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News Now Stream 12/23/19 (FNN)


Itnd I he y don't eithe is jt a few srt day ay from Und I and I better not o is excited for the season so good morning and thank you for being here with us Kristy Larson here with Ron hoon and how's your weekend

It was just absolutely fantastic as you may know I am a loan From the university of Washington we played in the Las Vegas bowl against Boise state And we well we- that was great- so I it is the bowl season weather like forty Two goals Many even going on I don't I never around forty NDSU one and a couple other three you're not to come I'm I'm from I'm from that area yeah

I want across the river I went to more had but yeah okay and they won again and I believe this is their seven Or a their national championship around the people little bit upset about that fact to just single unfair actually I think that JMU because they're going to be playing James you in the championship- yet James Comey that they just Want to go on this number finally now they're playing James Madison Really good team too so it should be yeah Why it's so simple for the middle level colleges to have this plan offers sixteen team playoff

If it works fine at that level white can and not work at the pac twelve The big twelve the big ten at center so hopefully we will get there Yeah it's- I don't know if you're aware of this but our director Brian is a Montana state if he is or would you guys really Want to in the state To chat with them about that but everybody's got thirteen plan in a bowl it's fun yeah usually we grew up being go for basketball fans

And so that's kind of more what we've Molding the Minnesota golden gophers yes right I had an- associate- is that the Reagan's well it's slower but they want take a fabric did you happen to see My Instagram post today I'm in no One answered I am morning

If you could show and if you want You can pull it up on the website My My weekend to just real quick while he's pulling up his picture and I got to go to all those downtown Phoenix events so there's so many of them going on yeah so- bitter and twisted had there sipping Santa pop up so that was really fun husband and I went out to that they also have the downtown- ice rink set up which I've Snapchat is to my friends back in Minnesota they go is that roller blades are ice all whole whole whole This is you know all you need to do is post a lot of that stuff I don't

Know why I'm just going to my phone okay back you can five six your phone on it so not only did we do in most one Other at account okay back in five six I'm so not only did we go to that but also than they had the downtown ice rink where they have the Christmas tree and then we also went over to blue hound they also have a Christmas event going on called miracle at blue hound so that was really fun to see and- I can't wait to see this is kind of a building up the anticipation for what he's going to show us on her Instagram account well it's me Wearing by Minnesota yeah Sure you don't even know I had one of those did you I didn't

Yeah so why do you have one Well so a few years ago I had never been to Minnesota And we I took my dad back we flew into the Twin Cities to go over to Green Bay to see a Packers game yes And so that's something I mean if you're a big football fan you should pray once in your life try to go to

Green Bay is yeah Right yeah yeah And then did you go any that Brett farms restaurant next door and on no but we for so we spent more time in the Twin Cities and we drove out for the game and when he came back- we went to the original hell's kitchen In downtown Minneapolis have you been yes yes all my gosh the lemon ricotta And okay

My mouth is Watering after all right now because the whole his like that one of the best things I've ever had To prove that so anyway- would win on track Through someone like T T

shirts so Yeah you might add the web Private through- the a campus there read the football stadium the apple The team's top open that day so ever what's all I want to remind Teacher well if you're ever back and like

I said I'm in Minnesota go for fan find act Go over fourteen is that the in the room Okay not the only one with a raised court so it's kind of unique because- a little bit up yeah See a lot more you definitely can see the foot work and then the players benches are a little bit down so we are watching the rides are kind of almost court level You know the used to do that it some of the tournaments where they were up on more of an elevated by

I guess they figured maybe it was too much of a respite guys falling over and back down into the bench Is it's all sort of flat now yeah yeah that would be fun to see that it is kind of new and unique and when like I said we grew up we had season tickets and we've had a member since before I was born And that's something always fun to see and go and do so maximum home I was like okay wonder the gophers playing so we can try to Get two games Something fun to there you go

Hey it speaking of fun I do want to show it These cute little dogs that we have- over in Ireland look how cute they are so this is in Dublin and as you can see Christmas came a little bit early for them both my goodness ah thisNo s what They s trt Ireland's romin nter in Dublin thegot to choo thy and- some of them I just love yocan ray the d'se is guy rsonity ithat right Some of them just go straight to what one and then some like this little pop there like my beI go is really interesting to see the ones that ach you

So excited so the hard to make up your mind Exciting I'm se ey havso many new smells d you n sea camera w there Only we're excited and they wrote on the fate page as you see- deciding on which to a was a big disioor se dogs some delighted in the squeaky is toy they could find So cute I always love- pets around the holidays you guys have had to your house- you know we had littlhihuah And she lived for actually was quite amazing

W thought mbe she'd set the Guinness world record she livedor twenty one years Wow wt wa furniture alwas leased like Little travel so if we see past a little while ago boy we Mister we used to go out for walks on the canal all the time It was fun sometimes t docks can just bring such a sense of just Yes of love and happiness that you can't really and especially when you're watching them

Under road Unbridled joy on the part of these dogs there th's so cool so they do that and Dublin Irend yeah y thas jt a f video a- Hey I wan to ur buct lis becse this mit be a new oneo Woro thust came out thathere's a w nationa park and ts is whe san nional monument New Mexico it aost looks like a snow weick during the winter I first thought we were sands You'reaying it's ate tional they're tning i om a nional mument into a nationaleah yep it's en upgrad

esiden trump sninghe act Fridayo make the oicial hundred and senty fe squa miles h of ice age fossizedctn footints i andore reay so this actually N tt I go uraded bngs o tional parksumber upo sixty Two nationa parks that we hav I suld just a it ems to me thatew Mexico being a neiboring staf ours I fes dot go end vy mh time Younow wl aeeith tt becae sin wovedereo thretimes a out to yoolon my hbt Corado we' been up to lile Neva and s it

bit t I haven't bn ovetheavel oe New Mie my we's sisr didn't le we'd go erhat oen bi Albuquque's n e other Par of t state that are aa n you n go ross Thr Gallup and gra of somimes Going or to speakers will get off the freeway Right the two lane highways to see some of the natural beauty in America see the only time that we went through

Expo when we were driving cars down from North Dakota drying Wandered in to them Miles and miles And died so we drove through but it was at night

The whole song Your call but it was nighttime We tried to south for on breakfast yes at in Las Vegas New Mexico but you drove all night long well yes so we had left when you drove my when we drove my husband here because he moved here before me we drove straight through with him his dad and me so we all kind of took turns rotating in the car No we just drove the- six Twenty seven hour drive straight through I don't think I would do it again because when we moved me down it's just my husband I would stop and say in Colorado

Split up but that's a better way to get Why stress yourself out he said he three Was a little rough to DO and by that time to your kind all like okay we smell or read Our ready to spread out on their- cell Phones well so yeah it's it actually you know what's interesting is when you go- when we wentover to New Mexico I said to my wife

Honey I said let's try let's do a little- detour Because you cannot go up through show low- in spring revealing eager which may call that the round valley that is a really beautiful part of Arizona But I said let's go up to alpine Which is eight Thousand feet in elevation

Flagstaff is a seven yeah Alpine's at eight thousand feet And then we went up to Nine thousand feet in elevation elevation because they have Hannigan meadows road up there and they have an old

Time historic hotel And usually by the time the snow's all melted in the north country That's about the it's so high in elevation it's a pretty part of our state That most people I think probably have never explored Now I have

I also want to go to the Four corners where yeah man in your Once I think that would be cool to ever since we moved here we've started to find more more list of things to do and- it's hard to check them all it would be Instagram mobile fail it would be and after a couple more friends ran to log canyon was Instagram of all that went on our Christmas cards this year because- already this We put some of those things what what span the- rudest city because they just came out with a list of them by name Brutus to city of in America what in your travels what's been kind of your like that and really enjoyed my time in that city that's a good question I'm just trying to think as I

What's the group this and my bean I don't know why there I don't know that to me there's a difference between rude and Brosque it they're they're very brusque in New York but it's not necessarily rude it's just they're busy in there in a hurry and- I'll go When I was thinking to they don't need around but I will say that the- brand Leah's city the opposite of the rudest thing You realism all the way from top to bottom is a Lincoln Nebraska really yeah So again there is A football related story but I had taken Well that's a learner is so Rene Nelson- you ow w I co breaking news here she just nominated- Eugene Oregon to be the rudest city

All right along with the ride Oreg statend thiisbeaver The's no ve lost beten th beaveave the doc b anywayo hek footll story'll tet thirty sondseah- oncegain I was l A flnnto Kaas cit ande whic evebody kws and wevepo Ling n that the home the unersity of Neaska b not evero rt ate citalnd tre's is fferen from ou in th it like highiseike I don't kno e – picte rig a not kding out ts there's a lady driving down the street who stops her car she park sit in traffic on a three lane one way road well boy flings open her car door and says Hey we all take that picture for you guys

This isAnd Ihought wel at's awfly nicof y But s gets tf the r she that to a were bota pictu lahing I sai ma'am that's such ao e id went dowo the rmers space so couldartAndheng said I'vd for mebodyll d it ice diffent peoe areillingo do f oths I ve Lcoln Nraska wha a here at stn your screenolool pcs re of the five route SO New York City did win for the rudest city in Which and again I kind of feel like it it kind oe there are interacting with the other just a little more I just want to the- with itself yeah this is serving more than two thousand America's Insider ranks n fiveetropotan are now i u wanto go i the oosite directn i rall Nth Carola Milwaeeg sconsi

Provence Rde nice A ni place thirightdll wee is very nic day here m anyw- but you nev yustlad theat You nevef f know wh peoe whe you'r just sortf out abo B I mean how cool that people That there are still plenty of nice folks out there look it's no shock if you run by the way

The committee- yeah Sur you' ri That the Laney Who can't quite get it focus tre The anyway that's the state capital of like of that's my dad me of this lady was so nice

She had literayust- there's you look she stopped her car right there in the street and there Is the proof they are stories not why KillingAnd y can't futopi just nce- wren the pic ct o lol not lehe fute- thank you so o I was singing me a overl This ireally coo autobile Otalkbout y and it'nowi ndred nety ne thound llars if yo have at just kin inn r peonalir lanngehic make aal btanas on splayaramnt work- ando thad ahowing it monsatio ofow i flies

hing is this i a lite thers alrdy people can't pay attention to the lines the lanes that there in how are we gonna fly arod Neay the's n les also do you have to have a pilot's lense wod rit yho it's got to be some sort of criteria I would think especiallyor t beginu a thing you think that you'd need to at least have some special requirements are please goack to dver b for N fing rs here's e thing somebody makino en wweren itll looks grea knong Ilands rig ther it'se lancright on e landg padng and then you Take f there so let'say you nt to take it to the bank Yeahell whato you wn e ro of e ba you kno eself l thsecurity

Through whatt land on the rooff the ick llet meaare u gng to no to scpinghe cars at th get w thehole tng is nd of what e the y to g your Popeye's ccken sdwich eaier Hower ove and s y tossp a sawich ectly Well we had a lot of fun stories but I do want to tell people to what's gonna be coming up on today's show a lot of Democrats out there campaigning on- specially before twenty twenty we're gonna be showing that you here in just a little bit that'll be fun to watch lcomeacke areakinght see hiday sppers tningyou can at int aot of gres it arted out hi tsorningnd its looki like it igoing toontinue that way Into this afternoon so thanks everyone again for being here with us I'm Kristy Larson and I do want to go out to Democrats have been campaigning nonstop we saw it happening not only this weekend but also even this morning we saw their schedules for today they're going to be Out in full force and I when I do want to start with any clover chart who without having breakfast and talking about her f sh werpresent the wer tellou no e fr this wn

an thinhat re None fm I s problyn that roo A I'mot eveoing tdo tha asresint I'm gonna ceo really liY ow wt We'ot thi trade r ateastightow s we can srt selng are gd For find a way tgiveore pele job he d wod are

Or w fde und way I had to ling and wking in aoodhg abo cl- yightt's ing to stt ingiown Oers haeright n f floodgseases tha mt makgt harderor pple th lan All tteteather acally notust aigned toh sing r e miliryarticur our over a dade ago Thashat Iant tdoith yr someinglse going on in thif we k counye ha a democtic governo in in teou rigowf the reon wave a democtic govern i Loe housnd ste Sateia ste whher It's cause the's and shock If e decens asomethg

thathen h weno thatnt enty cferenche rerters aed him about Thatn all fif statethey tryo hanp everne Frothe FBI direcr to tmpl ki of struorshat ts ppened and tt theye gettg bder e e kes joke Abo it the Thk abo thi is about oadr

He ko demoacy hs ofoldiersnd peoe who serv lost s Dendin democcy is r own mocracnd als docraci li Thentireountry o Th's whathat w abo four little girls lt tir liv the hght ofhe civil didn wanto sre in thatletsoveme decracyo many our ghts aur gre momts in is coury I tnk i wi the Docratiarty Ing u Foremoo cial issuen ecomic ises

But they're wilng t step bn say I thi Ianrusthat ndide Bause ty're gog tstan uor our cotry Theas a rcher in know votedor towromnd then

I sg healcare nee ibut the to bsaid the C wle Hes said the r a litica speecn fronof the se or we ars o theead ants Who couny in t line dutyr the si o his iugurionte ute And theas Iaid at e boar

Heaid I s a b out And I le being aoy polical spch To groupfscout lyt young dsm touppo Th you'v got t y and en in w Hpshire ere waa lo line ovote dhere ty have like sticke othe ta imate change order am comeup in a brown jket a so you d for naldrumpas to kw my neighrs

Tyhem don't le ity t the are ople out tre lik that in th stateWords thirtyne ce k ama Majory andhen th turn a ther nald Tmp refuso groupf people no no Thi welthw shouldw e m worl from burban and aired lectes and tt's at I'm suortnhe douingf ournghy ofcesere inaisi a inwentfour hrsfter that deba

hati right now and wve bee going upn d Filly we'reetting tough as some of ethers ll now favote examps o indeccy Jack is m p s theounc othe Uniteo be Stat Ay And a ti wn th hav tse I've sephcCary hring A therwas a conem r pele tt their potical lief orven if ey dn't veelie Wha hwas was blackith einghem s he theyouldtd e ou and everye was srednd everne was sred of it a t man peoe woulstand poutut thi a hetood o h nameas Joseph whi A e e it sod u and tn hring to Joph McCthy a sadave youo sen o decen

Hav u no sse of cency This our untryecau youre ar Stes sak Ttheioperatoron what hs e ralls and ey don want thr kidto see Younow thk bacwhen w useto hav prests ia Yofeltike wn theyave a addresn T That u have a ligationo wah yr see whathey d or ighbs authathey d Becae y mig notgree wi the tnk yound he no anrespec the offic of the esidt

A who thework thight n not forveryon in the coury Some ople likefheor a l of ople in t coury Smy whole mpaign is out bringing this I'm wh he's gotiseoplen e start inr dolls foris dad andhat' how heade hisortu maybe grab save money with grandfher d e dergrods well like say money ae commity two yr cmunity llege- and then dadent on to the university o Minnesa my m gre up in Milwaue ae untihe waseven yrsld the

Senate fm the atehe fstomo ofinneso tt'sy ckgrndherandught of iro o min the dghter a tcher in a wspapean andS senar present a that mily inhat wil be i thawas m faly tstnd Iigurehen yore genn opptunityy meon wthert is- fily meerhetht's ahurch mber wheer it is your you rkithhenou do te go into thoe ofntitlent you goio oblition to li ppleptth sense on not tslamhem do an obgation Toive pele on fta rwarit tyourse that whathis is out fat whathisA our untrant r ill

Theatte h many armentseople mahavehen yosee yo famy at th What ites uss much bigger th remeer So I'asking you to joins- wre somneent me ext it ve aauto in IaResear did n Weey wa you to in u we are cking upport Iave th and rmerlectedor ted state Iowanyn a lot prettwell kwn state nators a state rte- tha incleseoi Matts in Shon's staant that iludy legiator las sing- chae paies- iegri exced sof youe in ChristmasI'm kn rht a are

ry alws y yore in e top ree st gfor r it me the cisi my vori I whewas rapi Hey w told me ter e foer mr hour lg I u a % withouAnyw tha you and myavoresupporto- maybe take like three questions yeou he to trav hern ay past couple ofecad weave lostRenf e eningnd we actlly only ha o licendhildca center for t ei a center iowneand opeted and nded By r lol crital aessospn it it s a n on mmuny our Sothinthat e hoital seor the counity- n alws a pfit someort of a lecre feeso wt couo gional hlth cter ats currtly neer o ovide rk tck he Currtly weeallcat afrd rig by y mo tha were is is theoard and he notTl

Ye is onheir pperty w alshat onhere but tt thlineo y cannly donthe emoyeesd th so ng as continuto be dowon Inme t hpital ich is 6% we nt t for pernt e thehild ce in t hospilg it see at y're thet stt withhe hpita I not big suprter ocrital access hostam ting rord and th ver verytrong oo ve world pounds if you can Go to e doctoand you he no wayo c fro let'start withhat we he toeei r Grsley a jt ta atep ck littlwhit mtion his na eve thoh weon'tgree disaeed onhe capal time heargsnd y ret I d therany this bu that y morngh thI d a forei wor you d atory o Theepubcan whh pridenal cdidas Annow ook ourop and ere' likewentfivef th bill with

o caidatost tm eighen of them were th m sethi e The ll n ergey rooms-o also add d tthe cticaacce assicati we ven' anotr world claificatnt ye the r for hoitae d we didhink ttll kee attached nou have to thatspitad facilies but at ast be ae to have at'she fir tng- the secohinghen t w ed to a bun othings to ild o thefforble Ce perct- care class now when you incde hostal armauticals Are armaceicals- a so pushi the phmas e baits of Micaran't gotie cheerrices do sothin wheit com to brging ls expsiverugs from oer ce is anoer bl tha Gsslea d Iaveeen theree got urteen Replicanupports is aamendmt We' gonnae ableo gea brgingess expsive dru fromtheroua fe leanada- thactuay crtes a lotf presre all th igettint youross- and- ruce

r t blicption jt stt ttingessxpensive youatch a of t-ther you si I'm n I'm t on t my reaso I was allospitals anwhat would happen if you change t paymentates causthat wou makit y have aommone thbankers Nodng hisead chdcare d thhealcare eI age win de we ne workeet's say th- tting a break Democrats out in full force on the road w aboumentalealth thisng mornin ACLa lks whjustike lo we ar e bestquippeTo recogze into isuso don' undstand wt a G

S R is thas rig but t rminoly is portano thatypically occur thrgh opatied some teh rert tically a ss- civil settlene whe we wou like it to beo we AREf l syst- then the You can he need thave tsnd why it' dierent thanll other lnesses that there a call aose tnose yh whooh pcentas fronl and pietal lob ofet the bina n ckhey knowhathat diabic and ty wanto eat know le Joh Hinley isthey assic emple of somody that st prn e kn thathat wa goi to ge m a de witJodie foer

That seruss coined with a aociatend that lita kes i tt we d havto it causef y take someby into theospitand w figur t that they ve a bra tur and tt's the rson that they' havin som range baviors wdon't t that psone just go ahd a do whatever interve we kw fm aedical takeare that tumo to he ur that psonan you arculatehe fea tha bot the pvacyctas their their fe ishat ifou wear aow doo to- applye b wi mt othe commment laws acros te due pcess aerson gets A attorn y thers a judge Door involv theref prectiono makeure tt if thidecise f peophat ar n complnt repetively t themlves o other and he be hpitalid over d ov and or aga like o n our n wasospitazed twentyimesl yothat wish tha hdeen ab to ha a lelf care of treatmt tm arou him afr the thirdime yowent ofce nes or fthith a te a- weant thn the trtmentomethi

hat tim antime aga I'm mting wit critia obeing dangero self or hd o e of thmedicaon wchs stracticor disorrike sczophreand my handsre tied thate faly bause of e HIPA peop who also kno what' gog on And s you sd you ma some proessere in the ste of Io is or somhing that and en we ould b a petitioy t- y a more whether u're probay more abl to real like see iwe'vewould commment here in Iow But thcommitment ls are dierent state b state by staten California t plemention oon thi dierentased on coty by coun by count so we're yore lucnough to be sk Mit mean tt you' goingo be sav ae or it migh mean at you vingor twee or fifen or lock witn theoward rof outsidcausr e e v stntroced andaving ll draft that would was ment hea- e g somne rerreby the depament oHumanervice e depamentf corrtional rvices deptment o us bkgrouninformion rig whey're notIn moscases providg td informion a wre supsed toas and don'tave'm wonderg andah t family infortion a par of the initial rerral that- mae a sigficanthing tt downdes of th is yollthe find some

e n won' wt thave theiramily membert inrmatiofor fe that ey'll lockeup Inrrectlohere h tbe some d procet ke surhat th paties ghts and theivil right man rigs are not vioted d sohat's where t Rbie laws als for pple we Youo som a kn Tranerable Some some

ecause r man me pple traveng this time d yourlf in a let the eckpoint you want to e tt me to ur advtage thas takehings t of youpocket peect o When w p them the bin buif youctualltake tm out of yr o ave it behdWhat hapns been'm not in erere car tha ulI on bagsreeavingehind thgs lik theireyshere ar youo you wear asses the he of the fiv swe recommd peoplpn a carron baglso ifou're inine th is e timeou ould in the bord okay the stake think oe hind om start tthe bord and the ideaue o hour for t flighbecause littleonger checkn order toet youboardi pass anof coue t way io a sa on twoours before for e tradional ag

rs time of ar thebringi dierent pes of od on e hoday specif a liquitempory fe it is aiquid s if yr liquid gela rger than thr point fr ounces ahn l yourther luids if you go own ked cakesive ofourse th is coies Inour we corol ofhe- sohatThank you forWhether 's- a free cassere is othe swt the potato pWelln n the destition they t the the castle a thethey ve t marshmaowsn the mewherback Carron Mapl rup metime

Far from N Engld dowm upstatNew Yo so wh Thk you One Somemes thpackage From t where a you ccking for ree ouor wh no le the fruit caket ifou work for them

So Id item of Gto theall ah whas thiss Mas or- of ll

If yeYeah Veryery biright ready Ig exacy anotr ople he rit So wt

rry on vy on it is e aot ofeople traveng wh th wanto bri a nice theyant tbring champne in oferhe your rt no wre sur tt theoliday time of e that i a luid pduced a rge so that u know at ws of actorSenatoRubio bring up a the wer- with eith finissefore u come in t area but t fact atbut but-ight ght but avel t Bring ye i yourarry obagou save w Bucks withhe roses but Also are

Her we recoend that peoe not rap yeah The is aock some er then One order to ke- s prohited ah at hapns is You ce su it's noing

We hav a gift bag aga if yoare wr Up thes theUse th over and er so Yourift boin ord to bettergain t re's- box so this a lg way you r th One one how can we do th you nd the fir ing th's fine

Okay all rit e of the o ah yeah yh our' ways startt all t rports natnwide ading Extrun f overte to gi e offe aerson ttake exa shiso have even re pelevailableo make se two urs befordomest forople cffi the hos befo dinne for your pket u in ur car on bathat's good ti to that- I think I I'm se mething shld go into your are y e fourays ofun yeah first tweeto un e Faceok mesnger

You ca take a pto of e item And bere tha we ve aree TSA Wh I flyan I bng my at can tugh rht away it bag for sure r webse TSA fly can Iring m tie fn I eir aegedole rit awa resoces for avel

st yea There e real no chans sinc lastear's trel well it a goo timeo thinabout confined dver's linse aot of peod shoppg f last nute gifts return ere's als therobabl not the al I dyou but is ia good idea goodpportunity to do te ople ayour local department orhe- ifou wera which Onof my- water btle can into yre welcome to your We will hold We wl hold or withA hopeo who for thbestA lotf good lidayips the espially heren the Phoenix aas they're gonnae headack to their s y may he givethem

ight n ableo be on their carryn for Christmas back to Miesota're feel- weeks ago that was atntion to A wel comg u in ouren stors also swing y some of o wkend higights the roo campgn butra out o presidt trum d USA sdent aionummit-nd have itlt hourf n extr news w it's hpenina feminute Did want to talk about e holiday travel since that seems to be what a lot of people's just had the TSA giving us some of those travel tips just reminder they said Look at what you've got for Christmas look at what you may be bringing your Christmas festivities and remember the rules at the airport you don't want to be one of those people holding up the line so we all know how that can go for people as I mentioned that it's betiful d in w York a right hereive

lotf theou so isg grn wlike tsee that this timef the yeautbviously lot opeoplerobabl out doingheir g Hey spkingf holay shpingnd tveling we have all thatnd me in our top stories hereOn news w Making a ly or tomorrow give yourself plenty of extra time triple a says a record number of Americans are expected to travelhisoliday season F news correspondent Christina Coleman takes a look e one ndred d fifte milon Amerans are t t ghes total in almost twenty years most of them will drive th the worst traffxpecte thday aft Chrtmas a lot traffic in a lof aggresve tax c arexpectedo fly up 5ravelers incrse fm last yea and t gog airport mor strsful trfic as you go The's ain can't fd a spot tset wheny it's more expense thaapne ttle more incvenient but you're going to place very exted to see people so

t's ourirli officials recommend getting to the airport at least two hours ahead of your flight and the TSA suggest waitingo t tohere you're going before wrapping presents I ey need tbe inscted agts willaveo open the anythghat y wanto brin toughnyfh serityheckpots tha needs be ae to be ono- maybe not put that aborate wrappg jobn you're flying out those making liday track say it's not the destinaon it' aime to more jt sndingime th mily so gi don't rlly honestifts can be f too hiro meb B Xn exclusivehere'slway a comparn kio gontil

Two separat mo popul desnationoregazos to ds accoing tadvanc bookisliday trar from trien Orlando Florida Christina Coleman fox news Well a couldn't of happened at a worse time multiple airlines experiencing internet outages at Sacramento International Airport now to airline southwestern United were using back up servers but as fox news is just commenced reports That ages a not music to the ea of trt seemlike it willevernd Fifteen minutes three and a half hours almost three hours now wrapping around terminal Pete Sacramento International Airport we had a line Katter that offer just a hundred dollars But we didn't accept it in this is just to check in Ce l airlines includingouthwestn lta

Thehave tcall and verify eac individual mber- thatg workers to write out boarding passes in checked luggage manually Joni's waited nearly four hours but she's determined to get to her daughter in Ontario Ito ld a hand I help homeless peopleIt's als fligs dayednd canceed maight nake it out ther is critin acdent tha tk placeastr night airport spokesperso Samant markeayshat crh wiped outs A r when iwille rested Is paence is wt it isn the test isr issu are rieseff command checks been iting over an hr f his flightn twey twenty yea but they' be ty'll bhappy get o

heseelay anes a msing uscheles for arrival gates trapping folks on e tarmac I get your love onesecomupe go me beone with it Bad so it's pretty Distressing as for Joni she chose to wait it out Hoping now to leave these trouble troubles behind

So I made it later so that way I was able to build like I even have time to get a- wine or something Well if you are a last minute Chrisas shopper don't worry but we do have a reminder for you don't forget about that hiday take it As a kid experts s givg a little ext to those who help us year round can go a long way so we do have f's Dan arson Who is on a story en i comes to holidayippi the are soms that my building I too the ildi peopl imy cal u guard mybill same hole keeps ity me were perfect day

Even though you may already be shelling out a lot of ch on giver thes peopl are usiight no but wreallyhoul think ofveryone we usg toughout the yee s in t summe time lik the coer tenns tn thean- ople this subbery the dream driv- may eve the t bus nicuri sittion Napie tzpatricks the founding president of the etiquette school of New York she knows tipping can be financial rden but shensists that a you can me them cooes are n evebody likes at Christmas tea s of tm are in favor of giving holiday tips to e varis pele who makheirives lileore cscio of it your hrstylir barber wtever sure y giv themn er betifu lady imy areaho works as a walks And when I'm a little busy littl try it appriy thk abohe day think it als anoth way of hing sooneeel wcome and appreciad ofha anservic ty migh do thughout the eire yeao if you rlt ve thaxtra t for y n't he the te tmake somethg Prio rend us ahat pple remembow weakel A rdr simp I tnk you On the Upper East Side I'm deign arson fox five news It is a good reminder for this time of the year well as I was saying if

You are a last minute shopper you don't have to worry we've got you covered And your guide to all the hottest gifts for that gamer in your life box is A mending on has the run down from New York on this edition of foxn game The holidays almos here and once again millions of us have waited unt the last minute to buy presents but don wry there e plty oamer gts youan sll get your hands on One ofhe top recommendations aga thi year pro or custom controllers Scott is the top name this holiday is ailable for the tmodel PlayStatio frs r lume forxtra boteshat ca remap a faceutton and the ility to adjust t trigrs fm stock to hair with the flick of a butt A ayStation is in your console of choice both Nintendo switch andbox o make the own pre style contrlers

For the more outgoing gamer we recommend a streaming package microphones cameras and then Elgato game capture device that will let you broadcast gamlay towitch YouTubear mixer to get io the business ofng designin and building games a book by one of world of Warcraft original level designers John stats The world of Warcraft diary A journal of computer game development tells inuential gamesndistory I'm note toast mine hoday get in New York I am indignant Fox news Well snow will being as the latest trend tracking the holiday season by storm now if you're scratching your head wonds yore notlone I didn' know eier but accding t smopolit the ter refer t couplese a so this effect can be brought on by with the romantic holiday themed outings couples who've been dating for a little bit

Soon find themselves going ice skating exchanging gifts And even a company each other t holiy pties but these this ia warng When the festivities are done The magic sn glo in couples My over a realize they aren't as invested e thghtUltimate ending those relationships soon after new years they can be tough

But again you don't want to have that false sense of relationship Well healthcare made headlines all theirwenty nineteen fox new corresndents Jacki Heinrich has more U Sealt oicials undowevels ofotentily cancer caun theDAaid sples o ztacdg contned a n as endi MA classied probable human carcinogen The same chemicals been linked to zens of recalls of presiption ble stor chas lik WalmartVS he Walgreens a rig eig depament o heah a Humanullantacm Services released new opioid treatment guidelines the agency recommends that opioids shod notr discontinued suddenly due to thed withdrawal the wide ranging guidelines which pinpoint went to consider tapering And ste to o doct suldake before itiati a tapncludi discsing it with the patient the number of longllnesses nked to vang incased acss thenited Stas ts year as ofe vaping use link to lung injuries have bn reported to thCDC And for sev deaths have been confirmed in twenty five states and the district of Columbia to curb vaping some states have enacted flavored E

i Massachusetts in California ouaw E cigarettes all together A new drug to treat apovedbyhe U Sfood andwas drug administration the drug called tryoughed u is th firs trn therapyvaile foratient ed twee and olderho he cyst fibsis patnts9 ofthe mo cos according to the FDA For copters approval wasased o resuls n Clevand Clinic mad histo ba in Northmeri delered by aothea deceed donhe motr was part of a ound breakg researriald five Wen wh you i don't have utee erusemoved so ey aren't leo get pgnant this was the secda won's beeable tgive bir following the transplant of a deceed person's uterus

The rstaseas repted Bril in Decberf tnty contuing to pose a thrt with dthd d acro t cntry Flu sean llontinuento twey twentyo makeura u st a wh your hands regularly in New York Jackie Heinrich Fox news Well from celebrity weddings to celebrity prosecutions it's time to wrap up twenty nineteen fox's Ashley Dvorkin gives us a look back at some of the biggest news in our entertainment from this past year Celebrity scandals made headlines including a college admissions scam involving Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin

A legal battle between empire actor jussie Smollett and the city of Chicago started with small at e thing sixteen felony counts ace out a racist and homophobic attack t chaesere dropd and sll n s in Ccago awaing tri on muipleex cmes chges The singer has pledot guiy urt dat areet for twenty twty hi everne jeordy host Alex Trebek revealed he's battling stage for pancreatic cancer then a white took over t wheel for t first time in thehow'shirty ve ar histo while wheel of fortun host Pat Sajak recovered from emeency knot inwentnineen Dwaee Johnso mae girlfriend Lrenow s and risratt and Kathryn Alex Rriguez annoued they Instram postf thatain an La yeas bgestedding was th year'ig babyews print Therrien Meghan Marklwelcome theison RG to the royal family Violence

The ly we maintain The Oscars top honor Best Picture went to green book Olivia Colman andami Mal each nbt allall aslee whereo we go with billboas top bum ofess enty neteen Well now's axes old town road feuring lly raCyrus wathe so of the ye t thei place andhen a tick remake t lion king and Aladn tothe billn dollar mark gle firs R

red mov ever rve half billi Bucks wod wide The best we cano Avengers and games are past avatar to take the title of highest grossing movie of all me The rce wi be wi you Hoy's and huge film roding o their Sta Wars th risehe skyalkerrings Walkaga addin to bi enrtainmen momenrom enty neteen we lo ead to twenty twenty in Hollywood Ashley Dvorkin fox news

Well said thanks for one county in Colorado which boasts one of the highest income populations in the nation actually paint a different story and it seems a lot of residents specifically children having a tough time this holiday season boxes Eri nzalez h the details you can also tell your heart out you have to look at a student ine need to do sething more help to dai elentaryrincip Jeff Jnsonf yo don't know students at his sce distct aretrugglg wh statistics that can hide anessny polation in need o of the stcen tnty ghte uglasounty was the s couny wit a median hsehold income of one hundr ten thound dollars b the are other stats when you dig a lile deerhat paint a differt pin seven hundred students who were homeless in thwenty ghteen twty nineen scol yea ery yr our numrs go u the har tht stattics is thathers d behd eac o of the numbs we ve t e living and famies that ar ling in elters cars d motels jul saves the holess sdent coordator r thDouglas couy sool distct jobs in nd local resoues theob can Hrtbrkinguffer sage seenhe commuty ste beautiful it'brout me l of j to t suort in for those in need durine Johnn hes ts sson counity rembers tre's exts everyere even in the ples u didn expect sotimes e Th easiest time get services during the holiys and t hardest times are the gaps between holidays poverty doesn't take a break poverty doesn't go on vation Anen full swi forhat bid tmake ito thi ekend lotf them spending time in Iowa let's listeni to Joe den

We thetold m e remeer thiy fiveo fty pele her Thanyou thanyou ang allnd- I wannanow alysou you kw th- wa to thk the they' been grt frids bo spend a usedo it oka BabinerrI'm whic- the Hi rder

Okay at m t inlligent ing re a night at Ieai thk you thankoueryuch rely ely tough te a notoughime ie hang tim to are we' only a coup s al for makg theime Andu been on a bus tour arod- around u knowotten to twty thr enty fr-ural cnties and Iuess is notwelve role niny ninet oneime or anher b- we' gonnary to cah amany ae canecause you know u yoall of yo and I oyou take thi d the rest the cntry ts is Gonnat itou've t a of allyre really dfin a wi the plane ticket figures we sak- to a to shingt th is-ou're gonnas going toake aig diffence aso whetheor o ta

The esiden andhange the dictP shaking me lark lt ecially oneo thinas I id for cmon ding th really reall iortant time r our milies mter ofact I go ho- tonht lea here g to anirport go me my grandughter call When yocome he you ow Bua lot ofhe wI stted of whetheyere lile babieI woul bathe house d me sang this but motr used toean d always sing tour lore younow ando slp and can'ting wort a darn Buo a whol famil to he ithe member Yr favote person wholeorl

ha But'm anxio tseery them as youre exercisg your ba home and finis all the wo you he to do at hom ok Yoknow Fr the start said sething that I wantohe of I talk ad thate needo unifthis gothe race th was t focus d I w told at the time at's ait nve you kw- but Ihink ie w We'onna go throughn twicor impchment stnd there'nothn celebte about

ere's noing tcelebrate atll Anou know 's har in e cotry and it' hd on t ople And buton't gete brout it himself he stoodg trut in thehite Hse ln a- and the Cgress haso chois It doe't make it anyasier Don't me it yasier on the countrt impoant that theexte me prident wokn you to fd mode histo Becae is so divid

Andeave to unify the cotrn say that opponts iall good pple theemocrac Prary they s tha I'm living in ty at I don'tnderstantrump' Republicanarty And tha and I ve thione theyay thaI better tha anyonn piticsinkaiveI today i to be angry wit therump Republanr lhe lie iayors of tax trieo ruin my on surving son and ge after my fami d so iis buthis ist about

It'se so mh bigr than at It out our decracyAnd its literay on that hyperle I d't think the mos iortantlectio n yourver vod forIt rlly and trulio d s stalgi to ta abo bng have to havo we'll have to to d sometng to ing thisy naon togher Y know I thinit's just call We despetely need You kno I n't s this becse I oking arod andoping this l we'reonna hd handsf Republ sena u know Evething is goi toe wondfulut-ut- id becse thenly waye way getti done r thesn geanythy devil I mac by n

Buuthe al kding asi I thi is is digned to wos ar systeeall rn nstituonal stem tt requires connu execive power the you don't havea nsensuse hav to ing opleogether T folks I'm not sins justur gernmens dignedct's wh say our demracy rlly is atisk Maethers are wiing but I refedo accept therope peanentlwar wi the oth pay What hpens to at th Wh happe to us I refuse tacce is is e Utedtates of Amera is becausehat w it begi right he begin right townmerica You kw Iutll rwardn a vious plano revitaze ray thway me ia rural state Delaret's an eterntatus g corpate eity well e truth of the mter is t eigh six tusand ople

A some lges one large county and te remaing twoountie all t y dow into rginia t rgest cit is twey one thousa after thatt averes probabd pele Th agrictural Wh hearand so of the cotry Anysts you kw when you thinkboutt whereIt's kd of w soul regn Al oou knowhings Demoat or Repuicanou're independt youI yo rur road sure a fla re

Don'try to stop and lp n a je Ioubt wheer anyour nehf have probl You cide to try help You think honty maers Sound corny to y toy But honesy matte

But you wu giveour wo It mea methinit's aut again w are That'shat I an wn hearand thsoul of th untry And have rebuild you' been dergoi we'vehat been uerge destating for not jt agricultal s s the untry You kw- i you thinkbout ihere y knos Tomayse ps e ant itecognizesowre of th- Iill farmers is Tom would y u kn looki for aay off

oking r an oortuni An oppounity toeave t commity Leavhe coury e majoplayers in t world for al don't ow anydy I don'knr y me off'll be ne don't re abo

What producey wo I ank for a A producs so s shod be on the cuing to sre Carno begi aio fronta attacl d r doin Having opportunies to actg fars forhe entire coury in the we rerded f We'rgonna fuelsrettyillionand millions onew jo on thway Arsel pntsersonallants envinment and we canake re that ve with w or n ve Unless she youlo the oil coae l brdband thi of the all th pontial at exi in th poteial somef which goes on mahed

O minuteThe chdren ischools in mytate anall aund theountry spee broadndn many plasy don'tah u mayave it rightere I disaantage don't care where theys more Meomputi capacy ihenhatook thean to theoonitern s ds howhey cahandlet They'vgot nt e atsoev B some oput a disadvantay immeate aess pple he in urn are Anduburba areas ere's much potenal wou ext

Ifolks ok Whave to inves ae inves in makin sure tha haveroadbaou can havewhen weoy e acss to glal marts you whenou cou tradeot tde woul rule e whol country mycadou cht sll town America but al of erica You or you the seedf l info f is noongerith the I he god wling if get elted in our plan com in of for ssian n lger wre you're goi h withhildre andrand chdren belienghat th ly wayhey can Maket is leave home

Tgo somhere else to t happen hey plan is to store Resto the proses ddle claor rural Ameri rural Arica Given a chce I'd rather livehere th can wk for ty can ke a livi wr mily An that' been deed becausos admistrati

No we pu gether a pla Because we kn thatrosperity othe whole country litary depends Amera all oveme witnve This Norma's pot Thquesti is mo than at The charo untry is on theallot ts me arod littlcharacr of theountrf e world vws ushat th rema anywhe closto thae shing cityn the ll

Why has thred o werfulation in the histo of t world But is n been a power we he it's en the examplr of our exale That United e wod y do pple come I coot jusbecauseere come bause we the United ates of ericatand for the world and those jouey to valuese happeninto us President treats NO like it'a protecon racs ths whiteupremacist a ross t case e couny and around the wld

Whatappens yosee wt's happeng now o alances e literally ee What a js cklessnd necesry tra rs picking big oi And givinghe e proders toughout thand the ste Bueven me than his polim t gointo keep your talng about cw Even worseaseenhe dameha 's donto theoul of ts countr

I l of this nation Fanng the flames Fathe flam of hate groupg the ames think abo it thought I'm aid the ce out t civil rights movementy stateds lae black popation America gregatedy law nter I go involv I thought aer all statn be pked upy a blkly man

On a that they ha been tre on a as publiefenderftery part oit 20% of itund Inrviewing clients was waing for black man to come twty sev milesrom iladelphia pick me up Te mileide tWashinon DC Been sworn i nati's turd a coer

But s wrong I didn'tealize He heights Onis giv oxygetoit breathn wordsatterhey can nd brave womeni th marinhere Theyan sen ople they n bring pele you make mkets rise falleThey k ey canlsohree eht

of Arican societ Li of erica'not a iry ta We have bad piecesmall t when you gi it of authoty ings g reall a tough Anour chdren a listeng r childr are listed Yo have Ice agents repeat childr fs ms a mother's ms at e rderMy wif by the way Joe is nere toy becsehe just css thea the her si

Withf peoe on coressman Vell democtic coressmanrom Texas Bwn so To sehem hdledn the otr side othe border seekinasylum Neve befe have refus to low asum seers at lst comand have a aring

Th damagg us i ys it'hard ttell is is who are And fks belie we canvef t But ife giv him another fr ars belie you will permentlylter the cracter the untry least f affo in th dangerous world asking you m askin you Dold Tru his wking paperm timeo belayingrom thi ekend psident tmp

fami want tthank eryok at at Oy meer of our mitary and eir famies f their detion tourountrynd theirourage o eedoms Dung thi hiday ason We sendur prayers to alwho waservg overas An who will not be hom wh their

thanks you forll t and crific youake toeep us merr Chrisas and hpy asafe Wiiy husbd predentonalTrumyhealth ney Thanyou ve much d thank base Arews speci place a On balf of t Firstady ce presint Mikpence is is pen Wd very mry Chrtmas hap histic day f the Amecan invement Inhe Unided few say T large ever far day als mar anoer offially y know great t west brah of our mitary

This iad importt moment Olthe spe forcee supporti you theeroes o defend or tion d prott our eedom e t thousantwenty act iaboutaking se ouron r figers he t tools source of equment y need to fht and twin all th miliry strongeand mor werfulhan ev befor We're joined tay by sretary defense mark Caer d o servicecl doin a membe of thjoint chfs of stf

Many stinguhed militar leade And presentives c Thornber JoWie Rors Mhael Turr Michl McCallRobeh ll tt gat Greg nce a Miael wal and Iant to gi a ecial shouout to ryreat gtlemen w loves senatorim a officwork s rd on is

Thank yoJeffI want texs toommand of the A Fce distri of r Genel Ricky bbAnd mmande of e elevth wing d joi base drewsolonel Anew your -*-* tnk you d I am pt everne inmerica is he Amera's aiield I use it tenThere is noreater honor tn to rve ayour commanrn ce escially want to thk the the st O theest tha you truestense othe wo ithe Before I camntofficehe devastatg budt cut o depled a candateorery revers these cppling cuts

en I o And ty reins unchaenged a unrivadnywherd e theris no cotry th comes today Revid sevehundreng d thir eight bilon billn dolrs i defen ndingor the t thousd twen that' an a time cord in thhistorf our cotry th's theighest amnt we' ever spt Onur miliry and tt's aft seven hured biion imy first ye Aeven hdred a sieen biion la yearAnd it's a mat A verymportant

AnI have toay that We me tinest equipmt the finest pnes fi is missiles the find the equipment awhere the wld it not eve clohis ings our totalnvestmt in nationalefenseincey inaugution td what the gd oa budge in you n't he theest milita in e wow theudget Two a a halus on illion dlarso that' ally sethinganageew d it's beautifulnd witn the ne tl ve mosof it additn t ssive acquitions inhe- past twoears thiill authores nrld new F

hirty ves Twen one ndred difty fe army hecopter of all difrent times onx ve bra new beautul Abrs tas sai to t best in the wod Mf lette in our serve to ne new Aeighurke destrers A Fo class airaft carer and twothersn theiway An ch mucmore b as we is gting farore th just doquipmeFor th first time and I w a getting ather payaise ie th will be t large pay more thaa deca so ifou n't wantt you dot have to

For te present Harry Tmanreated the Air Fce or sevty arsgohinkf that We will creat a brand new Ameran mility servic At seventy yes ago thAir Forc Withu e spe fce and tha will wfficiall the six bnch of t United Stes ard forceshat ie t and rld he f May end a lotf thin happeng in spe Guys sce is e world'no is r fighng our tionalecurit

ericaninAmid o supeority ispace solutelyital de're leadin but wre not leang enough t very srtly wl be leange r agession a control t timate higround rticully wanto tha was nvolve ithis wh mehe this w- ae think wean say Mikehat w thad for this Project cause weealizeow importantt iso y to outure to r defee- somporta aa ended maificeny

Wi erythinglse tt we he so I wanto k near hf a ctury fro was Kiy Haw tthe creatn of the airrcy yes afteApollo eleve at we cate t space fce With today'y appot genal Jay Raymo Thfirst chi of spa operatns and e thvery fst membe of e spaceorce n th joi chise wl be o th jointhiefs whichou kno w expding byne posion posion S general Raymond's a vl coradulatis and ank yo r everhing y've doThe o thound twey NDAlso we nd to dend Amica'sols boers

The w improv housg for milary families d iends the s cald benets for filies ofallentax wcd roes tes gun Isery imrtant It wasery important toss do Afr yea of orealiz omisesyther policians I honor mcI si paiparentaleave The feral civian wororce it's made into w

Sohank you veryuch it's a ver bighing id parenl lea other tng that ty't Christs I'm pro to repo at we' givin eve soler sail airma cstuardsmen long time fact it goes back sep evennow wt tha des It can jt tellf t agai If you' leot to take iif yoa dotion to your gre cntry giveou a ltle bitess A know Nocongralations on atith thi leglation We owurndying cmitmento brav Perful warors ands aarrioo

now th have e bes brought the world'sost wted terre l Baghda tounder and secoWas just givhe poshis ofecord milary investmtrs ou coury hasejecte ture of Ameran decneAnd Ameran domince our mitarybrac of is now dominant f aheadf any of o cpetito That usive cellheree stard be amad I wan to thanfrom n so y erybody but want a the also thine mpanie tha Reall digned made tseqpmentecause have snt and I've en much oit inI becae togher wereyou wl otecti o peopl our glorus Amican fg Iour wodusehem bwishinur armed force a ve merryhristm and a hay new ar Godlessou god bssur d hono to

gn t t thousdy twentyatie d y peop thank you very chAal is Jam so e gonna be traveling around the Arizona area hi I'm seventy here in Phoenix if you're going all the way up to flagstaff Paul me thirty six degrees is what you're going to be running into and- in case you forgot news now does continue online floor areas is joining us here with a- a look at what's to come because pull our we do have some things Honor stream for this evening yeah so even though people are expecting it to be kind of a floor we because it's the holidays- presidential candidates for twenty twenty especial the Democrats don't think so They're campaigning everywhere we've got Cory Booker in Iowa and I've got some top stories from across the country get erybod caugh up on what haened ovethe weekd rht it's aays goodo be abl to cah up don forget tt you beauful Sky the and- I weekd closlways me for so tnks ain foroiningsA beaifulr here o neu e tra torrow

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