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[Nizi Project] S1 #2-1


Experienced and talented (?) participants You aren't ready No artistic value

And some really talented ones! Some JYP trainees show their stuff Amazing! Will they pass the audition? I want to create an upgraded girl group The beginning of a new journey

while maintaining the color of JYP Entertainment to create a global girl group You were so bright and cheerful It was great

She's a fantastic dancer Of all the dancers we've seen, you're the best You've passed Erina Hanada Thank you! Rio Hanabashi Nina Hillman Ayane Marutani Akari Inoue So, who will we meet today? Sapporo The Sapporo audition venue JY

Park in Sapporo I wanna see people who are natural, healthy, and bright, just like Sapporo! I hope we find at least one from each city, and I think we will today! Reception begins at 10 AM I've only seen him on TV and in videos, so I'm nervous to meet him in person, but I'm looking forward to it What kind of talent will we find here? This participant has arrived late! She has unusual fashion sense What's she looking at? She was wandering around, but now it's her final screening! "I'm not used to auditioning, so I'm nervous" Suzu Ozaki Please call the first participant

Suzu Oh dear A bad omen!? Please introduce yourself I'm Suzu Ozaki, 18 I'm a freshman at university

According to this, you can speak a little Korean Only a little! Only a little! Could you try saying something? [in Korean] Hello My name is Suzu Ozaki [in Japanese] At university [in Korean] I study Korean at Sapporo University [in Korean] Nice to meet you I have a question What does the Korean word "jeon-gong" mean

in Japanese? "Chon-gon"? "Jeon-gong"! "Chon-gon"? For example, your "jeon-gong" is Korean It's turned into a quiz show! "Jeon-gong"? Oh! Does she know the answer? [in Korean] What is that? [in Korean] What is that? Throwing a question back in Korean! My major? Your major Your major is Korean

No, economics Korean is her minor! Your major is economics? Why haven't you pursued your dream of being a singer until now? Until the 3rd grade of high school, I didn't have any dreams

I was thinking of going to vocational school, but my parents objected So I took the entrance exam and started going to university I've loved to dance ever since elementary school I used to perform on stage with my little sister at the school festival and stuff So I'm here to show my dancing Her sister is here for moral support We're sisters

Have you studied formally? No So how do you practice? Imitating videos and so on? Yes And I also practice singing with my sister at home We boost each other up I can do it! I've never studied dance, So I'm still not 100% confident

Until my 2nd year at university, I never imagined I'd be a singer! Surprise So it's no problem 「BDZ」 by TWICE She seems quite nervous OK, that's fine He stops the music halfway through – Could you dance for me? – Sure

He then asks her to dance Bump 「24 hours」 by Sunmi That's fine Thank you – Are you nervous? – A little Which were you more nervous about, singing or dancing? I was less nervous when I was dancing

Yes, I thought so Yes, I thought so From the way you talk and sing, I didn't imagine you could seem so sexy Surprise Thank you! You just seemed to be nice and cheerful But when you danced, your eyes and expression

made you look so sexy, so I was very surprised! Your expression and eyes are really attractive Thank you! You have wonderful acting ability She never imagined that she'd have star quality You don't seem like the girl who just danced to 「24 hours」! Where has that girl gone? I'm right here! You still need work, but I can see you have star quality and potential I'd like to give you a chance

Come here, please Come here, please Huh? She can't believe she's passed! Come here, please For real? Congratulations Suzu Ozaki has qualified from Sapporo

Thank you! – See you in Tokyo – Yes Thank you Thank you She still can't believe it! [in Korean] Thank you

That was a surprise! Her dancing was so cool She has surprisingly beautiful form and long legs Suzu Ozaki has passed Fukuoka Reception has begun Meanwhile, J

Y Park is practicing at the keyboard What are you doing? Every day, I use scale training to practice my pitch Tuning one's voice as one would tune an instrument How long have you been doing that? Since about 3 or 4 years before I became a singer, so about 30 years

You have to do scale training at least 30 minutes every day Not only scale training, but physical exercise every day too He still trains hard every day, even after becoming a success It's hard work, but doing it every day for many years means I can do the job I love my entire life The participants are here to pursue their dreams Will JY

Park find who he's looking for in Fukuoka? – Excuse me – Nice to meet you She enters with a smile Excuse me She enters with a smile

I'm Riria Ikematsu, 16 I'm in the 2nd grade of high school It says here that you've performed as a singer before Yes About 2 years ago, I was in a mixed boy and girl group

Unfortunately, it didn't go well, and the group broke up Through this audition, I hope to improve my skills in dance, singing, performance and expression, so I can perform for lots of people

That's why I applied 「Yasashisa de Afureru You ni」 by JUJU Thank you She managed to finish the song Thank you She managed to finish the song

Could you dance for me? Sure 「Candy Pop」 by TWICE Thank you To be honest First I'll talk about your dancing I've been a singer for 25 years Do you know what the hardest part for me was? No, I don't Weight management Weight management

Body weight has a direct impact on dancing When you were dancing, your body was very heavy and slow Pointing out her lack of self-care You need to dance more nimbly and quickly As for your singing, your pitch was very unstable Very unstable He continues his criticism Seeing you sing and dance, it seems like you haven't prepared

She's shocked It doesn't look like you want to improve your dancing, because you haven't controlled your weight and practiced every day

It's harsh but heartfelt advice To improve your pitch, you have to practice every day Scale training is the only way Do you know what scale training is? Please tell me Training one's vocal chords to sing using precise pitch intervals At least 30 minutes a day

Doing that trains muscle memory, especially in your vocal chords, to produce precise pitch intervals But has she passed? I'll keep you in mind I'll keep you in mind OK – Thank you

– Thank you Will she be able to receive a Nizi pendant? I think that being a singer is the most special

of all the jobs in the entire world Many people dream of being a singer, but only a few can fulfill that dream and sing throughout their lives To fulfill that dream, the most important thing

is to be able to manage yourself every single day You use your body to dance and sing It's tiresome to train every day, but if you can manage to do it, little by little, you can fulfill your dream and continue doing it long-term

That's what I believed when I started, and I still push myself to do it JY Park's unwavering conviction The Tokyo heat continues What kind of participant will catch J

Y Park's fancy? Nervously awaiting the final screening I'm getting nervous I'm getting nervous She's the first one to be called I push the door? No, it's this way

I'm so nervous! Who is this girl who's so full of nerves? Excuse me Sorry! [in Korean] Hello My name is Hina Hina Tanigawa from Tokyo I can't speak Korean, but I've come to this audition in order to meet you! I'd be grateful if you could give me your honest opinion of me Nice to meet you

Thank you! It says here that you have experience as an idol Why has she applied to join the Nizi PROJECT? I was a member of TPD DASH!!, which is a sub-group of Tokyo Performance Doll

I performed as a trainee for 5 years We performed about twice a month in small venues We began with 7 members, but now there are only 2 I was wondering what to do when I heard about this project Leaving her group behind, she's here to audition alone I may just look like another girl who's here to audition, but for me, I'm ready to get a fresh start It feels like I can begin again anew

What are you thinking about right now? I want to make my debut I never got a chance even after 5 years of training I wasn't going to cry, but Will her earnestness come across?

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