conservitive

  28. You know when you go to "The White House" at YouTube and cant leave Comments, it proves the Democratic Party cant handle criticism they can only hide it.

  29. Obama quit virtue signaling your into pacifying and funding terrorists we haven’t forgot about operation fast and furious and the Haitian people exploited after the hurricane by Clinton foundation under your watch not to mention Ben gazi investigation of our allies Merckal and Macron and under funding for Black colleges your administration was a blunder for eight years! Why are you talking?

  30. Just found out that thousands of absentee ballots were sent in from a few colleges in California (university of Santa Barbara), all with the same address (the college dorms address). Weird part is, the dorms and schools were closed due to covid-19. I thought maybe the colleges sent them out to those students at first… but, apparently that is considered a felony. I feel like someone, somewhere, needs find out if that's true. And make sure it doesn't happen again. Hmm… how would that be done? By way of audit maybe?? 🤔 Interesting.

  31. Miss You Obama 😘 You Have Beautiful Daughters And Beautiful Wife. And Your Daughters Have The Best Bringing Up.

  32. Maybe you should admit something wasn’t exactly right with the last election. There was even a forensic audit report that proved it in at least one county in Michigan which unfortunately gives the republicans some basis for their claims. Maybe if people would listen to them they wouldn’t get so violent. At least that’s what one protester at a BLM riot said. The double standard really is incredible

  33. You there
    Suppose a pluton Iraqi soldier dressed in uniform come to let us say San Diego, what are you going to do them?… Inviting them to the dinner?… I repeat, dressed in uniform and heavily armed with all sorts of weapons.

  34. Pres. Obama makes sense here. What I cannot understand is how can the Republicans not be called out to provide proof that the election was stolen? All these crazy attempts to change the laws relative to how we count the votes and then some are based on the idea that the election was fraudulent, but it has been proven that it wasn't. We are all missing the most important thing – the lack of proof or evidence that the election was fraudulent. All the rest of it is moot beyond this.

  35. Instead of ruining a great free country . Why dont the Muslim Milk Dud and his cult move to a Socialist country like Cuba ?

  36. Here we have a carefully planned put together beautiful propaganda script.

    Laughable bulsh!t from Obama & the MSM NBC in another word.

  37. How in the #$&+ does having an i.d. constitute voter suppression ?
    Nice try flap Jack 🎃

  38. Many topics point to voter fraud by dems , not just a few , but many . Even the zuckerburg was implicated .

  39. You are one man/women we don't need to here from you didn't do us any good when you was president and your not doing good now you need to go home and stay out of things that are happening you are causing most of the s!!! Anyway so go home be Silent

  40. Why do you have such a lot to say these days, Obama! You are a has been that never was!

  41. The false narrative is Mr Obama's. There were issues with the election that need to be audited so we can determine how to protect against them in the future and whether or not one way or the other it affected the outcome. Given the controversy and citizen concern about the election such an independent forensic audit (these are not recounts) is a prudent thing to do. Anyone who questions it needs to have their motivations questioned, including Mr Obama.
    The voter laws being put in place in reality make voting easier and cheating harder anyone who argues with that also needs to have their motivations question including Mr Obama. HR1 & S1 are nothing more than legalized voter fraud to benefit the Democratic party which intends to be in power in perpetuity based on those bills. Thank God reasonable Democrats are pushing back as well as conservatives. My opinion

  42. Why has Obama looks so much like Fauci, even their lips moving in same manner. Sad zombies trying to lie, but pointless. They sure have one thing in common, the CCP virus crime against humanity.

  43. The "pandemic" rules that were supposed to be put in place only for this last election, worked in the Democrats favor and they want to keep those rules in place. It is EXREMELY obvious that those rules make elections less secure and harder to ensure the integrity of the results. The Republicans want to ensure the integrity of elections. And the only "false narrative" being pushed is this insane idea by people like Obama that the GOP is trying to suppress the minority vote. The Republican politicians keep asking "how are we trying to suppress the minority vote? It is you Democrats that have the racist attitude if you think minorities don't possess government issued identification cards?" The Democrats never answer that. They just keep saying over and over that the GOP is exhibiting "dangerous behavior". The way they keep pointing back to January 6th as their excuse to set up a one party system of government is the true "dangerous behavior".

  44. Rigging the game is not a fair competition, just think of all those petitions our Governor's had to summit to the Senate to Stop the Abuse of power from the Demorates, Barak Obama didn't stop to think or see ,it was also affecting his children, he needs to start thinking of how it's going to affect the young people and their future.

  45. The media covered up what a terrible president Obama was….Trump exposed him to the world and he knows it

  46. When a white woman such as Chelsea Handler is telling a black man such as Curtis "50cent" Jackson that he cant cant vote because he is black for a certain person, I'm pretty sure there was some voter oppression going on, Biden stating that "if you dont vote for me then you ain't black" is voter oppression, all you nitwits did it anyways

  47. Imagine Americans disturbed by Marxism! Obama’s constant hyperbole is exhausting. The riots of Jan 6th infuriated most Americans but it didn’t compare to the riots all year in our cities. The African American community was battered by the riots & Obama should call it out. You started the great divide in this country

  48. I am a Centrist looking at this Voter issue from an outsiders point of view, and from what I’ve seen voter integrity has now been politicized.
    Voter integrity should be a top priority, no matter what side you’re on.
    A valid voter ID SHOULD be required, it is just in every Country in the world, if the cost or availability is an issue to certain demographics we should focus and work on facilitating proper IDs to individuals in need, but certainly not associate having a valid ID as voter suppression or whatever other nonsense their saying.


  50. Wealthy Globalists like George Soros and the Rothchilds are evil and want
    to control the world and want to take all your rights away like your right
    to own guns and your right to free speach. Globalists are responsible
    for election fraud and the virus.Globalist also control the Democrats,
    Mainstream media, sports, Hollywood and social media. Globalists are
    responsible for election fraud and the virus. Globalists removed Trump
    because Trump wants the people of the world to have the power and
    freedom. Go to the website X22report.com for the truth. They have daily

  51. Obama 'embraise' your heritage from Africa! You grew-up in Africa – so stop telling people what to do or what not! You blacks hate our whites in Africa, because you are all racists. Now, you have a lot to say about everything! Shut-up! Go, and get a descent job and stay out of politics! You had 2 terms in the white house – what did you achieve? NOTHING!

  52. One of the most ignorant and divisive people in our country. His disgraced party claimed Russia stole the election for 4 years. Even after being proven false. Pathetic cult.

  53. Pushing to the light of day!!!! Good luck America!!!! (Do understand what I am saying?) Good luck!!! Peace

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