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Ninja x 2nd breaking news (20 subscribers special)


Hello guys ninja x here once again and i'd you like to thank you for reaching 20 subscribers and Guess what? I have really exciting news I just finished my exam

So I able make more videos Also, I would you like to shout out to my cousin Amira Amira Elnagar She is the best youtuber ever but everyone except for Arabic talker or Egypt or any country can talk Arabic? Can't watch her channels because her channels are Arabic and one more thing I just comment on the first video of breaking news About to change my username and you didn't say yes or no I will give you another chance after a week if You don't I I will cancel it Well, as you can see one more thing, would you like force change my username? I will tell you the name username called silvercounter if you like it Ok Anyway, this is ninja x and sign it off

Source: Youtube

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