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NBC News NOW Full Broadcast – April 7th, 2021 | NBC News NOW


  1. I hope everyone has had a lovely day and has an amazing day tomorrow, except my uncle, you disgusting pervert freak.

  2. I’m a Dominican resident living in my country , the Dominica republic , just watching at your news 📰, and how sad 😢 it’s see how they’re controlling you under all this lies .

  3. China wants change economic policy way from export around the world to domestic market consumption for 600 millions Chinese working class people.

  4. Jesus Christ is coming back and we don’t know when, so repent from your sins and trust fully in the Lord Jesus Christ. By the grace of God and only by His grace we can do these things and go to heaven. God bless and go in peace.

  5. I’m sad !!! People are lining up for this poison and it just breaks my heart ache/break!! 🥲


  7. Warren Harding wanted to make sure the country got back to "normalcy 💯 years ago and died of a stroke defending his corrupt cabinet.

  8. VIRUSES: = Vicious Venom, pit-viper vandals, villains violating volunteered victims, vomiting, worrying, wantonly wishing wellness. Vindictive violators and violent victors. Snake serums shot into the arms of subclass school students and subdued sacrificed spirits and souls via surreptitious sorcery. Short-stopping successful STIMULUS Social Security Support Systems. Salvation stunted. Sojourner's substandard societies suppressed, showing severe sickness symptoms + sidewinder serious swelling syndromes; satanic scars and sores. Variant viruses and vampires venomous vaults x Values = % USD + USA $$$

  9. A lot of talk about someone who you do not have a guilty verdict on. Some of you are really insane for no proof. That is why many people innocently go to jail because you keep pushing guilt with no proof. When someone is released from prison and was found innocent you duck and hide and have nothing to say. Yall insane

  10. In Netherlands blood clot's happening to young women. one died from the clot. Not propaganda. out of 20,000 5 young women had the clots.

  11. Regardless of the outcome of this case, people are gonna riot using this as the excuse to loot and steal

  12. The US needs to declare war on corruption….it becomes more and more corrupt….how can anyone say this a 'great country'….when it doesn't even build enough housing for its own citizens…and there's a mass murder every day? My American dream is to move away and leave her culture of proud sociopaths behind….

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  14. Boy the news keeps going jumping all over the place wasn't it last month that things were getting better? There is a possible link blood clots hurry up and get your kids vaccinated I have whiplash!

  15. Hay what happens when the bon bon of all aha aha I told ewes owe sleepwhitewater blackfoot zulu walkers are my KENYON Clark's and APOLLO Hunn's on electric bills and Christmas cards.
    'Dust panning' and 'Gotta broom'

  16. Jesus Christ is coming back soon and will give everyone the reward they deserve. Repent to God and Christ and confess and repent of your sins! Accept Christ as your Lord and Savior! Forgive and love one another. Live holy! Read the Bible and learn to live as pleases God and Christ! Don't take the c-vax. Don't get tested! No Make-Up! Do not worship "saints" statues! No worldy music! Fast! No TV! Don't love the world or anything in the world! No sinful desires! Ask for God's opinion! No pagan or church festivals! No ornaments or jewellery! No videogames! Don't listen to worldly teachings! Stay away from the Roman Catholic Church! Pray! Check out the videos of peniel ngonde! No abortion!

  17. The George Floyd case shows that the US has the world's worst record for human rights abuses both domestically and internationally.

    The burning, shooting and looting that happened last year wasn't BLM or Antifa. It was thieving Americans from both the left and the right.

    Extremism within the US police and military ranks maybe why US troops have been stationed in Germany for 76 years since 1945.

    Is the George Floyd Justice in Policing Act being updated in real time from this online trial?

  18. Corporate tax rates Don't Mean a Thing If there's still loopholes and deductions that drive them to zero. Higher rates is a screen door in a submarine under the current rules!

  19. Made the front line news 📰 ⚡️💪🏼👨🏼‍🎓😊😉🌎👨🏼‍🎓💙👩🏻‍🎓🛸🌎⚡️💫

  20. These"kids" infection is not sickness when they have an "infection" how much in the system of the "kid".. high enough to risk taking that"shot in arm" ??

  21. Why you're the one doing the f**** fleecing you Hillary Brock John Kerry all that f**** same crowd you rehired to put back in the f**** all them office buildings and f**** washing DC that are slowly turning into your f**** communist Chinese party

  22. I am Ade Munandar, an American, a failed product, an American citizen, once an American President, which does not allow America to be unsustainable, it is also sustainable. Better, I like America, America is beautiful, I am Ade Munandar, I really like it clean tidy, I am Ade Munandar. Right for human rights violations, in Indonesia and other countries, I Ade Munandar have a mission to save the world, from the density of bapitat, forests and so on, I am an American, a failed product, America who is accustomed to kebaiakn wants to go home, to a home that is I buy Ade Munandar, I need law enforcement from America, support from America, for continuation America is better too, Facebook Ade Munandar Munandar is diligent in reading on the Facebook wall, Ade Munandar Munandar is very important to translate it into English, I am Ade Munandar American people fail products America Must prevent America from poverty, by being at home, supported by the government even though I am a young man ndar can be independent, not to bother with truck drivers where Indonesia has a lot of debt, I am Ade Munandar who is also a community expert, not just building America for America sustainably, has a way, does not have a negative impact on others be it business, state assets America, America's safety, America without being restrained by partnered businesses, being restrained by a country, I am Ade Munandar, I can be God with me, Ade Munandar, near me, Ade Munandar because in my jar Ade Munandar can certainly be, I am Ade Munandar who is not used to being together women, accustomed to money, who are not greedy which have a negative impact on many people, want to aspire to be good people without ignorance, do not lose themselves, do not have an impact on not having a luxury mobile home, even though it is sincere, it is for the good of saving the world, with projects Mars too, I am Ade Munandar, I have to go home quickly, I need the support of the American government, I am Ade Munandar even though I am currently in Indonesia I'm still American, continue to America. I have commented before on MSNBC news, youtube nbc youtube and abc youtube and other news on merika youtube, it's very important, regrets will come later, good people close to you who don't have the power of examples near live with Orphans, parents who are helpless in rent, close to the unemployed who are helpless, do not have knowledge skills and others who do not have the power of God by my side Ade Munandar in Islam I can do anything so I can, for the Mars project too Whatever America's complaints to me, Ade Munandar, there is an explanation, whatever. My intragra is ader8971 if I'm not mistaken, it's very important, don't ignore the regrets that come later, I ade Munandar have faith in karma and good will win against evil, for this universe

  23. Doc Ybarra here 8404 Navy Corpsman 2007 to 2010. We were trained to fight back and take lives on the battlefield and save lives in protection of the sick and injured. This man did not do that he took life in every wrong way. He is not a navy corpsman, he has brought dishonor on himself and did not serve the Navy, and country with honor, courage or commitment.

  24. It seems to be the same case of crime as President Kim Young-sam, a South korean criminal, and Kim Hyun-cheol, his son. It is the same crime as Kim Young-sam and Kim Hyun-cheol of South korea, who committed evil crimes of abuse of authority by using the 'National Intelligence Service' of South korea. Investigate how President Biden and his son of the United States are using the CIA and FBI.

    한국의 범죄자인 김영삼 대통령과 그의 아들인 김현철과 똑 같은 범죄의 케이스인 것 같다. 한국의 국정원을 이용을 하여서 직권남용의 악한 범행을 저지른 한국의 김영삼과 김현철과 같은 범행이다. 미국의 바이든 대통령과 그의 아들이 CIA와 FBI를 어떻게 이용을 하고 있는지 집중 조사를 하여라.

    Of course, do a public investigation and put him in jail.

    This case is about the rise and fall of the United States.

    Impeach the president, the father of the criminal. naturally

    물론 공개 조사를하고 그를 감옥에 가두십시오.

    이 사건은 미국의 흥망이 결정이 나는 일입니다.

    범죄자의 아버지인 대통령도 탄핵을 하십시요. 당연히


  26. They will be no riot if the outcome is right bit it is right to have a law that equals a life for a life like EXODUS 21:24 you dig.

    Line up for your v a c c genocide, sucker, you're a played out embarrassment brainwashed off of democratic corporate beast system fake news


  29. Did they hear from the fire dept emt that was refused access to Mr Floyd by police? If the victim was known to be on drugs he should have been on Oxygen?

  30. Taxes do NOT pay for the Govt. to run…they print the money they need. Taxes are then a undue burden on individuals entirely. Only corporations should pay taxes.

  31. Politics is defined as activities concerning the governance and areas. Yes, we should not let up on China in their oppression of Weigers like American Corporations are fighting for human rights in America. No one in America denies that our Corporations at home or abroad seek consumers. Yes there is a debate on whether they choose Americans first, and yes that is an ongoing debate. But foremost, Americans understand capitalism. We, in many ways agree with it over communism, why facebook and instgram is still on top. There are rules to being american. Democracy and justice for all. That means the Weigers in China, Non blacks in America, Women in musim nations and more.

    Stop listening to these republican politicains in America. They do not stand for us. My grandfather who fought in WW1 Stands for us. My father who also fought for the freedom of speech that the Vietnamese didn't have, that's what we stand for. No one president is going to destroy all we have worked for, In Amercia, we get to fight for our rights, unlike most countries. And yes we may be backed up right now from the previous administration. That does not mean we are the land of hope, where all races get a voice…to fight for freedom for their homelands from here.

    I know their are asians incedents of abuse going on now. But it's not the mass and that all you folks from oversees need to know. Like internment camps we will fix this. The poorest of our people honor our promise. We will correct our ways, the universe knows it. So yeah we are in transistion of identifying and stomping out the B.S. But by no means does that means we failed. We are Here. Still fighting, for ourselves, the Wiegers of China, women of the Middle east and India, The rights of all meanated people all over the globe, FOR JUSTICE! We are Americans, and we will not stop!

  32. 1.9 trillion dollars in the covid relief 10% went to actual covid !!! So this infrastructure package doesn't deal with the actual problems…

  33. So you're saying that they're vaccinating whites before blacks. I don't believe that's true.!! I believe they're vaccinating who comes in for vaccinations

  34. Now why aren't you reporting about the disaster down with the Mexican border…. The little children's cages are stuffed full of children….. Over 1,000 people coming across the Texas border everyday they're finding dead bodies in the fields…. Yet the Biden administration has made it so it reporters cannot take pictures or ask questions to border patrol… A huge cover up

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  36. Heart stoopid what the are we Dum stupid or what they just making up anything for white privilege white HATRED white SUPREMACIST.

  37. When children get the COV 19 it's because the Coronavirus is getting stronger. So many people don't care, so the kids will suffer. And the Coronavirus will just keep hanging around until babies get it. When your kids begin to die there will be a wake up call. This virus should have died off. But the American people kept it going. The Coronavirus needs a body to stay alive. And if it gets into your body through the nose and mouth and your not covered then the virus will be happy to attack you. No matter what age.

  38. The National Forest Parks and campgrounds need a lot of infrastructure work. Lots of jobs there. But no, the Repubicans want to give us stimulus payments and blame the Democrates. Most Americans want to work.

  39. Awww he's worried about the ordinary people…… Wait….fleeced? As in sheep? They choose their words carefully. Don't be fooled.

  40. Garbage news… changing the narrative and just playing small sound bites. Floyd deserved what he got when he didn't comply..

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  42. Give us the Truth. Biden is not competent to be President. Tell what a horrendous mess he has created at the Border.
    Under Trump, thing were running smoothly.

  43. Well gone head on and cross a bridge when it starts to collapse you have to keep up the infrastructure highways and bridges I guess they can last years and years within upkeep!

  44. What If instead of raising taxes he just got rid of all loopholes and made the corporations pay the 21% that they are supposed to pay but haven't paid because of loopholes.

  45. I guess the prosecution is throwing the police force under the bus. Good luck finding professional witnesses in the future.

  46. republicans dont want to spend 2B but spent 100B under trump GTOH!!! Republicans are a joke! Hypocrites

  47. This must be the most important murder of all time…no vaccine nbc is treasonus of course the racist covid vaccine so much bs

  48. All you people go get your shots so they're no way for the virus to spread. That way I don't have to worry about the virus or the shot. Better for me that way. It's a win ,win situation.

  49. It's too bad they just will not be honest about biden and Polosi faucis planned demic.. I waiting for all the arrest. The planned demic won't stop these criminals from going to gitmo. Trump had it remodel just for Hillary and Obama. Got a medical facility there now. There's no reason for them to leave the island again. At least until they're getting buried. I can't wait!

  50. Yeah get that consent. You can't sue them once they've give you HIV. And the vax has HIV antibody. WTF ? People why do you think it's so important for you to take something that's not been tested? There is nothing good to say about this vax. Except once again we are the guinea pig. For people who want to depopulate. People are still sleeping through this planned demic. Fauci needs to be in prison. And death penalty. For crimes against humanity. Obama's and Clinton's in cell next to them.

  51. Tax rich people not the company or corporations. This is the best approach. We want healthy companies.

  52. Miss Babies R'Us, …
    Excuse me Alison Morris, .. I know your future, .. 😁, .. Your College Crush still thinks about you, .. Take a chance at Love again, ..
    |💯%🙏's, …|
    |💬, …|
    |🤓, …|

  53. I dont believe none of these women. They want free money. The man should fight them tooth and nail. This woman looks like a poor actress.

  54. If george floyd didnt do hard drugs…. they'ed blame tabacco

    Or bad eating ..

    Or metal illness

    Or something else but 4 people on you and one on the neck is ok

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