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News Now Stream 12/19/19 (FNN)


S histo tbe imached stand Inow a lot o ople he bee alrdy last nig butlsohisn only Pelo we heard from Mit McConnl Cy Graham even Kevin McCarthy and- I do have here witme ts hi h Chrty h and- you knowrni this is st

Not something that was too surprising how it was going to vo b obviously thert blows emails saying that they made send those two articles that votedn To eenat this is an incredible new twist because the I me with there's been so much discussion about thiscould happenthat can happen nobody really saw this one coming in hand and if she says look I'm gonna sit on this Until I'm satisfied That that tri is gonna go tay that I want to see it go or that niche- that- Chuck Sumer want to see it go it cetera That just adds a wholeew level frankly all of uncertainty right

o Iean- we'reoy not clear b McCnell said this morning he said- we said soany timhye in suc a hurr Tt y o oces ce a wen and twve wks- they went from one comt committee and when th tm wh they wenfrom intellence to judiary I think a lot of people okay this of the several we wehere- Teers and tt was thowne and- he's taken care of at inveigatny houf vestatorsuring theixon years andy d before would even call that's right he is ts is the removi somebody omffica I watch a lot of it no just watching the- thing the speech de t description Fillyver to th- Chuckchumer wants tw get me oe likeohnolton ithei get Mick Mulvaney andound like Mulveyay know a lotbout it- but s were frustrated The Democrats Democrs areoing to be caing t sho in ths are Senate

So I truly donhink theyl jt- da motion to dismiss and beyond that I think thk itle arettuickll- but Io th youayave msed itraw rht now e abe of powe ptcne for 200-312-1971 twoemocts actuly vio depeent voting yes The artie tof ngress pasd Two ndred twenty nine to one hundred ninety eight with three Democrat voting dal o indepeent votg a I heard u talking ts morning- you owbviously lot of presre fropartn each side to their action And Gateho irunnin for twty twenty presidt tot yeah ever to not be on the stage tonht b the w eve ti s'seenn t base e's alwaysheost weled yeahou'righthe votut isn'in aayhat

Listen b you kw whatThe ga develing her o So natiol Somne is the as ju kin of telpartlineo result- I'm wasn't shocked to ae rson tt did do that- wil sait wl even s wheth she you know kind of where her political career goes from here right n las nht preside trum holding a rly in Michiganhile this w all unfoingny t rely didou cch any o at no A well actually y know f da h kn was a the diffent covege lt nx ppednto a for aouplef minute andk woulKerry full psidentl mark but whesomeing is importt in Capitol Hill the state with th rigo all soc a to Knowhat inhe thaI sawuplef min It's aut time

n t who Food meane s pingor you that's exactly at Ias thinking too and I want to ke y to me m vide ofis rt a polical suidearch f the mocrat party have you seen my polls in the last four weeks Plseou kw wh Beuse opleou knowe havan electi rightoI I'm ruing ght

I gi you litt clud beuse figed o sayow saidevermpeay be ting to ach mfrom y o thewereryin t reacme fm berey I nt immedtelyo nuer one ste from d one i the deteso we are Ion't know a tol ofighteeactulyd ople forgothere w one th they ver talaboutut th's oka bute haightee an Iaid wt amithiss no go I wan odd numrs Becae o yr ci t ma elen orake ninid Can showing uy ey d Beusee we way ahea fm thbet o goodriends today althoh you wodn't kw it bed onhe th say tt w the meast I was a etu goto s Wain tt fund hoe Decrat He brandions emselv wh any jrnal rk of ame d it ireally ist's a sgrace Decrat lawmers du r t thWashingtwap whi we lieve o not it ehties

Becausth Inuding the gs younow part o u mit asell call onemocts theediand lookook I d' haor sebodo kn if doou know eew Ykimesw loof mey f NBCith e apentice rig a lf moy I lo plu wr th tng cald the appntice I kn will treate wlBCupand-heyI call icome casyou kn 's oed by mic

Th're wayNN a MBC their bthet as bady ratingsre down thtube Highlight I loveWhat ty think t t allo suld bable tveto the sultofa a ti like this thif it You hahe greest enomy i theisto of tr o r rst tng S cgradulions on yrcono g coradutions Anthesguys ow liktalkinaboutAnd if ey dtheyay Oma d it the esidenhe wilbether presen en red will nsider it pernal affrono ae priden andhen beca present wasu

becae he h morstreth an I g ttheselacesou know sret sa n the year go thugh basemes I ps c lobbs I sayell yothink yocould er babtake mto a lobb Bt gopstasownsirs all fligs go downe I sd a we T takee fligsAnd say y thinkr llarcouldo ts I dot thk so ey bng h bac homehe wan

And now I hear she wants to run again would at be grtYou can kdai thir so u canee presintr trump oiously fired up Twitr sdown media thas s thing right there a- eeting out this cture rht here i rlity they're n just in tayne of e I speake lastigt onon theepublin side Hey heaid something to e effe w the voter gavehe collecve mido o Donald Tru Yeah thas what heaid Eig when wvoted for Dold e no liked u younow the ople putrump ioffice- sense election d A thi ki of ple to that ntiment That people- yeah u can do a lot ontervis with ppld theyote f non dp right in e states ttattere pecially like up Pennsylvania Arizonbeat swingtate n izona

Pennsvaniahio Wionsin what were theeal asons- younow wait bui eall wait don'tant Hillar Clint-e esidenas it three t jobs back to the Unit States inegotia hard and win of dferenthings- but inds despithink ts place really ll With s base and I wl just tlt her day Somebodthat I follow ond of ithe famy who ner talked pitim ye Put putoliticost u talkinabout impeacent And everody a ltle bongow I'veever seethiserson Puup polical pt on for

stoo on th wholehing buteally ke it jus l e rlly fed up on bh sides yes the fothe Repubcans the be for theemocrats I mealet's fatancy Pelos asime went on and e clude it was the e of the mallurh Mcnnellaid memoctic frnds are dealinwith t- seven stw l e yes- you kw tking about how how dare they u know Basicall psumehe psident trumpasl that kd of thinand tt's why nobodeally went down the the mothereportet's jtof sticko Uki appear thaits What it di Demoats bas and it also fired up the report And intereing enough to he's going to get a big win today becae the house ving on That U

S Mexico Canada trade agreement the yourselves CA you e inhe c heas tkinghisn rnin and he's like- she had impeachment talk about Nancy cloe t ink was of aefor b befo seeind g t rtaiy h vieof ae's- e insideiew r su but alsohinkt wd toave somethi thahey argume Going into tnty enty Tt w a as ump llshem the doothi mocrats And st acally was Ihinkt washeaid at- thegotande the luncn th notit ineali Aotf unn leadersere ver

s tae in terms o Where are Thin lie mafacted andther tngs- hard for an Ihinkeeallndhe psin feel likt election To so of ose swing stat o d dohrough Oo and nnsyaniand he wantso do ings espiall for thatart of theount And the and the ecti in twey twenty will probably be settled ithose ates as llou canhat al the se states Havnd that he' probably- lking- prably lking pretty good So you know whether or not

Evybod did the S M C forltruisc reans becae ty ju th' ing create moreobs Or they d it becaus we heo have something to counter

The atckshat are coming thawe arthe do nhingarty It Yeahight h longo yohat regard try holdn to tse Yo arties

ndt him to the Senate well You know what actuayas talking wit our great fox repoerg over on channel ten yh n o x tenoug was eht or and I have a in our four thirty half a chance to ta politics d If a- th upp chamber You know which it is it's the more deliberati chamb if yore one onl a hdredenator Washington DC Youre the mo impornteople in th pital Probly nexto the prident

Rht t vic president Tht y thowerhamb How to do thr buness yeso I sur McCoum'seore- out sponher auallt in kind of ripping Nancy Pelosi for threatening to hot u wasell wh wereou in such a hurryt r now you're sing yore gonna t on it for a while that makes no sense to at l- t- I just can'see it Hoing out f Wellnd I alsoee them staying fine yeah

Speaker Pelosi we' do it all theay youanto I st I can't say tt it's too bad ba it a stf a long gam becae athe days go on- eryby reales t publics are goingo set e gund rul And that's in the Satend wh ea ssin dayhathe sit o holiys swe've t aouple the weekere worothing might happen But if they come ck at e begiing in Jaary anwe're alsort o in a- teo

Th will not play well you don't look at Great Britain Theys bretndll eig got thay Tha they that voters probablyecid thiis ridicuus wre gna throw bunch of ou Wll go with the w g he ys hs gng t vote thehadistoriote exitone le Sof thiplays at al lik We'rll stoow

e can to rk ve fwardn impehment w n'toveackwdst's jus tting Ncy Peli des That's not gl s andne lt pot tmake to y Docrak o Senate went on trial does start so that's goin to fect twty twey candates y kn they'- ao gng to wellell it' at's a plusg maj pys foJoe Bin thahe's n nger in e Sena

Do you and I mean Two of the threele p nesightightithp th botlizath Warn and Beie Sdersnd they' got to be sae have had to be out on the road every day Right of y of a wie high criticidhis is theost io imrtan decion senat- most can ever make i the litime Is whether not peach d cathat Sohat so does not play well for some re ha mor reactionomin up quk bak but then doavea lot more coming from t capital rn ne now And Doldrumpoke up th rning and impeach president just the third time here in U

S history but I d want to go over to the reaction that's been pouring in this morning from both party lines Goingo start with that of the hous heingrom oplell ovebnrng how the cotry ane ses li peoe have apring pridenwas ld accntab constuti ithe premlawor s releso rely i intesting to se e rponse that are ttingiparsancros party nes Iysel forhe s have this ringe f oucoffs Tsee tm alo manyf a hun e flr Ihoughtead tim for us tgood speak aut our conitutio About e early me priotally carefuyAs a sa t twtiesheSign saygoway me withy s chair aerhe presint I me of e for tress nferen aer t votesast in t-ostecennd theat is seTakingp onmpeament The wa propol o the flr- put togetr by in a partanayne hdred On theasef psidentorrd

li tha bn any entlusn maeill senover tt th now-e'vead a vy eveful ek I'moroud o o membs a that Rn p La yr's Cpaig wsetnot for e pele w readette e costf healcare

Starng wh loring t cost ofrescriion drs d condion benet But therng therg Cuings lower dg cos now athich ds ju thatAs gainrom th I thi it's Of passik alrey saide wldbewe endi t hundrs of onxpandienefs forvings Medire Deal vl e ggesexpansn of met Medire sce n t e apopriatns bill to ke vernnt of theeedo doo gettarted forAll thandarlynoughd ba andorth

Thae endantys y may apoprie-ysel one pce an culre Tt to eir ow thjob ne A salutet co lon w for h wor nkinembe a welnd a legiation guess atthat Cultursomethgi l be oit is ing tohe presidt

F sie o d e i at sm monors fincia serves wch ea ans coittee iot Engel foren affad e alsoery imrtan coitte Chair now barol Maloy covI sa lt nigh at sa twoay ouwhile isn witus heed leafor juice iwith withhe angsOuroom thg to keep t constution a tapp whehs a ry fraionittle d we know tt byhe tim we te thimpeacent residts of The ar f on t flof the

SBting xicoanadtradagreent my lleaes othe flr st nig whilee we doing th forhe Newexicwe a doing thet ok se time tconvin the admistraon andhe oth goinforwar Unt we d thuntrs wast stroest p trad aeeme as ao e- thatill hapn foroday

Imementi leglations you'veearde d er ain Thi is out yo C forceit doe'tg if of t conrns thae had o othepharmauticalnds the gathed t envod weake Gia pgresrom Firsof a ovt adnisttion with cause it toeginith Iall of ose goin forrd I

m veryw please to vee day th went t from Th AFL CIO fy thers no dying thathe adeulesn Amera wl now fair wkingeopl have cread a nta I Chges grn ansome omy numb sayg t mean everying then ter the ate a locaxesongl and is pd for ts lislatiit

Real t assauaxnd wealiest iividua afterl bpaid fy When t pri neveoverhe- invidu rate anthenhey di d now ofhat weave do as yooudl d a te know t- wiel e edge McCnell's thawereour ndred Sevty fivof tho the range osubjec a you've heardg our- top teniecefa of bagroundheckexpaing backgrnd Pele he he a ckgrnd che unless the ve at aun sho onliner in me kd of strl saw- tranctio so t

t isxpandind awell athe Soh Carona At o is twhundd nine fivdayseigh otheree o weent tse bills t McCoell thgrs ' e evy day did y jusnot ke up tt le t wi paswille ta it up Evy dhat he es not ps a ndrepeop dieot a of themith a giolenc not soe urge him to tap that li savin lislatihe list goes oays ual yor eal wor olencegainst wom act Agaiabout wh gislatio to ise e minim we o thie miion trty o thty tee rae withhe- plse Waitilln peley er twey milln othem are discminaon ainstGBT Q mmuny String tm prome d to s facsave o deraelecons t

Asush wis a t tech tentio r Amica'sorkers farork rce dernationct whi passe the oer dayith birtisan suprtas birtis suprtnsidnd ouide ofhe Cgres aga lowe dru coe e sobody cam witthe fure T fureuture aion at wasbout minityerving initutio Hisnic servin as sittioy blk colles a univerties In very- higr educatna al wit our nive Arican that ion itsay To thto the esid- y toou tha the a theime the wo wrad – they had Ty fe t same an they meaometng saying at wn y rreate ren your we creat tcombatf o theithl fothe diussionnd debes assu On th from yone

re r many one matr what t differcesy remeer tt were oto untry I he my fingeanel Sa one cntry one dth We and look rwar to dog th Afthe bou as weo for wetill s hodays a Whatev you a lebratg in o housee I ho you he a dot havehbre th

s ti for few qstions Yo run thrist the okinlikeou're ayin sa lesr sennces ware have had h bihich i jt say ere's billade an der ca up anyime In derthe les mmn toend ovet pay r the r the r theit peachmt d tn the xt step ithe pr yowanncallt th the ialThats wre y put tout t manags and tha maners wad alet becsee dot kn the ena th we

Oaey I d't carf sick and- don ded i to s if the proce but will be readfor whever i We wld he treould a fr pressust a we constutiony t way Iold someft anI ard so of wh nationa remied mthat r fouersnnelsaid t r wh they ote t constutionre ty susptedhat tre cou be Priden I d't tnk ty suspecd tt wa re presint In a row si of e prlemny oth the quesons any whh al Of xicoor tra thatob thrgh the peoplreentsAndt glalismnd t issssing anybody nt to le g t t our commuty a oth tonsweanymorquestions ens causIg wi know o a how man we want to nn get atOne excts trand gotid of th wst tra deal in hisre shou y wanto takeredit r wel ocourill ke creditor theece of wt youst scribe bl gure tse andome ofou have Ou su e woulbe havhat we llt present I d't ceboutth at

Buwe hade had portuny to dsomethg urta forhe Amecan peleBecae works ande couldot l he o s thissn't aboutim it' about Amerit hemihere a fnkly- wr ren't ing go dn tha path until n immiationroposahich we not aeptae ts you dcribe e nothg zero Wh likthat'swod der itCommts aut yr frie featedrderly

Leus pra leus prafor e priden asnsecur wn it ces tthiss Thery Stat pernss h suest Tt Johname w John Dinll

d y isot witust becse he ge a lauressin f ings tt he sd doe't at all it's very sad Thank you all very much happy holidays couple Ar a gse argoin into a ci toe cong back out wh Carthy isress that haened few ments a On tworticle h o turn to Kevin Mcrthy is presser ou lasheeekl prebe coverage f theef e decesoefore bin if doneto see u I nt twish y all very ry mry Cistm Ana prosrousew year stress confence I gss we're ing n e impehmen

If yatch wtt transfmedai oor it somhing tt was th all t time Theeakest impehment U Sistory askor morwitness thatin to over hereas wro Now w ve thewn speer of e house s so ee mits theailu of is impeacent ised t I watcd in aress cferenc u cod evenake yo estion

Thats not goo defey not sendinit By resing tsendImpeacent over e know ts outme i t goodhe kno the fts are notheres e h o estionyesAbout dending am I wored aut my gacy my rd aut my gacy o cotituon is no that ere inot ieachab wt ereside d theuestio beforee as a woulconsid probay the most rpected Constutiona scholasa Reblic Demratonatha th was ming forrdas trley evenee Democrat Bo o b reco of th Congrs is meor subpoes m t ngresshe d that'm an Congss signed thentire ti fm seltingf t mmittechairs frohe frhmen o tir fst day

T Adamhiftl ofmpeachg the esidt impehment goi againWhenhey movet animities wld bso gree ey useheir o polital AlourTo doomething differtnd thea woul'tend itver tohey nate mon bes abouthat Ye recoumbef public riremen of is Congss yh it p wi youparty

lp o abt stongres wn wek d retiment was tt abou I wish wds na sea wasow probay tn medi talng abo polics anideas to te forhose w e afid aboutepublin retirent I wf u ta thevera of rmen bas unhere if twen thrRepublans gon placeatte I wisark adowsas ds bee great memberf fr n thing abouthe Replican Party Wey oulde yo ente li t watcd a lawye and he' a de frid of mineut h he said ihisr day thahe'seen re f thir eig yeat withhe Rublica Par wer althy wringewew blood to be the cruitmt chaiand wt's t membern twen ten iwhen

Republany ree Decrat iome Ifou measur us e ars a pay On ose wh morehan hdred me tneave Repuicansunning formen Congss at y h story theepublin Part Fr veteranand upSoe're ye thas step iour- jp swingnd a e tr bause our conrence i ing to be a liteight in stngerfter tay resulf you ke abtr -** aut rirements publans ing replace ink thquesti is speak losi when e stard thisn which anr own membs For e publ goodefore

t be thcase promid may stronr theye gonnbe afr just find thatny of t stre th youacktefinity isect t heahyor aovernmt but 's diniteh e wod ser qstio if yo uld rpond tan elier mark aboutf the ek Joh Dingel b-u T feder prosetors

Realed tt Areot Stil on e sameay vis to se camep duri his ml hearg Asou knoome ofeft par h moneyas senhere the velopmt in tFusion liing of Ditriver here ofhat heduleontinu gowll refe to en youaid whnd ppenedhis we I thoht you re gng e dge bad upowhat hpene wi the FA cot a the F spng on e camign Tt was areat ca ll-uestiois Joh Dgell- I ew John Dgell new dety of r serv tm both invidus- I tnk dayir theye as Joh d en Joh passe ay he tched the for and y hed my eech

Onhe for a-ery rongndividl Vernd ntribua ight iividua thinkou made greatoo Amica we may dfer Philoshicay as I coideredim a fend Yeah Nothe hoe has ted ticles

at wilhouse Reblicanold Teessee e you plninf yo memrs The ial We if ty wt infortion tnkeed you havao th's uo theenate d t also u to thpe nts treprent h Bu welle wiYes mam

steful the et wel l me firnighs housRet ugehat I wld feeit was a feat tthe cotituti Athe ris of peacent uld becom slow th y di't reatheonstition to ta Theonsided a deat spkersked uo ho ind thathe Mah of is yea at ast at th timehat impehment For soivib y parts

en watched las night thene Decrat who actuay ruing fopresidt vod prsing So theuestil e u me to peach would tha you ncy g themericablic tt sheor wre a te line tt she she ent twand a lf yearsctommits workinos coeren day aer impeacent Thshe y e t y we Rublin talkg poin quesonIever tught a spker wouldcthat wa I takerom th She' uld barrasd othe

Unrstand w e geis Sh underands heown critea was t met cotitutially w not m We faid one I sweredour qution u The saker- arguehat Demoats dt fostrengening- t produ er time f improng the gog toass stronr thuct is ou a hould youly came star bsaying the speak liev t Democts nee at

Eht US M uphe oy presento she anks theis cred belgg the esiden is whe broughUSMC a ur e than% of t overa bill s peop wheth they uld vo for MCight tal abouthe Mexi isur numr one trarUnit Sta Canada nv t ye of r- r date wi inarying to come to an agement wh China

Chi straht If y are gng to gonto a gotiatn Cha u'd wto be t stronst possib abil came to th agreent ts may cae a lile strger wi r negoationsith Cha Yeah erybodo e powe speerot tbringt up

hy baust timene owhen santedo last week that we arhereut the e she de la vote Shead thave o whic onlade o Srra gotiatnsith Cha put a wear posion Soe got oufirst ase ofgreeme th Chi We pbablyould stroer wittheir fst a cond tradeo I dot know Becae she ly hardoes b lding

She wantto try t spenan in me manr It was th all t negotting 1% of credit y can'take erica is songer becsehe US M Presidtss ey wou renegiate ts afr twen five ars t accolish psidentrumponly o and o Parthas le them hindYous n Demot want to y wt's lcomg ys heeavi the Demoaticarty the'sy from eithe sid othe aie

Have lt e othe BuI c't rember a me that sobody lef fm the marie preme of itReallyhouldn shld be ked tohe DemocratsHow cab excited you srted ts yourwn conrence t smalrole ocest becausofe t welcingt alsohows y opinn When youatchhe nighyou wah tho thirts e Demoats whsat iseats wereown tre heaas dowers 're n proud o wt the re int was most like th Ielt th pssure side tem amberrom theirwn presre of thconstients back homey d othe

Manyf them promid beforehet theyould n voteor Nan thatromiseight ayoke cause at pmise of tse Many othem wou say ttwo ana hah Th did n want imached e presidt y ca here Th cirmanf the coitteef impehment diciarwas sected bed they selecd to presen thett facn twarticl of imachmen side t rules cmittee Two inaurated id hwas gog to tea thee h ntrol e floofor th mocrat side o gaven the marity

On the d of beg swornn r saidhey waed to ach th ther So I gsshatuch a pressuut s constuents But t differce is eves l ha a voi lhe frustrion I s thisl Becae the ople he themt por

e sond quo sterday wandwicd in beeen t for five rties an majorothhis wehe you know mocratay ttay-anill-hih that swshaty y can lk andhew guat the sa timehat th can hol e psidentccountle whi also lislak th it sws tha tre cane despe All of wh h beenome barti haing ov car in e la veral Mohs the could b lot biparsan pporbut t's st takyour qstion hadiparsan bls othe the endingill d How mys contuing resutio befortimes d ya e presre of ristma coming Bore ef e troo not gting tir pay rae I t faile in tir job

a Bipartan you bw jorityou prose tha u'll bdiffert I neve Bipaisanshe stted the ve begning ccerned abo escripon dru so wead three lls tr th pce of dgs ce ou ergy andommerc witevery public in evy Decrat ting for t ther was one peon hadhe pow to chan e bilot in mmitte rely by rself tpeaker e chged the bilefore me to thflooro makeure wasn'bipartis to make re cou not bome la S

MC Asaye birtis it wi Wee wait one yr foo theloor Wh beach front town alongxn wterlya Connecticut bdernd- Rho Islandtaa accordgo W Ttment vecle A law enfcement d tl them ateast tee victims wt e nfirmo we will be keeping an eye on that keeping you updated right here but- do you want to turn things back on over hello and good morning I'm Chris Tillerson your host

Back on over to trump impeachment reaction now we've been having a lot pour in from our nation's capital we heard earlier this also heard from house minority leader Kevin McCarthy but I do want to go on over to the capital we're Lindsey Graham also had bn inteiewed s waynto thcapita house impeh a pridenteutur youa Holdin ary toxtort thpresident Unss you doa angreeme tire king w ll lethe impchment arcles g

e cstitutn ner envioned hou being ab to imach thpresidt Andictathe ter of th ialn the Satend hol cotitutial extoron a mechanm the re cotry I dot knowhat's specation is tt tre's yer'emorsehat e foundaon ofmpeaca shy d I jus he tt ey willlow ts tendhe Sete Degned bthe nate

t shod ae So inhe I memb notoing to e Sate toake t case And if wead held bt Sena To do our bidng as house mg uslive senat dsancy losi heny leragver don'care if e hous nev impehment well I d't kwent tse f who sd to ility to ape t tri best constation wh the nority aderhat's theay t constition prof o u Constutionhecks d balanc keep fa n of sepation of wers constitionald lances Tt shoul scare ery Amecan ll y aee thhe impchment or not ump dengemen syndres racially nee e o tria that is just ary yh That'sh esiden lely yeah Ialked thisessageike wt a theyto in iss dog

A sester esidenI th tt thi mters to ew future of tt e theenateowo condthes trial hes thf impehment ovethe theichoosio unleh tme of th is just aolutel sepation opowers ist the really uaire arties oimpeacent I thito factlly we ju can't hd itd backnde comeo an e For e goodf the naonl constution rdap ise clr he d pea in t house you tr at nes thappenooner rathe th later a this idea wil withho o Nanc Pelis a non startf annoced that she was not sure wh she's going to y yes ticlesverhere w a questi of whatt nted in Senaterial doou he stillntertainhe ide o longer mor dwn out pcess withitnk there's a wness requey the pridea s ques by ybody I'moing toay no Iant tho end quickl I'm y desion basedn t trial cord estlished iheouse inhe Clion impchment did thredeposionsut trewor the ason tha Scher wts witness Ia o e and may to y to svageote in in th house I tnk the to t flo of the Senat he was deee houshe's fstrate

view is ptty sile Iant t ve the tal bas onhe record estabe y witns reqstsnd here' thers fiftyne vot to cat I belvk y witns by abodyWhat if Thiis thenlyay tha spkerlacebo senearthis what'm telli you sh constutial exttionhe n'te the Majory Leade of th Senate And the house speakehd viole c you igine what u woulbe saying if Republican Wh you wld be sayingfepublican pull thi timehei prident wernot gs i t articl of h nate uil the docrati leaderf thet trialre lking Thas such a vlate r jo i MitchcConne'sob rkingith t senat Schumeo deteinet breatakingBoldangero powe yes

guess wheit rus leThere eds be go oneayusthink whal legimizing t pross we presenan be e f Coressn this ce the obructio bed onhe fact thathereso exersing ecutive prilege rits Ratr tha bei able too that in e for ocess a put aad accudn the strict i nyers Gsuppordxerces lelights a lot a very d precentbusef powe present habeen pch bast is th tr crimil miscduct Would you ree g r nohe didiolate the law so did Non Tres no violion of ee the's nouid pr quo the view thinkorreerpnt stemen thathe wl the nateins toer wl is brthtakily danrs

Sh idThis this rning yh did yotalk a s ying tohis i gd theou know he lv ofhat's gog on iessee don'know ithis ijust kd Clurnaid aut an hour agof chaern I ess i if were to ME wh's in theat all I sd is aery dgerous momt her Amerinistory For t r theouseo even contemateefusin d e arties pasd by e dispition bthe Sate Ise to thSer justhink e institutio the presidencof don't kw abou t presint mean lten I sported t lar vestigionecause di't kno I'm not mothe was egitime pson tbe seris aegation

Bookint misconcs erythiince then it'sust be a nevnding eorto destro T pree shipadlerhow is t pressive tme A you kw whetheyouo n't le trumphe rules a ere fors allverybo theiccuser Even in at ever prent a theuture Shld be-hat t cotituti shoule hored You stt

t ach meani Corn the hoe to vo on arcles of Sena that's thway th the rks Ifou cnge th lot them esti h bee goin to t downisho more to dissst ad Ihen is tt havet ink ey'velreadyone tt Ion't knowf

t's ju say for aoment th can't wt would happe happ is that youould havesicay d the hod prest t case based on e recordf n e hous a globa we you'have t of presesThen legal tm cor oduc of thhouse At me peri of te That what uld happ with th an agement whe You ne tesng I d't see the prident'commts John Diellhat relyorks ow whadid he s He jonglympliedhat th ngressnd- lp he saidhat bad ing to sahe saithat he shod n h d ing bao Mahl tlisten to me surehe spealn' counsecould t cae

Most Rublicaf Senateaidetus o like he di nothi wrong He thght ts was a wch hunt actiable Hlo actns taken of t impeament artles rete to e mal rort I though it wo wh we'llee wt happs of t equatn for aoment An put a geric name

The propings very dangeus t e presency itsel Is a thato the nate Is a violatn sep i ecedent sig virgi Saker losi flowhe cotitution rd map nd ur work oducto theenate We will f peleo no like wha wdid as senators they can hold us accountable at the ballot box the nate trialo I'monnain I'moing tgo mee with thpresent thi afterono talk auto d l te nee to beade upf people Who wn th constitional hisry o peachmt

hat ey should beashion as a Supme Court arment- hse Repubcans dia go jobf gog afr a- ocess in e hous ahe- lackf substg momeheyallackardous Th Senate tal shoul note like ttT condted Bed on gic and reon lnd fac

hehief Supre Cou wl be presing over thev ggeste to e Whiouse trl shod b cducted aif itere-rgumeneforthe Supreme Cour I think the nate wld arecie that mmentsikeHelp me this enario I don'tnow whate and to suest ev andjokingid b Ib woule o that that thats at is outf bnds I d't ow whahereside sai th Justaking ur wor at it s approiate Apolize foyour mting wh him toyYu t id n if aid th about seing a shoulyou shld you shld t ate ofind One othes tions ang No it waust like aikes haening

keou knowhat's gog on hernd I sd this pre I'm n sure mysf- I reforced to hi that- ough whathe hoe did i t going to ld wat That they'v sr y itlf that e rson the impehmentt justeems tbe o much I tught after mal was overou'd be witmove on to tt li prese dppinvoted t officeAnd r d I I' tried test could To elaint in a'm a b puled to don't knoho came up wi d th artics backntil Mitch Conneloes thing tha w Let'hold t artics backike iterma ybe forver Nt thas disttion and that jusannotonstin stands e ssible ttheountryf you I'mrong n takin wt h the ters t tI wilface nstituonal roa map of w disposf d be tught wt arging eakelus s aer leaderip team pleeg wnhis patou c iticiz wt we don the Sete y c hold liticay accntable But don'tet us offn aitch constitiony g road thinkhat's t her b

e evenhe besand movation Nanc Peli thinkhe ce by senatochumer at Mcnnell ll sit dn and haveery Littl belie it to clhese wnesseseant invod I tnk any predent wod che ts natiol curity advernd she does impehment inqui Schum polical pturing by Schumws tha l is goingo wheren the Reblicanidehe presidt's G a loto e h becau Ion't wt to rn overght didunter Ben doe- impeae sothingnapproiateid it d did you he aonflic of inrest to diJoe Bin do Inapopriat the's wayo look a thaf o into a ccus

e'reot going to do aI f setors se Decrats who ietly uerstan The don't wa the Saterial to come a circusm arou oveif hs with hi democric cn you se that tter wh ver specic te fra of w thisspecif wr ial wod run don't want to qstionisotives Ihink what hs t n u know Th preveed the pridentrom ercisin his lelights to ject To dend the psidency itsel Theut ane limi so thresint couo to cou Tyh daynourt andeld hn viatiofongresecause precent forheresentusal self a what humer'doing is

Wh ao suppose tgo aad with invos exetiverivile Are weuppod An me tha decisio rselvend notive t whole Ercise t Schurs thk is politally drin A e end of th d I thi was ceer Monnell gng t wind udoing

a recostablied bthe hoeg the as t basisi magers aeasonae piod o me to ma their casTh pridenthance tdefend one fty onof usre reagains the A voteere's wha Iant wiote Im not ing to vo on a tion tdismis disms thease a I w a to thactualubstance I thi i thataw 's impornt forvery whetr wehink theseerms ofe on be reputae fcess a motioto disssy Repuican will pose it

Because Is trial ends is the bone on the articles created by the house after all the things you more reaction that we've beenwah having coming in here to our news now desk I want to show you what happened on the Senate floor first going out to Chk Schs rerks Aut impchment atn Turns s sizeo the Sete Wh will e nati eWell t natios see at Alexanr HaA confence enoho presve on awednd on fluenche necessy iml the tion see t Senat paisanor e nati just witnesd h a DemotratinbothAn

nhis unfortate deentn rtisanip And demstrating thundameal weaess of th impehmentf present tru housvoted alg partline cannot be ld resnsible fs e Crav thisf theouse Reblican caucund their bld feal to e present ader McConnelllaimed the peachmt wasotivaty partisage Tse t imrtial Iave no iention To bempae trl of psidentrump Wh pocrisLeadercConne u the hous Democts of session to g rid o numb one gl

Waso makeidt trumpe pridentbama ane ter esiden Lead McConll claimehat Dh e present f asserng ecutiv privigereside trumpever m e ote absole immuty On que Inhe White House counl wte a lter sim statgimply tthe adminirationouldl th anyubpoen

Leer Connl claimhat the Decrats ote obseion With impeacd o pursngegislaon to lp the Amican d McConnl knows ry verwell at he useemocrac jority hasassed ndreds That gathed dus he in the legiative graverd by ne himsf W proud calleell heightembers of the hundr xteent St he beenhe legiate by LeadeMcConnl We areto d presiptionrugs could ha spenthe year debatin impehmentLeader Monnell has chen no focun the iues anto putone of the billon the floor

And decis whatoes onhe flo Leer McConlllaimed that th hse didot affd t esiden due pcess The ader kws wel that prident tmp refed t rticipe ithe press deite invation A block tnesseand doments Fr ngressn unpredente shion

Lead McConll cim that tout st Rsian lse troughnd most uair r moderhistor Inow Tt that'she g pot but he's t reali Leader Monn e mos rus lse Go and st uair impeament tal in modn hi event our maners from caingitness to ove their se is ak Neve has tre bee a lear pridentimpeachnt tri inhich the t s case thave witsses

Expla thr knowdge ofhe alled malfeance Brking presint stron arm is caus io makg this the fit Senat impeament tri ofhe predentn histy that hrd no e o e present's n Cadefendime under ths l d e cas stro very rongBut ifhe Replicaneader so afrd of levantitness d docuntsWhich ll not propal forours f eachn r lead has sd at thee frersuilt t Senatto providstabilp i er weve their vion of e Sena

Is a farry fro e partan body senor the erican Iope Arica wasl has e deliries sech I uly do Beuse mt glang o all was e fachat lear Mcnnell' thiy minu paisan sm winr Contain hardly at s onhe mers Alst non dended predent tmp becausthey c'e ofn ermousmount iden on cored b hou instigats mh of iin the rm of teimony by t trump ofcialshen th ministtion ted to lence rebu the accations againThe Rubt Reblican leade claim aut aying theepublin lead mplain abouthe pross e Repuican leade meany rtisan an flammary accusaons abts t he d notdvance a gument in defenf the prident' conct on e meritsThatn f iseflectn of thtatef goaln the nate

Abe allpridentr spee trial I oposed a vy reasonl only those wh dirts knowlee of thd the hse ly thoseho codrovide new relant an tentiay illunating teimonyStrictime lits on eh stago prent the tal frodraggi t too ng 'sminent The oup whhad noartisa

nle it'e Biould ce up wh this ty of prosal haveeto hear one gs e a serus mentsmpeachnth StatIn lear McCoell'sd thty mines scrd heid noake onargume whyhe witnes a doo part the tal Prident respd to crges me agaite you d pf thcase

Th psident was intedo prove witnses d prove docents aevery ste of t proceHe cho t toStill Demrats a feringhe predent d ocess ain he in th nate e witnses we suest ourop tru aointed ofcials ey aren'Democrs We don r present foincrimate hie hear If the psidente uncil wan to llther wiessesith dect kwledge ofhy theid to raine s ableo do s Present trumpye

se suspt hwould ther he I for na calle rely wand due ocess uld geit easy e phon ll to ader Monnell testyne pho call to hi chf of sta telli him t lease e documentto woullet the uth co out Ioth o s ask age h simp one Demoats wan a fa trialhat exines t levantacts Weant a ir trial t mr a has n intenon of conducng a fr n tentio of acng impartlly

Nintenf geing thfacts Despe our digreemes I wilmeet wh LeadercCoo h the nate lespo itsce wther an iartialourt oo see as peachmentIn the cing wes Rublica senorsill face ahoin theyant a ir tri Wh doo th want allowhe presidt freeeina senar mstaff camer rself you wana fair presento do wt evere was regaless of le of w to ts greanation Thes tion tns its io the Sete

at wilit see esiden of thenited State no rht to ersighNo rig actities tt he h absoleo invtigs immuni f he wts on ote th's theer sentce havdisagrd with su views d stroly omnitent mocrathave den it Repli Anoften o presents o eir owparty

The nate h id in e pasthat th esidenserves the peoe not Willt doo againhat wig sure om tha sponsibityIf the publics pceed withhe to iore Cgress thewill bri learo creatg a nepresidt one the Sate's rkesthat willons as aime when simplemeered jority ithe SeteSo to grant toew rigs to t esidenThe rit to uhe government l igno Congrs at h pleasure He I agr with nator the esiden commied higIf imes a misdeanors An e Congss cano nhing about it

Nod fa trinal where his conduct judge by st pasng it And e presentan comte those imes Thisreside can oers ca I have lte n presentsill ta work te and mado t v ene desned to otect e people fm racist is chaer in r historbookt a lances iour morn age for reafrmatiof thosfoundi incipl

Thishapter i our histor t p ofur timOr it uld be About thSeo like this arehy thenited Stes Sene ists Moments like thie United States Senate exists now that was senator Mitch McConnell who did speak today made remarks on theenat you ght he on u now Lt night Hl did

Wh they cided do a long tet peach presidt trum er thlast twelvweeks hou mocrathave cductedhe mostnfair peachmt inquy rh asd slapsh pross Haconclud in theirs esidenal impeachnt

Shs oppositiono impehment Was wa oe birtisan Onlyne par e factn want this tcome The hoea e govementThis pticula use ofepreseatives

Ha let its rtisanage at th rticul presint eat a That what want tdiscusl to wch houemocra havere faed to theiruty And wh it wi mean for e sun too our- so l's staAt e begiingLet's art with thfact that wh a to impch predent tmp Just bore e in Apr ofwenty xteenrter Apl of twentsixteeDonald Newsperditoriss pondeis constitionalcholad ev a fewembersf Congss Apl twentsixtn

r seveeen T headle a waation d y impose Thcampaigno impeh presidn at wou day one Inpril twentyevee mohsnto thpresidcy

A seor hou Demrat sa I' nna fit eve day uil these impeahat wathree mohs ended mintratio An Nadl w openlcampairry Campaiing toi mber on theouse Jiciary Coittee ecificly ecifical becausee was the dler'sampaigTo be This wk wn'tven thfirst ti house Docratsf troduc artles o impeacent

Iwas y t present wasworn eyhe trumfor beg impote to eedo impet essWe're ing maTo profesonal athe s pocy on ansgenr people in misdeanors Acrding few ople Scor score a mocrat ved to moveorward with ief the priooccasis

So l's be cleare l jument ThDemocrs came t With gw e prederminein a partis crusaTn n nomited lealone orn in Fothe very first timin morn histo we've sen a promed from the mentTheoliticals moment

n endhey would find me way toverturn A femonthsgo Decrats thr eightear lo peachmt in srch of arcles Founits wato the suect ll be crime

Hoe Democrs t ru Leas troughnd mos fair ieachmentnquiri In modn histy Germ shi an Cory wasoisone partisship fm the tset pcedure a paramers we unfaiin unpcedent ys mocrats Try make Germanhipt thosspeciaprosecorNot withstdinge parsan membe of ngress

Who ala And y a baIs scrped prident tcut thRepublan minori o Youo notreside trumphe Thatouses both pties hsame sts bothartiesPresidt trump's councie inhairmahips hrings exame witness e hous this wasven mo a hisrical was like thisigger calle a rman Nler an ord o peachmt rusheliver ease

The mmittefound x on i ownDid noing to vefy thehip rertThey'r ly witsses we libel law pressors a congrsional staffers Itas rednd there'a reah o pridentixon's resnation reired aut foueen mohs of heangs In aition a speal prosecor's ie th predent Clion the hadeen undeay literly f ars beforthe hoe dog t Mounins ofbbotty Commteey motain

Motainsf testimy fromirst wiesses r if lal bates to get ws s sk allhat end just Multle yea of instigatn for Clton week elve wks let'se ta aut whathe hoe actual produIno elve wks

Housemocra sh a rig iuire ylded t ticles Twof impient They'r funk any aicle thaany prr house of rrs l hoe Demoats clm in ohich peachae Thtimi oaid do youry Bt l crim

Instd they dloy th gue phse abu of por Abusof powe e present's tion ia genel Inter t ve in ta tetationhat every her h

t f Thatvery oer hou in ou story Hamanagehere ia Theympeach predent whom commted an aual cre know Withhe predentiaact An estionhe mote behi t's lo at histy

Andr hnson impchment iolved on cstitutnal stuteeitround a a juste a feny der ouNixon had of felo Nothe cstitutnso do not s the hse can imach on ose redents whviolata law

But s remarks Hin prident matte An they we impornt reanshy everyreviouhoo presentative in Amerin storyestrained self Rerainedtself fm crosng this Ricf our conitutio ver specicallyiscuss

This sue wel tousehould le to imach psident just for que In oer wor becauseheon house mply t prident d bad dgment ways dng a b job ty wrotthe cotituti Thalk aut ally writte recds rejeed the ey reaze that wod crea a tot sfunctn

Toet thear for impeachmt thatowHello James disn l t serv at thpleasu of th ngressInsteaof the It wld makthe prident e eature create A create the Cgressot theead of ther areowerfu reasonsSo ster psidenthat Cgress and irty yrs twoundred thty yea Requed revoe arou clearme to thatas not stricrecognable cmesh Whyor twoundredhirty yes No W Out

house oped a Pdora'sox Of subjtive pitical imachmen Thwo huned lastight NometroHoused thty yed had to imach pridentrumpmocrso y all thid subjtedasisecause the ite Hou challge the questor morwhat

And th bringus to the cond Articlofe Obstction Congrs at conct of ecutiverivilet realldoe anoth Toentury all cotitutial tration Washgton he invod feral urts he repeedly airmed its a letimate extrrdinarmountfuse sensite infoatim

Extly the kinf thin er whi psidentof bot In t past Predtablende appropriep e defeed theonstitiona thorit was ofce surisehereIt's n a constitionalr thatre prent wanto giv I'm noa constution powe is mey

desigi of re's wt shou have ppened Is wt shou hav ppened Eier thereside Coress notiate settlent govement theudicia Adesses e dispe betwn the otr twn imachmen featured The Cnton impchment featu privege

they nt to el courts Ts innvenie at's aually thpoint Due ocess is not ant to ximizehe convennce ofhe pr 's mea to protect e acut But tht memberFourte monthof hearin for

l inton elve wks for doll dropDemocr then stk to theirolitice to metabl a txpensef pursui more idu oper lal chaels Nody de chamanshido tho che to Th Tsday bore left on lim countr that of house Docrats halet thjusticsystem foow itsormal I've Max the a Dows industrial big board anyway hello everyone we are live streie so we have seven democratic caidates f the psidey Cafornia right now s I had of a debate tonight t las e ofhe yr they e campaigning

So there's senator toenveinger planned foring poverty and housing and then we have Joe Biden whose meeting with McDonald's workers who are have all that's coming up on the street and I haven't seen Joe Biden out in about a lot so I am excited to go and see what he will have to ynd d wann givea quic loo ahe weaer senty deees on Sardayer wajustn Minnota ts ia greathangee mread tgo outden lov in thiso we n wcan acally d odoor aivitie suret wl b busyround t'mdinish y join us as we mentioned on ns w as we ntinuen o uTubstream y can jp line whave ful conte includinglso earerhiswhole buncu abt hum rigs f those i an wilbe plang tt plus muchore he u he a eat rest your ursday be rht back he with yn nen extrtomorr At ten A

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