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Nick Pope parla di avvistamenti UFO della Marina e del Pentagono – NY Post (Sub. ITA)


the implications if any of that is true if only one case is true are so big that it could be the most important revelation within the human expertise we must rethink every thing we expect we find out about ourselves our place within the cosmos and it’s scary UFOs are one of many nice unexplained mysteries of human existence and but the thought of them is so controversial and so divisive it's nearly taboo to even discuss them properly on this sequence we're going there and we're going deep my identify is Steven Greenstreet I'm a journalist with the New York Publish over the subsequent few episodes we're going to look at the UFO phenomenon from each doable angle together with video proof no no no witness accounts I noticed this up shut and private and scientific evaluation it nearly suggests a brand new physics all the hope of gaining a greater understanding of simply what the heck this stuff are investigation happening as we converse to search out out what this sure are they man-made or are they alien don't get in too near me please that's the loaded query we'll maintain returning to on this sequence however for all you skeptics watching by the tip of this episode I assure you you're going to be satisfied one thing is on the market as a result of even in case you don't imagine in UFOs our authorities undoubtedly does we would like the USA authorities to cease perpetuating the parable that each one UFOs might be defined away in down-to-earth and standard phrases welcome to the basement workplace we’re going to start our sequence by dissecting the federal government's involvement on the earth of UFOs the mind-blowing truth the army has admitted that they exist in that in accordance with the Pentagon they pose a quote risk to our homeland we’ve got the federal government insider on the subject of this matter a person who has been known as the real-life Fox Mulder due to his work researching UFOs Nick Pope Nick you're very credentialed you've obtained lots your resume is is kind of expansive when you give me the nuts and bolts of it I labored for the British authorities for twenty-one years on the Ministry of Defence and for a lot of the early nineties I ran the UK's UFO program so my job was to analysis and examine the phenomenon and are available to a judgment about whether or not there was proof of any risk to the defence of the UK or something of extra basic scientific curiosity so that you've outlined every thing you probably did within the UK investigating UFOs does the US authorities have an identical program sure the us

began within the UFO recreation in 1947 they usually had been three applications below the identify sine grudge and blue Berg Blue E-book was probably the most well-known long-running one it was basically the identical factor analysis and examine the phenomenon see if there's a risk since 1947 we’ve got obtained and analyzed between one and two thousand studies the air drive curiosity on this downside has been resulting from our feeling of an obligation to establish and analyze to the perfect of our capability something within the air which will have the potential of risk or menace to the USA in order that was a public program then in 1969 they pulled the plug they mentioned oK we've investigated haven't discovered any proof of a risk we're out of the enterprise of taking a look at this and really lately it was revealed that truly they did have a program and possibly nonetheless do and I’m amazed how little political fallout there was over the truth that the media and the US individuals have been successfully misled on that concern for many years the reality got here out in December of 2017 when the New York Occasions revealed a bombshell story revealing the existence of a secret Pentagon program to analyze UFOs known as a tip or superior aerospace risk identification program right here's what the Pentagon informed me the mission was the agent program did pursue analysis and investigation into unidentified aerial phenomena the Division of Protection is all the time involved about sustaining optimistic identification of all plane in our working atmosphere in addition to figuring out any international function ality that could be a risk to the homeland the division will proceed to analyze by regular procedures studies of unidentified plane encountered by US army aviators with a view to guarantee protection of the homeland and safety towards strategic shock by our nation's adversaries again in 2017 when the New York Occasions revealed their report in addition they launched the variety of movies revealing navy encounters with UFOs in an unique assertion to the publish the Pentagon informed me these movies have been quote for analysis and evaluation functions by US authorities businesses and trade companions and never for basic public launch so most people was by no means alleged to see these movies one among these three happened off the coast of San Diego in 2004 involving the united statesNimitz and one among hits or two of its f-18 Navy fighters fighter jets that is the footage that was captured they see this tic-tac object which you're seeing right here on this footage and the pilot mentioned it was Italy so long as his enjoying mentioned about 40 ft so the factor you're taking a look at is about 40 ft lengthy however he mentioned there was one other object under it simply beneath the floor of the water that was possibly ten instances as lengthy and this tic-tac was like hovering above the floor of the water after which would simply disappear and he mentioned they have been like two two antennae l-shaped antennae like on the underside of this factor now whereas the footage itself alone with out context presents nothing mind-blowing the story behind what you're taking a look at is why ought to I be anxious or dig deeper into the nimitz footage you don't know what you're taking a look at however that in a way is the purpose of the story you don't know what you're trying on the pilots don't know what they're trying on the radar operators don't know what they're monitoring and the entire radar side of this story is essential by way of corroboration it's not simply these educated observers the pilots it's being tracked on radar too and in a way the story is solely that the US army of their quickest jets can't catch these UFOs they’re they’re working rings round them there's one thing on the market and there's this marvelous quote that I feel one of many pilots got here out with after this when he was requested properly what do you assume he mentioned I don't know what it was however I certain as heck need to fly one you understand when a US Navy when when one of many high weapons tells you one thing like that this must be telling everybody one thing about UFOs proper and it's fascinating to listen to like we're now we're gonna watch this 2015 footage the 2015 footage was taken off the East Coast identical deal FLIR footage from Navy fighter there's a complete fleet I'm gonna look on the assay all going towards the wind I went to Hudson why not properly plus my thoughts is once more individuals whose full-time jobs are to defend this nation to take to the air establish threats know after they're there and to take them out they see this stuff I'm like wait what can we do and after they begin out of the blue saying have a look at that factor go you understand there's a complete fleet of them and you’ll hear the stress and pleasure of their voices and you understand that one thing extraordinary was happening sure and the final clip we're gonna play is the third of those three movies that have been launched it's known as the go-fast UFO the place they these pilots observe a particularly fast-moving object and are capable of really hone in on it their cameras are literally capable of lock on this object and also you hear it of their voice the truth is I'm going to show it down as a result of they get so loud there it’s they attempt to lock in on them this factor's transferring they're watching this factor zip so quick they usually're like have a look at that factor transferring these are guys that transfer for a dwelling these are guys that do fly for a dwelling they usually're blown away precisely if you fly hundreds of miles an hour you don't get enthusiastic about that form of factor except it's orders of magnitude past it and clearly they have been seeing and experiencing one thing they'd by no means come throughout earlier than apparently these clips are simply the tip of the iceberg on the subject of naval encounters with UFOs the truth is pilots have skilled so many sightings that in latest weeks brass has been compelled to implement an official reporting protocol nevertheless it seems UFOs aren't only a Navy downside I spoke with John Greenwald who runs the black ball a web site devoted to unearthing authorities secrets and techniques by utilizing the Freedom of Info Act and he found that the Air Power can be coping with UFO sightings there's an Air Power guide that was known as 10-2 zero six it was plain proof that the Air Power was mandating their personnel officers to report UFOs and so I traced the lineage of that exact doc all through the place the UFO studies had gone and so forth I’m comfy saying that there have been UFO procedures and clearly they're there for a cause to analyze and what I did by the Freedom of Info Act was not solely found that doc however all through the years see that they have been actively updating it now why is that this necessary properly as a result of you may simply argue if one thing isn’t up to date then it's probably a guide a process one thing on the books that they forgot about that they don't care about however they have been actively updating it and UFOs particularly in Chapter 5 of this guide by no means got here out what tells me I imply if UFOs have been bunk if UFOs didn't exist if UFOs weren't something that the army must be involved about it wouldn't be in a guide for the Air Power proper that's proper Bigfoot's not within the US Air Power guide is it no no the Yeti isn't ghosts are within the US Air Power guide UFOs are do UFOs exist John no completely so the Navy isn’t alone in encountering UFOs the Air Power actually has it of their guide we’ve got video proof of this it is a video clip from Nellis Air Power Base which may be very shut to truly space 51 Alton in Nevada of a saucer spherical saucer trying object flying about and the army of us viewing this and observing this or commenting on oh what the heck is that this factor do we’ve got something out what's happening and naturally this being near space 51 could possibly be something however the truth that these guys on base don’t know that is the place it will get attention-grabbing to me now I don't purchase into lots of the conspiracy theories about this most of which say properly it's most likely some secret army program these are the folks that run the key army applications and after they're those having the dialogue saying hey we've obtained this bizarre factor then it must be a wake-up name for everybody and army personnel are usually not the one pilots encountering UFOs we're really going to take heed to audio FAA audio of business airliners having shut encounters this primary one takes place off the coast of Oregon in 2000 1700 to 7 code transferring very quick at 37,000 Wow have a look at that factor it's only a white speck on the market I imply now we will see the place this man ended up we don't know oh so we nonetheless don't know no simply fighters scrambled they went out trying round a little bit bit however we you understand we misplaced we misplaced anyone having to web site of the plane wow that's bizarre it's actually bizarre yeah properly that is is typical of I assume the form of case that pursuits me a UFO the place you're having this dialogue and it's not some buddy of a buddy story we’ve got the recordings and for the skeptics who say that nobody takes ufo

s significantly they scramble army jets to try to intercept this factor and and get a have a look at it and wait what does it inform you when an f-16 can't catch one thing then clearly it goes again to the purpose pace and maneuverability these UFOs no matter they’re run rings round our greatest air protection fighters out of your lofty place on the Ministry of Protection investigating UFOs what are among the mind-blowing realities about these noticed objects properly I feel it's the speeds and the maneuvers I've sat down and spoke into Air Power pilots business pilots radar operators who’ve informed me about visible sightings and radar monitoring of objects performing speeds and maneuvers that we merely can't match I imply not not simply it's a little bit bit quicker than us as a result of then you possibly can say properly possibly it's simply subsequent technology stealth fighter however orders of magnitude above and past something we will do the concept an object can hover an enormous object you want an unimaginable quantity of power to maintain one thing hovering like that a few of these UFO studies credible studies pilots army personnel cops discuss objects the scale of a soccer subject the scale of an plane no sound no sound they don't break the sound barrier they yep they're going Mach 2 3/four to 10 no sound barrier increase no sonic booms it nearly suggests a brand new physics or fairly physics that we presently can't perceive or replicate okay so the coop we're gonna see right here takes place over the Atlantic Ocean off the coast of Eire between British Airways flight and a pressing Atlantic flight and naturally their radar tower superb report huh there's nothing displaying on both major or secondary okay it was studying thus far suspect you may there was a couple of such sure alongside you 50 caliber now let's have barely and quickly there to the north we noticed vibrant mild as any since this right here at a really excessive pace and three have been simply questioning it didn't assume it was very seemingly from this file to this one factor was taken earlier than pink pooop' proper high-quality olympic locking by again over to the proper after which climb away at pace early tomorrow okay we're passing that on air thanks your or one other object making some form of actually there to be a number of objects following the identical form of the trajectory very costs the place we have been okay off copy that it was acutely so yeah very excellent stage okay simply you understand that the opposite plane within the air have additionally reported the identical factor so we're going to have a low 50 so the factor that blows me away about that is the outline of what they're seeing they see two vibrant lights the one pilot says it got here up she describes it arising after which veering away at pace and pilots are acquainted with airspeed what's transferring how briskly and so forth if you've obtained a number of pilots exclaiming this sucker is transferring very quick what's happening right here man properly it's attention-grabbing as a result of the principle sceptical concept right here is that it was possibly the burning up within the Earth's ambiance of some form of fireball meteor however you then take heed to the recording you you hear clear references to a change of course one of many references to the item veering away one of many different references to the item climbing quickly it goes again to the purpose it's not simply the speeds it's the maneuvers and once more there are dozens if not lots of of those examples of those let's take a hear there are 7-1 Papa golf good thirty-one Papa golf adverse American 1095 let me know in case you see something move over you right here within the subsequent 15 miles over America 1095 affirmative we had an plane in entrance of you this 37 that reported one thing move over him and we didn't have any targets so simply let me know in case you see something move over you Oh what an airplane – kappastorm other way it's homicide 1095 one thing simply handed over my cup I don't know what it was however at the least two three thousand ft above us the air move proper excessive of kate mara content material 95 thanks in American 1095 are you able to inform if it was in movement or simply hovering make it out when it was a balloon or what not it was simply actually Peter satisfaction or I had an even bigger equation was a number of thousand ft above us go other way it proper what are the Google blue ball try this doable one other instance of American Airways pilot you understand flying by the air I imply image this you guys have been on planes the viewers everybody's been on planes think about your pilot within the in and the cockpit going properly like what was that after which calling the radar management tower and going hey man did one thing similar to fly over us radar tower says we obtained nothing proper we don't see a factor proper after which they name the on this clip they name the airline the airplane behind him and says hey this man buddy you noticed one thing move over you inform me in case you see one thing was it it flies over him now the pilot there curiously he wasn't afraid to make use of the phrase UFO most of them are and I've come throughout many many circumstances the place individuals get round this by simply utilizing code phrases like we've seen an uncommon plane or an unconventional helicopter the phrase UFO you say it individuals have a knee-jerk response that it equals aliens UFO aliens it means I unidentified flying objects we've investigated we checked out this factor and we nonetheless don't know what it’s it's a UFO it's a ufo UFO is or ought to imply merely one thing in our airspace that we will't establish and naturally each authorities and air drive on the face of the planet desires to know what's in it skies are there any threats are there any alternatives is it the Russians is it any individual else I can't deny I sit right here proper now and I can't deny that UFOs exist I can't go that far to say they're extraterrestrial however appropriate me if I'm fallacious the main speculation is that they’re sure even inside authorities we admitted that it was a risk however the extra I delved again into these real-life x-files and the extra I began investigating the brand new circumstances that got here in day by day the the extra I started to see we wait a minute not all these persons are fallacious not all these persons are loopy and what do I inform the the pilot be they an skilled business plane captain or be they a quick jet pilot within the Air Power what do I inform these kinds of individuals after they come to me and say I've seen this unimaginable object I chased it it outmaneuvered me at each flip scary stuff it’s scary yeah I completely agree I feel if they’re visiting us right here though we’ve got an area program we haven't obtained very far any expertise that that viable interstellar journey expertise that extraterrestrials should possess if we’re being visited is clearly orders of magnitude above something we've obtained and sure completely that's scary that's why authorities views this by way of threats and alternatives as a result of if they’re smarter than us and extra superior that's that's a fear you understand the skeptics must be proper each single day the believers solely must be proper as soon as and that is the final word game-changing I imply we solely want of all these paperwork that you just've learn all these circumstances you've checked out all of the movies solely one among them must be extraterrestrial and it we rewrite for historical past books solely a type of adjustments the course of humanity

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