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NVIDIA’s new Defend TV wins the Android TV market with incredible 4K upscaling


NVIDIA has a brand new family of Android TV-essentially essentially based streaming devices, as tipped early through just a few leaks from on-line stores. The new NVIDIA Defend TV ($149) and Defend TV Professional ($199) substitute the existing Defend TV era of hardware, which debuted in 2017. Each and each new Shields offer new Tegra X1+ processors, which outperform the predecessor chip by about 25 p.c, and carry out that that you simply can presumably additionally imagine regarded as one of this Defend’s new highlight aspects: AI-powered 3K up-conversion for HD allege.

Each and each Defend TV and Defend TV Professional additionally enhance Dolby Imaginative and prescient HDR allege, as well to Dolby Atmos encompass sound. The differences between the two devices heart mainly round bodily create, with the Defend TV adopting a cylindrical tube create, and the Defend TV Professional taking a gaze more treasure its predecessor (in general a puny house-prime field carry out component). The Defend TV Professional additionally gets more RAM (3GB vs. 2GB), more storage (16GB vs 8GB) the ability to transcode 1080p streams when performing as a Plex Media Server, enhance for the SmartThings Link to flip it real into a SmartThings elegant house hub and evolved Android gaming enhance, along with two USB 3.0 ports.

Nvidia Shield TV 4I’ve been the verbalize of the Defend TV for round a week now, and this is no doubt a important upgrade for anyone taking a gaze to gain the correct that that you simply can presumably additionally imagine abilities readily accessible in an Android TV house theater utility. NVIDIA has clearly performed lots to see the market, study all the pieces that’s come out within the two years since it remaining updated this hardware, and shipping generational improvements that succor it stand out from the crowd in meaningful ways.

Android TV now ships on quite just a few elegant TVs, and there enjoy been many generations of Roku and Amazon Fireplace TV devices provided since we remaining noticed a brand new Defend from NVIDIA – all of which provides as a lot as desiring to truly carry out something special to quiz for $149.99 from patrons to put money into a brand new dedicated streaming media field. NVIDIA has constantly delivered quite just a few price for the upfront price of their streaming hardware, with consistent updates over the lifetime of the devices that add masses of new aspects and enhancements. However this new hardware packs in some very good aspects no longer that that you simply can presumably additionally imagine with utility on my own, and which are additionally unfamiliar while you look across the alternate choices readily accessible on this class.

AI Upscaling

Chief among the additions NVIDIA has made right here is the AI upscaling made that that you simply can presumably additionally imagine with the new Tegra X1+ chip. You enjoy heard of ‘upscaling’ sooner than, and that you simply can presumably even have confidence that your TV already handles that effectively. However what you perchance don’t know is that steadily allege from streaming media sources doesn’t surely gain upscaled by your TV, that manner whenever you’ve got a 4K make clear nonetheless are veritably staring at YouTube or other services with astronomical portions of non-4K allege, that you simply can presumably no longer be getting perchance the most out of your hardware.

NVIDIA has addressed this with on-utility 4K upscaling, which is powered by on-utility machine intelligence that has been educated on a deep neural network to flip both 720p and 1080p indicators into noteworthy sharper, 4K-similar photos. Having venerable this on a diversity of allege, along side media streamed from YouTube, non-4K Netflix allege and stuff from Plex, I’m in a position to attest to its ability to carry out visibly sharper photos that look nice, in particular on my LG C8-sequence OLED 4K TV.

The Defend TV’s tech is educated on celebrated motion photos and TV shows, and so does a remarkably factual job of guessing what the 4K version of the HD image it’s taking a stare upon may per chance aloof smartly look treasure. Brooding about that there’s a ton of allege accessible that hasn’t been made readily accessible in 4K, no topic now quite just a few TVs supporting that decision, it is a mountainous advantage for NVIDIA, and again particular person that they uniquely offer among their peers.

Dolby All the things

These new Shields additionally enhance Dolby Imaginative and prescient and Dolby Atmos, across more services than something accessible on the market straight away. These HDR and encompass sound modes truly carry out offer the correct audio-visual abilities that you simply can presumably additionally gain, provided you’ve got TVs and audio output gear that helps them, nonetheless what that you simply can presumably no longer know is that even on other streaming hardware that technically enhance these requirements, they may per chance no longer be supported across all services.

Defend TV helps Dolby Imaginative and prescient and Dolby Atmos across Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Disney+, Vudu and Movies Wherever, so that you simply needs to be getting perchance the most out of those technologies, too. I requested in regards to the upcoming Apple TV+ provider, which is rolling out to Roku devices, as an illustration, nonetheless NVIDIA didn’t enjoy any files to fragment factual yet – it does appear treasure it’s a factual recommendation to achieve tuned on that front, nonetheless.

Take care of AI Upscaling, Dolby enhance across all the pieces may per chance no longer appear treasure a mountainous competitive advantage, nonetheless it’s totally a decision tipping component for of us which are taking a gaze for the correct that that you simply can presumably additionally imagine A/V abilities in a condo streaming utility.

Sleek and Improved A ways off

Nvidia Shield TV 5NVIDIA is transport the new Defend TVs with a impress new redesigned far away within the sphere. There’s a dedicated ‘Netflix’ button, which is a pleasant touch, nonetheless the far away overall is factual an enchancment over both Defend remotes previous, and other competing remotes, in every manner. It’s powered by AAA batteries (included) and it has a brand new pyramid-formed body create that makes it less complicated and more pleasant to achieve shut.

There are additionally a whole bunch new buttons! Constructive, NVIDIA surely save buttons on their far away achieve shut an eye on – what a recent theory! Whereas the far faraway from the leisure era looked as if it would be adopting many of the questionable decisions Apple has long been making on their remotes, this one feels treasure it’s made with humans in mind, with dedicated play/end, succor, forward, volume and other buttons. A wealth of buttons.

This far away additionally has computerized backlighting, that may per chance aid you effectively when the verbalize of it in a darkened room. Thanks to the bulkier body create, it additionally stands on its end, and there’s a lost far away discovering function, too. Chalk up a prefer for human-centric create with this far away, it’s a pleasure to verbalize.

Simple bodily create

The create of the utility is no longer flashy, nonetheless it is sublime. There’s an Ethernet port, a vitality connector, an HDMI port and a micro SD card slot, dividing across both ends of the tube. This makes it perfect for inserting within the succor of a console or media bench, on the bottom or subsequent to your other vitality cables.

It aloof affords hardwired connectivity alternate choices whenever you carry out things treasure in-house sport streaming or GeForce NOW cloud gaming, and it affords expandable storage through the microSD slot.

Bottom Line

NVIDIA’s new Defend is a pleasant possibility for anyone taking a gaze for a versatile streaming utility, with entry to all of Google’s Play Store apps for Android TV, and enhance for perchance the most stylish AV requirements. It’s valid bonus advantage is that AI upscaling, nonetheless, which is something that NVIDIA is uniquely poised to carry out effectively, and which works a protracted manner in making that $149.99 price point appear treasure a tall price.


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