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yeah yeah I can't get you outta my said I think about you all the time yeah but imagine do you make it super run around in my hey I can't get you I said I think about you YURRR its ya boy cash nation with another banging video as you can see by the title and I got some special news for y'all so welcome if you new to my channel thank you for clicking on today's video if you have not already please click a like on today's video cuz I got a vc glitch in this video that you're watching right now but news been going around 2k communities people still getting banned people are still getting banned from the bootcamp all right am I'm next is cash nation next??? no I'm not next I'm not gonna be miss I'm not even worried about I'm gonna be next because I know I'm in cheek like I already know I use this for my career and help you get your overalls I help y'all get your overalls but shoot everyone gets bent next bro he got bent yesterday and he says he admitted that he did bring a 99 to the event but he started saying if he went down everybody else go down with him why he's the only one getting bent for having a 99 and his friends and so on had 99 as well in the event so it's not fair for him it seems like because he's only got been here but still playing 2k while he try to grind fatah ripped he's like at least top 100 at least I'm 52 but that roll sadly ended for him and he's been but he will give us update on what's next gonna happen but right now he's currently been so other people's getting been as well we already know you help us to have a signifier overall before you even go inside the event and you have a 99 you're cheating the people can report you because they're gonna see you every night now overall and do not have 75 and it is a whole bunch of everything in one so we all know when I say when I posted my community tab y'all voted I told y'all this was gonna be game breaking and I was not lying about this this is game breaking for real let me explain it before i'ma show you the video and then I actually show you the clip of me doing it probably as well so you over here you isoing you just have a iso whole islands yourself you have a defender on you like you see this club right now I'm using this gameplay for an example saves in front of me if I just keep spamming and spamming the KD sides up I would not get ripped at all I would not lose the ball at all I wouldn't even get poked at all it'll be nothing going on I can keep doing it all the way to the rim and just get an easy layup like is that easy and that game breaking to the point where everybody can use it who all the ball is gonna be dribbling for days how you can get real you came to get real by up here locked down with Hall of Fame pickpocket now bro try this out go back go to the animation store go buy the Kobe size up not Kobe size up my bag oh by the Katy size up and then go up on the right stick keep on spamming it let me know down below what you doing it have a 1 B 1 cuz I invited Lonzo ball and I was doing a1 b1 to try it out and see what was going on with it and bro he could not even rip me at all I still had the ball day I just spent removing he he could've ripped me you wouldn't believe it if I do got video of this professional 2k III player that's showing you and will be explaining what's going on in the game because this needs to be fixed ain't gonna lot of 2k you need the fifties right now because this gonna look very very bad in the future for everybody because if you see this Katy size up then being inside the tubes court bro it's over with I'm sorry but hey but stay tuned BCE it's gonna be later on much later clip of him doing it right now so stay tuned you did yeah basically it's like last year you just hold l2 and dribble but there's some moves that you got to do so you could trigger the speed boost out of daughter'd like your gerbil said because if you don't is gonna make you do this you see how I started running I kind of see boots I can't get this people I don't get this peoples all right so you could do without the rhythm dribble you could do it out the hesitation you could do it out of this move and now you can do it out the behind it back and sit into that and just spam behind the back and now you could just you know go back in so all that I'm holding out to as you can see um to make it like trigger to speed boosts you got to do the hop step 21 like ol2 and that's people's or do it behind the back and then just keep running and then you know just do do it you can do this I think you should be good speed boost now but basically uh better use just exactly like last year I'm just showing you which I got to do the trigger to a speed boost you could do uh yeah I'm pretty sure you I probably find out how to do it I like other ways but that's the only way I'll not do it um hopefully get splashed on will he want this in the game see you don't even want it in the game so he wanted patch immediately I do too but if you don't believe me how I said you play a 1v1 and that's really keep spamming that move and then go over to the paint I got home I got my own clip – Lee show you up against somebody he look he little tiny little small so let's go ahead play the clip but see that's that's how small these so you've wondering how he that small I did the demigod witch before but it's passing down but we found trying to find work late work around for it but look at this the Katy spam size up look he reached up can't take it all the weight like it's so easy I got so many clothes it's not just one time come here right lift it like II not doing nothing look at but then you can actually made some combos with the cut away the Katie sizer look at this jumping over that little do head so go ahead make sure you eat that like bling boy a subscribing new couples every single day I try to even double upload if I could but like I said we got more news i got visa quit stealing his videos so if you this far into the video I really appreciate it go ahead spam up in the comment section you did or your in the comment section below with the headset noted gain if you made it this far into the video so I really appreciate everybody support I got gift cards in these as well if you read my community tab when I posted out I do have gift cards in this video so if you have not found one yet keep watching because it will come up only for one second only and then it will disappear so if you skip him I don't know say cuz I'm gonna get it whoever's watching the video so real quick got one question like I always ask y'all because I know it's a lot of y'all trying to get one thing or two or three or four and it's a gift card but if you're an OT gang and you a viewer have you been active and haven't won a gift card yet because you lose late the notification was missing because you we all know you two BBS may be holding y'all bag ain't gonna cap because sometimes I be looking at the video where I uploaded and I'd be like why haven't this why haven't so money said know the game yet because you to be messing up with the notification they say myself by sending notifications out so if that's been happening to you or you've even missed it etc for being active leaving hash tag know the king or saying good video in the comments below leaving a like on the video share with your friends even on social media if you share it on social media please let me know by tagging me and I will go see it and I will even probably text you back as well you did so on the videos make sure you do that so I can notice you I will remember your profile picture I will remember your name so you can go to my YouTube stories you dropped your gamertag you draw half size nor the gang as well on my stories and you drop your console all right drop your console and I can go in there single gift card just like that all right so real quick before I mean continue makes trimming a trip record all right remember that record because I had like my show you I be serious right now and it's the best time to do it right now because what's going on right now so you remember I had ninety one percentage off well I've been playing with a lot of subs just for fun because we all know two cases game broke in it's a lot of things game broken in the game as you see the dribble the Katy size up for example you can't get ripped so I mean I just said forget about my record you know why not play myself is I always wanted to do that so every time I be playing I see y'all in the neighborhood I'll run with y'all sometimes even bike just for fun it's so go ahead just send me an ad on both consoles God will be on PlayStation it's will so go ahead send me an ad if you watching right now you want ps4 see me AG because it's in my description I got the app on my phone I can accept it right now but I'm awaits like it appears for itself in my room to step everybody this perma class and I would send you one back as well but make sure you go inside the Rick it's double rep you can either play if you want to but so you can wrap up in the park because it will help you know in the rep of course but you want to go ahead and make sure you get ready to have a friend to join inside a neighborhood you have that ready make sure you go ahead just join any time you want after you see your player what you want to do make sure you get this timing right so right before they intro get done you want to join a friend that's inside a neighborhood and then BOOM it will take you to the screen it will load you to the 2k menus but you're gonna start from there and still keep you dragging keep dragging you over basically to the neighborhood to wherever you're trying to join and then you're gonna join a park you're going join basically gonna join his part go to your animation store and go to progression whatever you gotta go to to see you yo VC go get it it one up at least above 350 a minimum that's the lowest you can get 350 minimum to 500 but you better see it we go to the store and you see your VC go up you can do this every single time that you like that you desire and how much VC you want you determine how much beats you get at the end because I show you can do this every single time dragon goes to the neighborhood when you load up your friend or a random and we have to be a friend but when you load it up go straight to the join and Rick go right back in there and it's double rep for the Rick today tomorrow it's all night as well so make sure y'all go ahead go crazy because you will always have constant gain even though you were overall over 60 or 61 62 you can be 50 you could be a prospect you would still get a game because it so many players in a Jordan rec center they're trying to play G because the REC got double room so you see my record 35 and 22 is stay the same like I did I'm gonna start and I'm gonna go to my VC and show you how much I got as of right now since currently I did is I got 69 thousand and eighty go ahead remember that number because I'm gonna do this again and show you physically and to the video that you will get over 350 and minimum like to the max of 500 VC every time you do this so if I did this 30 times and I was getting like a constant 300 350 400 I'll get a good 12,000 BC going to my player just like that long as I do the timing right long gonna do everything right from joining her friend and having that go away because one show intro goes away that's when got get ready to join a friend that's when you wanted to get ready for the intro to be almost done we got to catch it at the peak before even switches over and once you get that you all go to y'all good to go and you're gonna see a record stay the same ain't nothing gonna change at all my don't even change at all I placed on read game just to mess around sometimes even get some real but I'd be playing with randoms a lot in the wreck so go crazy in the double rip it goes to the ring if you want some rip blade just play the whole game and you still get the VC and the RIP but you just won the vc you don't care about the RIP just go ahead go crazy with that but I'm going to show you what it looks like right now so enjoy I hope you all have a great day subscribing new please leave a like on today's video we appreciate everybody's support enjoy the gift card however redeemed it appreciate everybody support for watching the video go ahead stay tuned for more if you have not watched my last recent video go ahead watch that drop a like on a comment that on that videos we'll even on other ones you have missed as well so go ahead watch those for me be appreciated my support go ahead and add me on xbox like I say if you see me in a neighborhood go ahead you join up load up you did my part League coming soon as will some I have my own team so cat nation we green up or your green down you did

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