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Người đàn bà than khóc ( Wansee Entertainment Vietsub)


I work at a switchboard and my shift usually starts at 11pm Ever since I was an intern, I've heard a lot of ghost stories about our company Of course, I don't believe in such trivial things because I only pay attention to my work One night, during a coffee break, I went to the bathroom Our work area is located in the left corner of the building and there is usually a dark area separating our area from the others I often use the restroom in the middle of our building because it's bigger and there are more people walking there But only during recess, so I chose the bathroom near the operating area because it was closer On the other hand, it is always clean and looks better than the rest of the room When you enter the toilet, the first thing you see on the right is 2 sinks, 2 large mirrors and 2 lamps on them Then there are 3 bathrooms on the right and 2 on the left When I walked to the toilet, I noticed that the room was quite me compared to normal Some light bulbs are not on and there is only one room in the right corner with toilet paper So I went into that room When I was in the room, I heard someone walking into the room next to me And then, I heard a woman crying I tried to ask if she was okay, but she kept crying When I had "resolved", I stood up and the crying suddenly stopped Worrying, I stood in front of the middle room door and knocked softly to ask if she was okay But still no one answered I tried to peek through the gap of the door in the room but no one was there I swear I heard someone cry before I felt quite scared when I suddenly remembered the ghost stories my colleagues often told about this building I started to walk faster towards the door but somehow the doorknob, which was normal when I went in time, broke down

I could not open the door I was really scared Crying again I started banging on the door and turning it on the handle, but it didn't work And then, the sound of the crying woman started to listen closer Panicking, I also began to cry out of despair Crying stopped I could feel her standing right behind me One of the lights on the ceiling began to blink and the door is still shut I tried to prevent myself from looking back in fear at what I would see But from my perspective, I saw a woman under a flashing light on a mirror reflection She does not stand behind me Half of her face can be seen through the door of a room I close my eyes I was wet and cold from the sweat I remember I was trembling in fear at the time when I thought I was about to die I began to pray and cry It was only for a minute or two but as endless as before the door suddenly opened And a maid entered I really feel relieved I told her about what just happened But she just apologized for the broken doorknob and ignored everything I said about the crying woman I went straight to my office and apologized to the manager for returning to my room after the break I tried to tell her about what just happened and that I didn't feel good enough to finish the night shift She looked like she didn't really trust my story I also warned my colleagues and told them about my scary experience in the bathroom I never went back to the bathroom again and I finally quit my job a few months later

Source: Youtube

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