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New Year's resolutions: Breaking free from narcissism


Hello! I am Dr Ramani! We are counting the days for 2020 and I promise you this, in terms of this YouTube series in the holiday season, this is our last episode that is about New Year's Eve

We are entering 2020 and I promise you a year of clarity on YouTube You will get the 2020 vision of narcissism by the end of 2020 I promise you that! But how do you do it? We all know that narcissism and New Year's Eve do not mix well But before you start, subscribe to my YouTube channel so you can get this Christmas series and all my other narcissism videos We will also have some very important series in 2020! I also want you to leave me a comment on what was your worst narcissistic new year story

It will be good for all of us to read these stories because some people may be sitting at home watching YouTube on New Year's Eve and we can read the stories of others We all have a story Including someone here who was left planted at midnight because the narcissist was kissing with someone else on New Year's Eve So let's talk about New Year's Eve For anyone who is surviving narcissistic abuse, New Year's Eve becomes the moment he can say "this is the year I will recover my life" I know it's only one night and any night could be New Year's Eve But let's find some meaning in this

Yes, any night could be New Year's Eve, but the fact is that we celebrated on December 31 Yes, every day is a new day to start over But what do narcissists do with New Year's Eve? They often make it too much The biggest criticism of all about New Year's Eve is that there are too many expectations about it That is never up to par That it is terribly dangerous to be on the road

that everyone is really tired that all I want to do is sleep before midnight But the fact is that narcissists love big parties and the whole big show Everything plays under all its great fantasies

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