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New senior living center is breaking ground in Waco


Happy to share some exciting news, a ground breaking for the Blake, which a new assisted living and memory care facility, here in Waco We have Melissa, she's the executive director

Tell us about this, it's new, it'll be ready in about a year Yes This is really, really great Tell us It's really exciting

So we broke ground on Tuesday for the first every Blake in Texas and so we're so excited it's gonna be 112 apartments, we'll have 70 assisted living, and 42 memory care Fantastic What else will be on the property in addition to the apartments? Are there activities? Oh great activities Beautiful grounds I imagine Beautiful grounds

We have a Bistro area, we have a great courtyard with a fireplace, a fire pit there, it's gonna be just a beautiful community here in Waco Fantastic Let's talk about the growing need for facilities just like this We have an aging population that really, requires this type of care Let's talk about that

So you're so right So assisted living is exactly, we'll always tell families, it's exactly what you see Assisted living is, we can do as much or as little as they need But so many people, I find themselves staying in their homes a little too long To where there's a greater need for them

So assisted living we can take care of them, we can help them on their daily activities, their daily living and they just get that extra special care that they need And it's really important to you because this is very close to your heart with your dad having had Alzheimer's Right and passing within the last couple of years Sure So my dad was diagnosed in 2010 with Alzheimer's and passed away in February of 17

And that drives me, that keeps me going, and it keeps me wanting to find more and in programming and just more things for that population Who generally makes the decision to move their parent into assisted living? It's the children normally We love it when the resident themself can make that decision and say it's time But there's a lot of times when a child has to sit down and say hey, let's talk about this I think it's time

So you know we work with both the resident themself and the family It's really important to discover and get a relationship with those folks What's some of the other feedback that you've gotten from some of your other locations? From the family members and the residents themselves You know, we've gotten great So I am new here as the executive director for Blake but in their other communities, their feedback is hey, it feels like home

It feels like a second home but I'm in resort style living We're gonna have great, it's gonna be resort style, we're gonna have an executive chef, we have a bistro, we have a bar, lots of great activities going on, but it just still feels like home Yeah and just to see their parents with that quality of life continuing That's what's key Oh, just to be so well cared for, for sure

It's that quality of life It's interesting because we are living longer, but you wanna make sure the last few years of your life, you're enjoying yourself And of course the Blake would add all kinds of value to someone's life Well we're glad you're here Super excited

This morning Yeah welcome for sure Thank you So we'll look for that building when? MELISSA: December 2020 MAN: There you go

I'm writing it down right here to save the date MELISSA: Well (laughs) MAN: All right Well thank you so much Information is on your screen, go check it out, there's a website

Blakeatwacocom Thank you so much for coming Thank y'all for having us And for the work you do, that's awesome MAN: Absolutely

MELISSA: Thank you so much God bless We'll see you in a few, six tomorrow (upbeat music)

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