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NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – April 9th, 2021 | NBC News NOW


  1. I wonder what mehgan and harry will say now. Perhaps another stupid interview to gain attention?

  2. As a 70 year old I can say that Prince Phillip has been in my life as long almost as long as his life in royal service. He has always represented to me the complicated, challenging life of a royal, with dignity while maintaining his personal life.

  3. The Asian women is his ex wife. She won a 700,000 dollar divorce settlement. Question is this a way to protect is assets?

  4. My condolences to Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth 2 and other members of the Royal Family on the death of Prince Phillip.

  5. Biden…"he Prince Philip NEVER slowed down at all "!…Yes Joe, the Prince most certainly did age well …NOTHING at all like U..
    Senile & feeble ! Not fit to be Pres.

  6. How dare these women not wear black veils and still act like they're properly mourning the king of Angles and Saxons

  7. To say something to a citizen who Voting in this register to vote is a Crime, they know the law and should not break it.

  8. The George Floyd case shows that the US has the world's worst record for human rights abuses both domestically and internationally.

    The burning, shooting and looting that happened last year wasn't BLM or Antifa. It was thieving Americans from both the left and the right.

    Extremism within the US police and military ranks maybe why US troops have been stationed in Germany for 76 years since 1945.

    Is the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act being updated in real time from this online trial?

  9. Once the Queen passes the UK royals will be like the Kardashians. Cancelled old news.

    European, Thai, Japanese, Tongan monarchies are all considered outdated traditions.

    Let's be honest, no one will go to war for Wills and Kate and Harry and Meagan are just common Americans.

    Commonwealth? Give back the stolen wealth you stole from said commoners.

  10. The pink giraffe finally stain because dream successfully describe below a purring timbale. unbiased, belligerent cotton

  11. Is it possible with today's technology for the studio camera to focus both on the anchor person and the background at the same time? I'm curious why during the week the anchor person is in focus and weekend anchor person is out of focus???????????

  12. How tight knit the upper echelon are? LOL She meant…how British upper echelon were incestuous

  13. Wow they have covered this getz case more than the Jeffrey Epstein case for the Harvey Weinstein or the Bill Cosby I mean what a scam let's change the focus to some stupid no name Republican

  14. What lies, Prince Philip? I think the house of Windsor and the Royal family are one of the most evil families on the planet anyone agree?

    After record breaking democratic election fraud you now have assorted corporate beast system genocide programs taking u to the grave.
    Obama passed off some dude as the 1st lady for 8yrs deceiving the nation.
    The democratic party is the serpent left antichrist network which is the devils legion who orchestrated all the mass shootings and terrorism gutting the nation for the past 30 yrs.

  16. Most ridiculous institution except maybe for the house of lords in any democracy prince queen king really let it go 21st century and all

  17. "Dedicated his life to service," a.k.a. living in castles and traveling the world as the husband of a queen. Lol.. gtfo. He was just a old rich f.

  18. Y’all failed to mention that HRH the Duke of Edinburgh is a prince in 2 other nations before Great Britain.

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  20. He looked great his whole time and seem to carry himself well for the queen rip Respect. Good man

  21. The enemy of theirs is an enemy of mine .
    God save the Queen & the Commonwealth.
    Empire is dead, long live the Realm!

  22. Americans, if you love the royal family so much why did you commit treason and revolt? The royal family is a massively overprivilaged bunch of classist racists.

  23. I am a bit confused with one of your adverts where I thought theard it being offered at £39.??, but when I went to your site the price is substantially much higher?

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