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NFL sports news just in breaking news update and sports highlights Just in from the ESPN news sports booth with sports writer MNBeast lol NFL WEEK 14 PICKS AND PREDICTIONS NFL FOOTBALL PICKS 2019-2020 NFL SEASON Who I think will win each NFL football game for NFL Week 14 Let me know in my comments Below thanks Subscribe to me here http://wwwyoutube

com/c/Beastrocks #NFL #sportsnews #mnbeast NFL week 14 picks NFL week 15 picks NFL week 16 picks NFL week 17 picks The NFL 2019-2020 wildcard playoffs Divisional playoffs Superbowl 2019-2020 NFL weekly picks straight up wins NFL Vegas lines NFL against the spreads before we get started on this crazy video I just want to let everybody know everybody know I am the crazy beast and I am a sports writer that's right a sports writer yes I am I'm a sports writer and I steal everybody's footage off of like ESPN and Fox Sports and everything else because you know what I can't do my own footage that's right I go on and I and I give my copy uncopyrighted material that's right no the beast doesn't do any of that he just makes regular footage regular footage regular footage because you know what whew get with the video there was about a soda beast how'd you like that Monday night football game the Minnesota Vikings that's right and by the way just because everybody that does subscribe to me and follow me did you know I was ESPN did you know I was Fox Sports did you know I was NBC I didn't either I thought I was a crazy Beast well you know what you wanna know what I gotta give a shout-out to one dumb ass mofo that's right whoo William groaning William groaning that is a unique last name I know you're a this is a comment of the year this is my comment of the year I gotta love this give it a thumbs up if everybody likes this comment because the Minnesota beast he's just like everybody else that gives NFL football picks or sports picks on here if we don't have ESPN behind us or NBC or any of those we just we just crazy people that just want to give our opinion Williams Williams says I know you're a fan and all but what is all that have to do with the game I thought we were going to see some highlights I guess not thumbs down you know what William and say anybody else that thinks that the Minnesota Beast has something to do with ESPN or anything like that well you just you just messed up in the head because I ain't no sports right oh I'm a crazy beast getting ready to do some work that's right work real work you know like insulate that's right like insulate like sing you a song you don't like this William you don't want me a sing you a song I don't even remember how it went let's let's sing it like this I am a wannabe ESPN sports writer woo I am better than all those sports riders man where's my paycheck then crazy crazy anyhow I just give my opinion like Many Many Many me many many many many many many others do and so this is not a worth less trip do you want to have some weak picks you want some minutes gonna be on sports pics that's right all right Dallas at Chicago that's right Thursday night for week week 14 NFL I should have a background like I look like a sports writer Chicago Bears win Sunday Carolina a Carolina wins I don't even know who cares my picks already out there and then someone else commented do you ever do uh I guess spread of course I do against the spread I just don't have time to comment back to the ones that actually follow me right now which sir sucks like bugs bees and everybody else not just been busy busy with this jeez Nick hey hope everybody else is doing good mr Vikings they lost I got really disappointed about that l seahawks are back in it right they're completely in it they're in first in their division now whoa and yeah I'm gonna get back off here it was just it wasn't bugging me it was just what a freaking dumb-dumb all I gotta say is dumb does my channel say es pin hell it has nothing to do with anything it's just a person a guy give his opinion like I could tell you that the cereal over here is the best damn cereal you ever ate and you laugh and you better eat it that's right that's right and this vacuum cleaner that's the best kind of vacuum shop back you can buy and actually it is it works damn good it works damn good works damn good till next time whew ESPN beast out of here

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