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Notable shift in entertainment industry over past decade is steady rise of Northeast Asian…


the past decade has seen a steady rise in the influence of pop culture from Northeast Asia led by kpop that's how CNN explained the shift in the global entertainment industry over the course of the 2010s adding that k-pops popularity is projected to continue into the 2020s kim eun-sun reports in 2019 the music videos of South Korean pop crews BTS and black Pink's smashed YouTube records while Paris I became the first-ever Korean movie to win the Palme d'Or at the Cannes Film Festival and then this film's director Putin who appeared on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon speaking mainly in Korean this is how Sienna describes notable shift in the entertainment industry over the past decade a steady rise in the influence of pop culture exports from Northeast Asia mainly led by South Korea in an article titled why the past decade saw the rise and rise of East Asian pop culture CNN explains that the center of the global entertainment industry which was dominated by Lady Gaga and the movie Avatar in 2009 has now shifted to Asia represented by South Korea and Japan it also pointed to the global influence of Psy's Gangnam style as well as the fact that top english-language fashion magazines like Vogue regularly feature k-beauty products experts say social media and the Internet have transformed the transnational flows of pop culture setting a report published by Korean think-tank the Hyundai Research Institute CNN also explained that k-pop group BTS inspired many tourists to visit the country the report also added that if the group maintains their popularity BTS will contribute an estimated 48 billion us

dollars to the South Korean economy by 2023 quoting experts CNN projected Tokyo and Seoul's cultural exports will continue to have an impact in the coming decade as well Kim you-sun Arirang news

Source: Youtube

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